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No leaks located. Low Coolant level warning every 2-3 days. No overheating yet. no loss of power yet.
I have just been advised that all the ball joints need to be replaced on my 2012 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD after only 50,000 miles. This truck has only been driven on highways and never used for rough work. Is it common...
To get idle down. No check engine light. No codes showing up.
I recently replaced the alternator with a OEM reman unit. Disconnected negative battery terms before installing, reconnected after. Voltage output looks good but I am now getting service engine light. Had to remove/re...
What about serpentine belt and tensioner pully? Thx
just replaced the stock muffler with a flow master, no idea if its related,but thats the only change/maintenance made in many months
ran a diagnostic test, code UO101 cannot communication with tcm
I used a TIMPKEN hub replacement part which comes with the new ABS sensor attached.
you can't read the speedometer on the dash not working and then the truck shout down and says reduce power you can pull over and wait few minutes the it will crack back up something is going on with my truck thanks penny
I just bought the truck and I am trying to find out if there is any help on this injector problem
when giving full acts like bad gas or filter but has no filter n changed gas
We have tried to shut the vehicle off a few times..blower will still not shut off. We have opened the door and will still not shut off.
Brake lights not working.All other lights are working.Brake light on cab works but not in far checked bulbs and fuses.can brake switch be bad even though light on top of cab is working.
If break switch is working break lite on cab in back can switch be bad for working tail break lights
Only happen now and then. Everything comes on when you turn the key but when you click the key over to start the engine nothing happens. There doesn't seem to be any certain time or day or reason for the problem.
I just replaced the thermostats and it still does it at 2000 or more RPM. 2000 RPMs and lover it will run normal, 185deg.
My truck says odometer error on it. I hooked up the computer to check the diagnostics on it and it said failed to read. So that didn't help either. Where it says fuel used is correct and the oil life reset. I just can...
I took the dash apart and checked all of the connections and there were no loose or corroded wires