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Light blinks on two wheel drive will go out stays in 4 wheel
We have tried to shut the vehicle off a few times..blower will still not shut off. We have opened the door and will still not shut off.
we used this truck to jump another truck after jumping the next truck in line the 2004 chevy would not crank and the security lite was on
Ac appeared not functioning properly so turned off but them smell of electrical burning and white smoke was coming out rear ac vents so I immediately shut engine off. The smoke stopped and with ac off and 5min I drov...
I just bought this truck last week. They said they didnt know if the tow haul was working,but thought the light was just blown. I haul horses in the mountains, so I need to know. I'm scared to mess with it a lot since...
Checked connector on rear of radio. It has a Bose system. Had a little Static for a minute and then radio stopped playing.
My 2500hd won't move.I was told the transfer case was bad because it was making a load clunking noise when in 4 wheel drive. Finally everything went out the truck won't move now in 2 wheel drive . any ideas
The paint is coming off the roof and bed in sheet when I wash the truck is this something Chevy should cover? A paint guy said that is from a poor sealer/primer so he has to strip all the paint off and start over.
I need help trouble shooting a problem. I have an 03 duramax and when I'm in neutral and switch to either 2wd or 4wd and then put it in park it almost sounds like the truck surges for a second or two and then it's fin...
Brake lights not working.All other lights are working.Brake light on cab works but not in far checked bulbs and fuses.can brake switch be bad even though light on top of cab is working.
If break switch is working break lite on cab in back can switch be bad for working tail break lights
Shift lever in Park, but truck goes in reverse in park. Truck stuck in 4LOW. Pushed in 4HI while shifting the lever to neutral, then tried this method of shifting R N D N R while pressing 4HI and still stuck in revers...
engine services light flicker on and off message light says check engine level stay on?
I have the 8.1L in my chevy and i was wondering if it is even possible for me to remove the gas motor in my truck and replace it with a diesel motor without replacing my Allison transmission too.
Only happen now and then. Everything comes on when you turn the key but when you click the key over to start the engine nothing happens. There doesn't seem to be any certain time or day or reason for the problem.
I just replaced the thermostats and it still does it at 2000 or more RPM. 2000 RPMs and lover it will run normal, 185deg.