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where is the fuel pump located
I changed calipers and pads drove about six miles and problem still exist. What else should I check?
My steering linkages feel loose and rattle...i understand this is a recall truck is no longer under this recall still covered by my dealership?
how do i do it? do i need any special tools
Brake petal is very soft, still have some brakes. replaced master cylinder and problem is still there
the turn signals stopped working and both sides but the four way flashers still work...could this be a switch problem on the column? i checked all fuses and light bulbs and all are good... confused
I need to know witch switch to use in my 2001 chevy duramax diesel.There is two parts 1 has a 6 way connector and the 2nd has a 4 and 8 way connector. Has anyone out half to replace theirs. I would like help on how to...
Does anyone have the details of how long the national labor time is for a water pump on this truck?
the injector harness needs replaced. what would the cost be for that to be replaced?
When I start the engine in the morning the temp gauge will jump to extreme hot and the DIC reads engine overheated then falls back to cold. Engine seems to switch between cold and warm modes. Runs rough
change fuel pump an truck still dies after a while then after I sometimes wiggle fuse it appears to help for while an what a lean problem after fuel pumps changed
The plastic connection at the firewall where the heater hose hooks to the heater core broke off in the hose. how do I remove the connector so I can install a new one?
I just replaced fuel injectors an fuses. was taken to the shop for igition an fuses they said it needed because my fuel injector I install wasnt the problem an was fine. I picked the truck up drove off that night on ...
why does the d button and abs and battery light come on at the same time also the truck jumps out of gear
what is the problem when the abs light and battery light comes on and the truck jumpes out of gear
My 2001 Duramax Deisel 4x4 Crew Cab in the message center my battery icon came on the day after i towed a rented horse trailer and volts read 10 to 12 amps but my battery icon stays on in the message center. I have an...
I had the truck serviced for this same problem on thursday, and they said the connector for the 7way plug was broken at the PCM. I was just wanting to know where that is located
Where is the fuel filter located on this gasoline 6.0
if i step on the gas hard the transmission starts shifting hard. then the check ingine light will turn on . please help.
My passenger side power seat not memory seat is stuck in the recline position, has done this before but started working again, not so lucky this time. What can I do to fix it??
my speed odometer just stop working on 55 miles per hour and will not move. is there a fuse or cable i may check?
my backup and dome lights do not work. the bulbs are good, the fuse inside are good. is there another fuse or something else i can check?
Service engine light came on and stay on. Had diagnostic ran. Diagnostic code PO540. Based on this bought part 72-4608 - temp sensor. Cannot figure out where it goes or how to install it
Where is the oil pressure sending unit located?
The estimate says "Fuel Injector Replacement - 6.6L V8 Diesel Turbo, right, one. does this mean that the replacement is for one injecotor on the right side or does it mean to replace all injectors on the right side. ...
Fan does not blow checked fuses, switched out control switch panel. Need help any suggestions?
could smell rear end fluid and wwheel was very hot to touch. how do pull axle and change bearing and should i look for any thing else.
how do I replace the antenna mount, what needs to be removed?
reading very eratic goes all over range from empty to full allways reads empty when tank is filled.
I was driving and my engine just started ticking, is my oil pump bad?