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We took our 2015 Tahoe in for an oil change, and when we left the dealership the engine light came on. We went back to the dealership and they cleared the light but did not let my wife know what the issue was. A cou...
It doesn't register anything, I can have a full tank even and sometimes it will go from empty to full. I'm wondering what I need to replace so I know how much gas is in there so I don't run out?
My codes came out to be p0300 radom misfires & the other was p0327 knock sensor ineed t know what coul be wring with my truck thats misfiring what can we look for i just did a complete tone up on the truck sholud i ch...
Runs a little hot although gauge does not register.seems that fluid is needed although oil transmission and coolant levels r fine
I'm trying to find out if it is most likely just the blower control or if something else is likely to have gone. When I try to turn on anything heat or a/c related it does nothing at all. Do you think the control swit...
Drive shaft broke while wheels were spinning on ice. It fell out from underneath car.
It made a clunking noise forward and backwards and now no reverse at all
fluid level is good not burnt tranny or transfer case?
After having a little fun the b night before and getting stuck, mind you, I have a leaky axle seal and weak rear end apparently. I Hurd some sort of clunk on the way home and instantly thought of my rear end, next mor...
Heater was blowing cold air today but eventually started to blow hot.
quit was full of metal tech said it was a bad torque converter truck ran good but had the code after that then lost 3rd and forth in 1000 miles clutches were fried ,could the tcm be causing this,tech says he doesnt no...
Driving early in am and it is cold(4degrees) . Engine light goes off and car goes into reduced power mode and runs at 30-40 mph. On star says something about fuel injectors. What could this be?
I know its related! Warning light first, then gauges kicking on and off, finally rpms jump up and down and the motor ends up dying! The only code it gives is p0108. I expected a brain problem.
sometimes it show correctly but most of the time it show empty with the need fuel light on. the car has 149,000 miles on it and the fuel pump was replaced at 130,000 miles
Should I also replace knock sensors?
Trying to remove fuel from I can drop tank safely.
the oil gauge on the dash has stopped working since this leak could it be a fuse? if so where is it located?
Turn over. The starter has been replaced. It doesn't do it all the time. I drive it everyday. Usually when it does this, it will start right up about a half hour later. What can I do to fix this?