happens mostly when fuel is low or when motor get up to temp.

the tag lights does also . is there a elect ground on the truck

I am going to replace front hubs see if that is the problem

It happens every time I floor it if I don't floor it it stays at 80. It has always been between 40 and 50 what could cause it.

I have a 02 2500 hd. It has the manual shift option for the 4 wheel drive. My fuses are good and just changed the front acuator. But it won't shift into 4 high or 4 low. I have no power to the front acuator

I have replaced a broken brake line, the master cylinder, and one caliper. I have bled the line several times to no avail.
What else can it be?
Thanks Marv

after I bleed it off it may go 2 or 3 days before it does it again could my abs be doing it?I have replaced the rubber hose and brake pads turned rotors and replaced the clap.

No crank problem.
Found blown fuse and replaced .
Fuse blew on first try .

Sometimes like factory key will turn the ignition sometimes it's locks in place

First of all, GREAT site Thank You.
Truck was stored for 4 years, ran fine previously with 56000 mi, started 3-4 times in yr. Fuel pump went bad and bad gas in tank. All fixed, after awhile p0300 , the only code,came on with a noticeable miss, worse cold. Runs good at speed and accel. Cyl # 4 fouls quickly. miss worse on even side, #1 with only a few. 3-5-7 quite a few. Cleaned MAP & throttle body.Compression 140psi. Checked wires, coils run @ 35-40kv, even though at 2500 rpm they all went down to about 10kv. It was an old scope and had to ck each cylinder individually. swapped coil #4 & #1 no change, exhaust pressure before cat on even side .65psi. Pulled injectors on even bank looking for leaky ones. All held pressure@ 75psi on bench test with good pattern. With EZ-scan tool 6000 A/F ratio 14.6. I have the scan tool results, if they could be of help and perhaps someone that is in the know may be able to come to an conclusion. Thanks Doug

Started truck and quickly moved it to garage and shut off before it warmed up. Replaced all coils and tried to start engine. Engine fires but does not start. Throws a code po446. Possibilities?

I changed the blower motor a few months ago. I changed the blend door actuator , charged the system and still it blows out hot on passenger side. I hope it is not what I think it is, that's a job

Whenever my seat belt is being used, it continually squeaks.

200 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD won't start. Outside temp is not really an issue. Ran fine yesterday. This morning it cranked but wouldn't turn over. Tried turning the key three times and it finally worked. Now it won't start again. It sounds like it will turn over then it just doesn't.

I have had the worst luck with cars. Lately every single car I get into has broken in someway, shape, or form. I really hope it is just a dead battery.

If anyone knows anything or has an idea of what it could be please help!!

? Intermediate shaft, pitman arm? Someone suggested putting the expanding foam into shat and reassemble?

Or just glovebox less chance of rattling post repair

It also leaks out of valve stem used tool to tighten seems to have resolved valve stem portion of the issue

02 b1-s1 = 69% at 0.885v
02 b1-s2 = 51% at 0.655v
02 b2-s1 = 67% at 0.855v
02 b2-s2 = 63% at 0.80v
short term fuel trim b1 -31.3
short term fuel trim b2 -31.3
items new in the past year injectors #28,plugs and wires,MAF,MAP,and intake gasket

Before cat replacement not power and the p0300 at 70 miles per hour

Blue indicator light does not come on and dash light and reverse lights do not work. What could be the problem?

When I decelerate from any speed or I'm coming to a stop the truck makes a sound comparable to a plastic bottle in a bike spoke. I took it to a local shop and they told me the transfer case is slipping into neutral. I had another man look at it and he checked, with the truck on but not cranked, that the 4wd shifts on and off just fine. We are about to move across country and will be hauling horses. Can anyone tell me if they've had this happen and what it could be. It does have a new transmission.