What do you do when the Hydro-carbon is reading to high to past the emissions test?

my 1999 chevrolet suburban illum fuse keeps going out what could it be? and my power locks don't work either.

truck pops out of gear and makes a horrid grinding noise if gas is applied when in reverse. Does not do this in forward gears at all. It will idle backwards. This is an automatic trannie.

My 1993 suburbans tail lights and insturment panel light does not work. Brake,Backup,turn signals along with flashers all work.Checked fuses and bulbs all are working just fine. Anyone out there has or had the same problem?

i got a notice of a check oil pressure

was done at care care on louetta road no details of problem

SES light comes on intermittantly. after about 30 miles of driving , but vehicle continues to run smoothly.also , cd player and cassette deck don't work. temp gauge always stays low.thanx, chris.

indicator flashes rapidly when right turn is selected/No turn lights present at right rear. (bulb has been changed). No flashing from right rear when hazard light is selected either.
Flasher relay? cant find it or if I have found it looks like I have to pull a bunch of dash stuff out to access?

I need some help. I have a 1996 Chevy 1500 Suburban. My right side break caliper locks up on me. I have already changed the caliper, rotor, master cylinder and abs sensor behind the rotor. It worked for about 2 weeks and it started locking up on me again. The plastic abs sensor behind the rotor gets melted, due to the heat from caliper locking up. Does anyone have any suggestions? Could it be the ABS unit/module. Please help me.

I've checked the fuses and replaced the DRL module and still no driving lights. What else can I check to find the problem of the driving lights not working?

i have 2003 chevy suburban when in park or just sitting in gear truc idles rough like its missing.but when you give it gas you dont feel the miss i had it put on the computer and it said #7 has a miss fire so i changed the plugs and wires and changed #7 coil pack still missing

put new crate 5.7 in can't get spark. Is there a safety switch or reset computer or something any ideas

Borrowing my Dads suburban and can't find how to move the seat forward. Controls, move it up and down and tilt but nothing to move forward?

As a repair shop owner, my labor rate is $95.00 per hour in zip code 33458.
Shop labor on this water pump is 1.8 hours= $171.00.
New water pump list price $259.00 and new improved thermostat housing $60.00. Your estimate is low.

i have a 99 surburban that cranks but will not turn over and start. i changed fuel pump and filter. still doesnt start. noticed a trouble code p0108. can anyone help?

the light is on the dash board... Service ride control

heater and blower were working fine and then just quit working.

ABS & Brake Light keeps coming on the instrument panel.

car has all power and fuel pump runs but no start? replaced crankshaft position sensor because of stalling problem...ignition switch is new...

Why do I get a hesitation in steering when driving at highway speeds?

Front signals work normal. Both rear signals come on with either the left or right signal on and everything quits when I apply the brakes. Suggestions?

My 2005 Suburban (5.3 Flex Fuel) started making a noise in the engine. I took it to a mechanic and he said it is internal. I put Lucas oil stuff in it to see if would quite it down. It did not. Someone told me it may be a rocker arm? Any ideas I don't want a new motor

what causes no level to be high

The car I drive does this at all times when applying the brakes. My email: jrpasa9@gmail.com. Thank you.

i hear this tapping like when you warm up the truck but it does not go away. could it be that i need to replace the oil pump

how do you repair headgaskets?

I need to know how to take the heator core out i cant find the screws that hold the air duck under the dash board so i can get to the heater core

all the doors are un lock but cant open cargo door.

I recently took a 1997 Suburban in to the dealership service shop to get the front brake pads and rotors replaced. After the Brake job was done, the brakes started to act up. The brake pedal would depress and the abs would kick in while making stops from slow speeds. This wouldn't happen all the time but at least once everytime I drove. If the abs wheel speed sensor was damaged during the brake job, how would this happen and how can I get this concern addressed at the dealership. I have taken the car in since and the explanation given to me was that the part was rusted and that taking the sensor out to get cleaned could cause it to break.

have 2001 sub.1500. upper center brake light works when brake pedal depressed but left & right brake lights dont work. bulbs check good. checked for power @ plugs but no power. can anyone offer advice?