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Changed starter, battery fully charged, all dash lights illuminated normally. Installed the almost $300 part worked for two months. I got the same results. What else can I do to fix it.
We went to turn with signal & aping breaks all went out
The Signal lights 7 Break lights go out when the break is applied?
when it happens i lose engin power and have to pull over and turn the engine off for about a minute the restart the engine
Put..injectors...stop..stared back after 300 hundred miles..what going on.
1 tap on the gas peddle stops it. Sounds like it could be the fan? Blower.
The engine continues running after turning the key off. (it's not dieseling, it's continuing to run smoothly) It runs for about 20 - 40 seconds.
This has happened for the last ten years i just go by miles most the time but when you are driving it tells you the correct amount now and then. sometimes when the gage reads empty i can wiggle truck side to side and ...
truck dies when throttle is released.
Wires broken at 2nd plug from camshaft sensor it has 5 wires ,I need to know a part # for plug I have a pic
I have the AC turned off yet one of these is on if I use panel the inside mode is lit up if I switch to defrost it automatically goes to outside mode and all I am getting in my truck is barely warm air. Defrost is not...
Sound onlyhappens in 4wdand coming from the rear end, does not happen in reverse. Cv joints and fluid is all ok?
We have replaced the control panel and now it is stuck on defrost. The only thing that you can adjust is the fan speed. Checked all fuses. What else could it be?
when applying brakes with lights on all rear lights dim out and when blinkers are used all lights blink dimly but very fast and when using the hazard they blink fast and dim
only does this on cold mornings I bought a code reader says shift solenoid ok I replaced them they are all on one board and still I have this problem
My heater works fine on low fan speed, but when I put the fan on high it blows hot air for a short time then it starts to get cool. I can put it back on low fan speed and it gets hot again almost immediately. What w...
And ice cold ac out of the drivers side .what should I check or look for
Had a worn out box and leaky hydraboost so I replaced both. Flushed system with New Amsoil p/s fluid and now I have little to no power steering. At idle there is none. Changed the pump thinking I might of damaged it ...
After replacing both sensors and the wire harness I had my code cleared out. The check engine light came back on and shows knock sensor error again. Any ideas on want to do now?
I noticed that my truck is starting to shake at about 55 mph, I havent pushed it so i dont know if it levels out. I had my tires balanced and thats not it, took it into a mechanic and he thinks it's the rear suspensio...
I have a 2004 Chevy 2500hd 8.1 with the Allison transmission and it threw a rod out the oil pan. I found a 2002 8.1 engine and i was wondering if anybody knows if that engine would work in mine, the only things that i...
My chevy has the redused engine power. And also wont crank .. if i remove the relay cap on the stareter relay. I can crank it but it still wont start hep plz !!!! I have replaced the hole throttel body and wire harnes...