why does my truck read " reduced engine power "

high-beam lights go out when on bumpy road >

I am having trouble finding what is drawing my battery to complete dead after 5 to 6 hours. I took out electric start. Had battery and alternator tested. Did an oil change and oil pressures fine. Nothing on in truck to draw power?

my truck has diesel going into the oil, I already replaced all the injectors and its still doing it

I hear other happy diesel truck owners of getting 16 to 19 miles a gallon on their trucks I only get 13.7 not towing and if I go easy on the pedal. any sugestions?

I don't see idlerarm & pitman arm as a choice on the web site,can anyone give me an idea?

I hear of other 2500 HD Duramax Diesel truck owners of getting good mileage while I only get 13MPG or less in my 2007 HD Duramax Diesel, what is the problem why is my truck not given me a good Mileage? thanks I apressiate your imput

what sounded like a bad belt tensioner but driving this morning the sound just stopped and then I had no power steering and very limited brakes the display on the dash says battery not charging.

2004 Silverado 2500 HD 6.0 Gas where is o2 sensor (bank 2- sensor 1 located

hear a noise in front end when driving and turning

I have a truck that has a factory installed beacon light and I need the wiring diagram. Can you tell me where to get


My power steering pump is leaking and needs to be replaced. I'm told the job will cost $760.00 which includes a oil change. Does that sound fair?

problem started this morning and when you put it in park the doors do not unlock automaticly but the truck will start in park even though the indicator does not show that you are in park

I have a leak in the rear brake seal how do i fix it ?

Had clicking with intermittent starting Would start when starter was pounded on.. replaced starter still no start.. replaced the neutral safety switch still no start.. Now what ???

fuel gauge stopped working

takes a man to shift this trans into any gear

the problem only happens randomly. We are here in Austin and it happened almost when he got to Wichita Falls but has not happened again in 30 days.

just quit running, no code in display!

how do i remove the tube around the spark plugs?

ihave heat but no fan. when you turn the nob you can hear something clicking at the blower but nothing happens. all fuses look good that i can find.

sometimes 4wd light comes on sometimes not if light comes on it is in 4wd, if not it does not work

Battery was low once, worked OK after charge but happened again. Also check engine light came on.

My silverado takes about three tries to start what can cause this and where is the oil sending unit? THANKS A LOT.

when the weather dips below zero the transmission will not shift in to reverse and the indicator light flashes although it will shift into drive you have to really give it the fuel to get it to move. Thanks for your helpl

put it 4 wheel and i get binding , dose not do it in 2 wheel. have replaced front wheel bearing, can not see any thing broken . do not know what to look for now

The red battery light came on on the left hand side of the dashboard today, in the message center area I bleieve its called. The batteries are staying properly charged, does take a couple seconds to start, but it is bitter cold. Wondering what might be causing this problem. Please help!

Regular oil cange with 15w40 oil. Vehicle sat 2 days and both batteries dead. Easily started and ran normal. Dead again next morning and after starting found oil pressure while driving at 550 KPA and temperature gauge which is always just below 100 C will not go higher than 82 C.
Mechanic says that the pressure manally reads 550 and wants to do a tear down to determine the blockage. he says that driving the vehicle will blow the engine $2000 price tag without fixing the electrical problem. says they are not related

white smoke blowing out of exhaust pipe

there is a knocking sound like gears not quite engaging) in what i think is the front drive axles, however it does not do it constantly. had it to my mechanic and they tried re programing the electronic 4wd unit,didnt work.