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6.0 manual five speed. Only after the truck has warmed up, it will cut out while at lower rpm's. Idles fine and runs great when higher. Mainly notice when climbing hills etc but will do it at any point when they are ...
snow plowing then four wheel drive light started flashing
i can only get cold air???? it will blow out of defrost but it is only cold same in dash vents. i replaced control panel but still only get heat on passenger floor.please help winter is coming
ive checked the plugs and fuses and its not hitting a lik@all
I have changed crank sensor and distributor pick-up sensor. The vehicle will start sometimes and sometimes not. Vehicle sets a lot between use. 5.7 engine, 165000 mi, good oil pressure, generally runs fine. Thanks
The truck started with it not idleing so i changed the fuel filter and it went away. Now it will idle up to 3000 rpms in park or neutral and about 1500 in gear even on the brake or not. I disconnected the battery and ...
My engine will shut down to a fast (1600rpm) idle while driving. By stopping,shutting off for about 1 minute,you can restart and proceed. However,this may repeat several times. The info center simply states "Reduced e...
I need to change my injector pump I would like to find instructions
Hello, new guy here. I have a 1999 Silverado 2500 Extended Cab. When I turn the fan/air/heater knob on (on the dash), I instantly hear a noise under the hood. It's not a good noise like a motor running, but more of...
took truck to dealer and they could not get a code for the Service 4WD. before this happened i was getting pinging sound from up front when i turned my truck off, i don't get this noise anymore and now my 4wd doesn't ...
The AC fan (under the glovebox on the passenger side) is broken and I can't get past the plastic cover to fix it. How on earth do you get past all that stuff under there?
how do i remove heater coil in my 2oo1 chevy silverado 2500
Truck lunges when stopped and truck is in gear. When the rpms drop below 750 my truck begins to rev up and down tring to pull the truck forward (or backwards in reverse)
4wd service light came on. The truck shift into 4hi all by itself. I change the 4wd selector switch still have the same problem. What should i try next.
Data link connector will not start. Looking for the fuse to run the data link
When you start the truck the battery, security and low fuel light flash while running. The truck runs fine but the fuel gage and the temp gage does not work when these flash. Now I have a co323 transfer case code. Wha...