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with key turned to start the engine cranks and stops all by itself
I drove it 14 miles nothing seems to be wrong with it yet. I'm Going to drain the tank. Just wondering if I need to do anything else before I drive it
Batteries dead, charged now in transport mode
both times I was driving at 55 to 60 mph in the rain. For some reason when it starts to rain my truck starts to vibrate.
Like someone said it will go up to 1500 rpm then stop I and when it shifts it slams into gear code says low fuel Pressure response. glow plug 2 and coolant something Please help me duramax gods lol
when a leave the truck stop more the one day the smoke come out like crazy and it burn Preston i don't no if it as agr cooler on the 2008 duramax 3500 hd
We have a 5th wheel trailer and when towing in the mountains (on an incline) with our 3500 Dually and the engine is hot with a half tank of fuel the engine cuts out and goes into reduced power mode. Chevy dealer said ...
The problem occurs around 100- 150 miles. I have put on a new exhaust filter , new airflow sensor, new air filter, new plug end to airflow sensor and I am still having problems that chevy mechanic can't fix
Cant tell what gear its in park, reverse or drive, doesnt haveva trailor haul mode, doors automatically lock late and dont automatically unlock when i turn ignition off, and does not display transmission temperature! ...
Tried to replace with expensive top of the range light bulbs, but am still having the same problem. Has anybody else experienced this?
How to repair the particle exhaust filter?
I tow a 5th wheel. Have had brakes checked by two different dealers who said they're "fine". Of course they won't drive w/trailer attached. Shimmy (much more that ABS) occurred after overheated. Had rotors resurfaced ...
service trailer brake light is on in the dash while there is no trailer connected? Tried fuses under hood and in cab, checked wiring at the back no power to the electeric brakes even when you force load it, and turned...
What causes the diesel brake exhaust system to smoke when I come to a stop light on my 2012 3500 HD diesel truck with Allisontransmissionand what can I do
it is hard to start or wont start it is also excessively cranking over do you have any suggestions on what it could be
All other lights work properly, there isn't a male connection from the rear power block that all of the other rear lights are plugged into.
The rear axle nut is locked in place with a key and snap ring. I snugged the nut up until all play was removed and then backed off the nut to the first key way alignment. I am looking for a posted, proper adjustment.
Not a problem/need answer to determine required maintenance.
how to reset change oil soon light
My brother in-law has a 3500HD 6.0 gas it sat for two weeks in avg temp below 32 degrees it won't start, no lights no anything. I took out the batteries to test and charge them. one was bad (main) other aux battery h...
battery light on?
Does my 07 3500 hd have floating rotors or are the held on another way
Top hose collapse when engine cools. Hose recovers when the radiator cap seal is released.
How much transmisson fluid is needed when changing?
I have a 2003 k3500 chev truck does it have an an in cabin air filter and where is it loacted