I was repairing the trailer light plug in the rear bumper I think it shorted. Because the chiming in the cab started going off then my battery went dead, because I had the lights on working on the trailer lights,
. Then I removed the battery terminal one at a time. Charging each battery one at a time wile in the truck. Then started the truck, and no 4 wheel drive \the service 4 wheel drive light is on Cant get light off and 4 wheel drive to work, please help

I recently replaced the alternator with a OEM reman unit. Disconnected negative battery terms before installing, reconnected after. Voltage output looks good but I am now getting service engine light. Had to remove/reinstall air intake from filter to manifold. Any ideas what might be causing the light or how to reset? no other info displayed.

What about serpentine belt and tensioner pully? Thx

changed radio and had problem starting it but finally primmed it enough and it did. the next am nothing. what could it be?


just replaced the stock muffler with a flow master, no idea if its related,but thats the only change/maintenance made in many months

ran a diagnostic test, code UO101 cannot communication with tcm

Is this a normal problem what do I need to do

I used a TIMPKEN hub replacement part which comes with the new ABS sensor attached.

repair last 1yr and warranty is 1 yr, always seems to last just after warranty is up. for the last three yrs I have been taking to chevy dealer to fix. I don't want to go back to them....

you can't read the speedometer on the dash not working and then the truck shout down and says reduce power you can pull over and wait few minutes the it will crack back up something is going on with my truck thanks penny

This only happens when I'm towing my horse trailer (2 horse alum w/dressing area and bumper pull). I live in FL and the inclines are not that steep. I do have a towing package. One occasion I could push the gas paddle to the floor and this did not help. All total I am hauling about 6000 pounds.

I just bought the truck and I am trying to find out if there is any help on this injector problem

when giving full acts like bad gas or filter but has no filter n changed gas

The miles to empty is also blank

It has an issue where sometimes when you get in the security flashes like its being stole and won't start do I have to pull the keys out and open and shut the door to start again

Is this likely the module on the dash?

Only when I started up to take off the first time

Light blinks on two wheel drive will go out stays in 4 wheel

We have tried to shut the vehicle off a few times..blower will still not shut off. We have opened the door and will still not shut off.

thats all i know

we used this truck to jump another truck after jumping the next truck in line the 2004 chevy would not crank and the security lite was on

Ac appeared not functioning properly so turned off but them smell of electrical burning and white smoke was coming out rear ac vents so I immediately shut engine off. The smoke stopped and with ac off and 5min
I drove 1 mile home no problems but afraid of possible fire next time, advice