price on parts and labor for rear and front brakes, pads, and brake rotors,

My Service Engine Light in yellow comes on along with a message to Tighten Fuel Cap. I have replaced the fuel cap. How do i get these to stop?

seemingly simple question, on the v8 in my chevy truck, which cylinder is cylinder 3 ? How are they numbered ? Is it standard in some way, like: odds on right, evens on left, ascending toward the front of the car ?

The high and low steady speeds work all the time when turned to that position....intermittent setting does not. If you turn it to intermittent it wipes once and stops..kick it up a notch or down a once and stops. Yesterday came on all by itself and washed the windshield 2 or 3 times by itself. Simply you have lo and hi intermittent.

when i put it in four wheel drive it wont engage

Oil leaking at rear of engine

i have 3 codes showing
c0267 pump motor open circuit
c0265 electronic brake control module motor relay circuit
c0223 right front wheel speed signal erratic
whatdo i do

I got a 2010 Chevy Suburban, I got after market rims (22) on it and got the tire sensor put in the aftermarket rims also. I need to go on a road trip, can I put the stocks back on without the tire sensor? Someone told me without the sensor I won't be able to drive over 40 mph. Someone else told me the check tire light will come on but it doesn't effect anything else. Which is correct?

my suburban is having problems with the braking system. recently only the front bakes are operating on my vehicle. Subsequently I took them to a repair shop to bleed all lines and had the master cylinder replaced and the rear drums adjusted. I thought this would take care of the problem but it did not. Can anyone help.

When I first start the engine in the morning the truck starts to make a loud knocking sounds, like lifters are not getting any oil. the gauge reads "no pressure" after a 5 or 10 seconds, the noise starts to die down and the oil pressure gauge shoots up to 35, 40 and stays at around 45 lbs of pressure. I replace the oil regularly, and use the same oil weight the manual recommends. The truck only has 134 thousand miles. I'am thinking of just replacing the oil pump see if that will solve the problem but i can't just go in there replacing parts to see if that will fix it. Just want to replace the bad part if possible. Thanks

Just replaced the diode for the DRL on thecross bar under the dash, the lights havent been working for some time.

Brought my sub in for inspection. Shop called and said I need to replace the idler and pitman arms. Time-2 1/2 hrs, cost- $450.00. Does this sound correct?

my turn signal lights just started to freeze up and stop clicking when I apply the brakes, they work ok as long as I don't use the brakes, sometimes you can move the signal bar up and down quickly when the brakes are applies and it catches on but only for a couple of blinks then it freezes up again- does this have anything to do with the relay switch? I changed out the fuses and this did not help.

Can the heater hose connected to the rear of the manifold be connected to the water pump top outlet instead ? The other hose is connected to the Radiator.

Will it interchange with 1989 Silverado?

Every time I shift out of park, into any gear, the fuse for the dome lights and the back up lights blows out. We've replaced it and replaced it. As soon as you put it in gear, it blows again. We have replaced or checked every single fuse inside and under the hood. Any suggestions

repacking my front 4x4 manual hubs, I have two castle nuts and one locking washer... castle, washer, castle or castle, castle, washer?

elect/locks will not open rear doors or hatch, will open front(2). I replaced & reprogramed the remote batteries, no change. Is there a recall? How can I open the rear hatch manually? How can I repair the failing parts? thanks, chuck

K1500 Suburban with 220K miles. Starting to have some issues but has been a problem free engine for 10 years. Local mech. ran quick diagnostic - P0300 (random misfire), P0420 & 430 (Cat. Converter below threshold)
All good and well but his recommendation was to replace ALL of the coil-packs and plugs. - Seriously??
Prior to having test run, rough idle was occasional, check engine light was on, so I took it in. Since test, rough idle is constant and worse than ever. I can feel the misfire, sometimes bad, others hardly noticeable. Has not progressed to the point of stalling, but it won't be a surprise when it does. At 220K miles, I am not prepared to spend a fortune with a dealer/mech., but love this truck and want to keep it on the road. Can someone help me the "try this first" list of things to consider?

My ABS light came on in my truck, this caused the vehicle to slow up when I hit a bump or even stall the vehicle on occassion, then the engine the check engine lights comes on and the reading says reduce engine power and the vehicle loses power can the wheel speed sensor on the rear cause this problem.

My truck is an automatic with a 4L60E tranny, it slipped out of gear today and will not move now. A couple months ago it had started making a tapping and grinding type sound. That sound had stopped a couple weeks ago. The truck was running smooth and today, it quit. What should I check first?

When using the left turn signal all works as normal. When using the right turn signal both the left and right turn signals flash simultaneously.

how can i reset the abs and brake light after i have changed the brake pads?

The rear heater is giving off a bad moldy odor through the vents. The AC does not. What could it be. It's been a problem the last 2 years since I purchased truck.

please,if someone help me how to find the crankshaft position sensor for gmc 1500 subarban 5.7l located it (where is it)

my battery light comes on when i start my truck for about 30 seconds. what could make this happen besides a bad battery.

1500, 2 wheel drive.

replaced thermostat- heat blows hot from rear vent but cool air only in front seat, defrost cool only too. Air conditioner was recharged and works good. air will not blow out designated vents.Bought this truck 3 mos ago so have no idea

where is the computer for the engine located and is it hard for me to install

i broke a key in my ignition. long story short the ignition is no longer on because a friend took it off. i am looking for a cheap price for this ignition and maybe a cheap installer low on cash so any advice is helpful