The paint is coming off the roof and bed in sheet when I wash the truck is this something Chevy should cover? A paint guy said that is from a poor sealer/primer so he has to strip all the paint off and start over.

I need help trouble shooting a problem. I have an 03 duramax and when I'm in neutral and switch to either 2wd or 4wd and then put it in park it almost sounds like the truck surges for a second or two and then it's fine. Can anyone help me out and give me some perspective on this?

Brake lights not working.All other lights are working.Brake light on cab works but not in rear.so far checked bulbs and fuses.can brake switch be bad even though light on top of cab is working.

If break switch is working break lite on cab in back can switch be bad for working tail break lights

Shift lever in Park, but truck goes in reverse in park. Truck stuck in 4LOW. Pushed in 4HI while shifting the lever to neutral, then tried this method of shifting R N D N R while pressing 4HI and still stuck in reverse on park while it won't get out of 4LO, help please.

engine services light flicker on and off message light says check engine level stay on?

it wont turn over

I have the 8.1L in my chevy and i was wondering if it is even possible for me to remove the gas motor in my truck and replace it with a diesel motor without replacing my Allison transmission too.

Only happen now and then. Everything comes on when you turn the key but when you click the key over to start the engine nothing happens. There doesn't seem to be any certain time or day or reason for the problem.

I just replaced the thermostats and it still does it at 2000 or more RPM. 2000 RPMs and lover it will run normal, 185deg.

My truck says odometer error on it. I hooked up the computer to check the diagnostics on it and it said failed to read. So that didn't help either. Where it says fuel used is correct and the oil life reset. I just can't read my mileage. The speedometer still works too. I looked on a bunch of sites and most think it's the instrument cluster but I want to be sure. Also I need to get it fixed as cheap as possible. It only has 18k miles on it. Please help!

I took the dash apart and checked all of the connections and there were no loose or corroded wires

The lights flicker bright to dim the battery light came on but I checked the battery and its charging normal. I have heard about the ECM causing issues like this but I don't know what to test on it. The truck keeps clearing the codes before I can get in to see what they are. My engine light came on and by the time I got my scan tool it was gone and no history codes. After the truck cleared codes it ran great no flicker but this morning its back but no codes or engine light just the battery light. Any help would be appreciated!

Shift immobilizer

Pedal goes to the floor no brakes at all resivour is bone dry.

And still no lights!!! Any suggestions would greatly b appreciated

Changed starter, battery fully charged, all dash lights illuminated normally. Installed the almost $300 part worked for two months. I got the same results. What else can I do to fix it.

We went to turn with signal & aping
breaks all went out

The Signal lights 7 Break lights go out when the break is applied?

when it happens i lose engin power and have to pull over and turn the engine off for about a minute the restart the engine

Put..injectors...stop..stared back after 300 hundred miles..what going on.