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My mechanic feels since the power steering pump is only a year old, it is probably the steering/brake assist unit. I assume that is the hydro boost I have seen in searching. Does this seem to be a reasonable guess? It...
I replaced the fuel level sensor and it appeared to fix the issue at fist. Now I run out of gas when the gauge reads half a tank. I know GM had issues with there gauge clusters but not really sure where to start now ?...
there is no power door locks or windows installed
My dealership mechanic replaced the throttle body and switch. Currently the engine reduces power to about 40 mph lasts about a day then engine light and problem goes away, but then comes back every 2 or 3 days. How d...
Won't shift out of park if key is on. Will shift if key is off and then can start in neutral .
I swapped my steer colum w/ used column same make/mod. now runs 3 sec. and dies. I did not swap ignition, used the one that came with new/used column. Will it need a relearn to correct? Or any ideas?
I know my power steering and brakes have lines running together my brakes barely work the a.b.s. is coming on and I have no power steering. All fluids are full no leaks. My truck is a 1999 Silverado 2500 4x4
does the transmission have to come out
My font pinion bearing in my front diff. froze up and when I activated my four wheel drive at 45 miles an hour the truck felt like the brakes were put on and I smelled clutches burning. I replaced the front diff. and ...
I notice that my lights flutter an the voltage gage go wacky at time , is this a short somewhere?
The security light, the low fuel, and battery light flashes. the gear selector won't light up. when hooking up to the diagnostic port obd2 will not show any diagnostic codes. four wheel drive won't light up.
have a 2000 chevy 2500HD silverado 6.0 gas motor. I have an issue where when i start to go down hill and coast a little bit and let off of the throttle down to about 1/10th throttle the truck down shifts out of overdr...
my key worked fine and then just stoped so the igntion out and it will start for a bout 1 to 3 sec and cuts rite off again...its a 2000 chevy 2500 there any way to hot wire or smthng untill i can afford to fix....
THe radio and inside lights do not work, will not start. It fires but does not run. Check Gas it is okay.
when i start the truck it tics for a bit then it stops sounds like a lifter ? any ideas ?
the right sizes tool so i tried poking a hole an useing a scewdriver like i had down many times however this time the filter came apart an now its just the top left to the houseing , i tried turning it useing a chiss...
have had the truck for two months, be having problems with the brakes, i put new calipers on the back new pads all around the paddal feels spongy at times the padal goes to the floor making a sound in the front ?...
want to know where an what to look for..
working on 2003 with 220000 miles on it and it is getting fuel in the oil it has a 6.6 Duramax. Could it be the injectors and the sleaves?
Could this be a bad injector,sleave,or both?
I replaced fuel pump and fuel filter and the humming noise remains. Sometimes it's very loud and other times it's quieter. Fuel level in tank and outside tempurature don't seem to affect noise level.
chain may be stretched. making noise. truck has 300,000 miles on it. ran it moderately hard. any ideas on the estimate for labor? i know parts cost already.
When this happenens it is not registering as in the run position. none of the gauges register when this occurs.