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lights come on by them selves and I have to gently touch the blinker to get it off

All hoses and wiring appears to be ok.

Periodically but mainly first time i start my truck in the morning cold or warm weather it takes three cycles of the key I have done a little research and it sounds like a fuel regulator or pump issue I have yet to check fuel pressure but when it does fire up it surges the(not exact but around the general area) rpm go from 300 up to 700 then back down to 300 or 400 then back up to 700 then to normal idling rpm. But other times it fires right up with out surge or hesitation with the truck. Cold or warm weather does not change this and same with temperature of the truck itself cold or warm running temp makes no difference. I had gotten told it could also be the cause of the air injection valve sticking? At times when accelerating from a dead stop per say a stop light it falls on its face but picks right back up and runs good. It also has been throwing code of random misfire so i bit the bullet and got new plugs wires and coils since i had been told by multiple people that the coils go out simultaneously but i still have a random miss fire cylinder 4 could this be related to my starting issue? But it does not feel like it has a miss while driving or under a load but i do have horrible gas mileage and the truck runs lean. A presence of fuel odor is strong if i let the truck idle? Any ideas?

I have a 2000 silverado 5.3 4 wheel drive and i just replaced all ball joints tie rod ends pit man arm and idler arm and ass with all new bushings upper and lower control arms end links and sway bar. i have gotten everything put back together but passenger side does not want to level out to the ride hieght. I may have popped the cv out of the knuckle but im not sure how to tell. The caster and camber bolts are lose along with the end links and lower control arm bolts and shock bolts but its binding up and i cant figure out why or where. As for the driver side it is at ride hiight and i had no problem. Hope i was detailed enough and can getsome help. Thank you

It has been occasionally making a loud clunk when the automatic transmission is supposed to shift. It only has 70,000 miles on it. I was told the transmission needs to be rebuilt. Just want to make sure I am not paying too much.

2005 chevy silverado when in park or in gear I push button on dash to 4hi or 4low the light just blinks and the 2wheel light stays on I can put it in neutral and push the 4hi or 4low the 2wheel light go's out the 4wheel light comes on I hear a poping sound in front end then the 2wheel light comes back on and the 4wheel light starts blinking again and not in 4wheel drive please help

My 4x4 quit working it tries to engage but doesn't checked the selector switch it is good hooked it up n got code 374 what does that mean n also had it on a lift and got it to kick in but can't get to kick in again would that be the motor

truck was running fine then the transmission just stopped pulling. can crank truck an it will shift all gears like it is suposed to then just stop pullin when i stop at a stop sign or street light.can kill the truck and wait a few min and crank it back up an it will pull off then just stop pulling

this problem happens during heavy rains. The carpet get absolutely soaking wet. I'm not sure where the water is coming from.

My engine reducing power light along with service stabilitrack and trackion control off lights all turn on and then i lose all power to my engine and i keeps happening alot i already went throw 2 throddle bodies an no luck wat is the problem i dnt have that much money to be guessing an it still losing power

The check engine light is flashing and the traction control light is on and service stabilitrak shows on the dash, the truck hesitates and shutters while running in park and when at a stop light, when it shifts to second gear it feels like it shift extremely harsh. code for the engine light is for a misfire

on start up

1999 Chevy Silverado 1500...I replaced the dash buttons and front axle actuator. Problem is that when button in 2WD the front drive shaft turns but not axles or tires. When button in 4WD the front shaft will not turn. When I manually turn front tires the axle turns also but not shaft. ( seems like things are switched around ) . I tried to get it to flip flop again but not much luck.

left tire 15"
right tire 17"

The temperature here in northern Minnesota has been very cold, could that be a factor?

Problems began with AM/FM not getting reception, then service 4-wheel drive light came on(intermittently, goes off after truck is turned off), then truck blew mega-fuse for power doors, radio began getting reception again, replaced mega-fuse then service 4wheel drive light comes on and radio loses reception until mega-fuse blows again and now right side bright headlight won't work even after replacing bulb. Don't know if it's related or not but having difficult warm starts(have to give throttle to start).

The 4x4 light says its on but it is not working.

Almost everytime I use my Left turn signal, my hazard lights come on on the instrument cluster as well as the outside lights. I thought I might need to replace an outside bulb but all of the signals are working properly. The hazard lights switch is located on top of the steering column & the multi function turn signal/wiper lever is nearby. I wonder if there is a loose wire slipping that is causing this or if there is a part that needs to be replaced. Thank you for your help.

engine at no particular time will not start even turn over at times.receiving electrical power normally. replaced starting relay under hood and it worked. progressively getting worse and constantly replacing relays

2001 Silverado with 191,000 miles. New H2O pump, hoses Thermostat. This truck used to have burn your face off heat. I changed the heater door control motor a couple of years ago because it used to get stuck in the open position causing us to pull over and reset the heater control(by turning off the ign. and restarting the truck) or drive with the windows down. The truck now sits outside when it's not used.

I have a 03 Silverado I got a fabtech susp. lift and like a 2 inch body running 37"13x50x20R toyo mud terrains. The trucks is an ext. cab 4dr LS im having front end problems the driver side front tire is wearing some on the inside and it also dont drive as smooth as it did. I bought a list of parts pitman & idler arm, idler arm bracket, tie rods & all tie rod ends, upper & lower ball joints (both sides) hubs (both). I haven't put all the parts on yet because some ppl tell me some of the parts dont need changed. Idk I just really want it driving smooth and DEFINITELY not to wear on the tires have any suggestions????

i am wondering if it needs to be plugged in or something sense it is a diesel??

When the vehicle sits for several hours, the engine will crank normally, but won't start unless I press the accelerator to the floor and hold it. My mechanic diagnosed a bad fuel pump, but a new one didn't solve the problem. The check engine light does not come on. No codes either. Any ideas?

I replaced the switch, did not work, all fuses are good, I notice the lights flash on anitial start up of the vehicle, no codes came up on the scanner, what do you recommend?

I have been having problems with the "service 4wd" for the last 2 years, after cleaning connectors , I thought the problem may be over, every once and a while the service lite comes on, I reset it , test it , everything changes (lites), I hear it change to low 4wd, but today, it snowed , I changed it to 4wd auto, 4wd, and the lights came on, and then I realized that the front wheels did not respond and drive. I was slipping as it was in 2wd. Any suggestions ? Don

Replaced upper and lower balljoints, Pitman and idler arms. Plus replaced the left wheel bearing.After all this, there is still loose steering.What did i miss? What else could be the cause? 4x4 with 5.3 liter engine. .Thanks.

Went to start it this morning and nothing, not even a click. All dash lights, interior, and headlamps come on as normal. Any ideas? It was working normal last night. Had a fuse block problem from new but that was replaced.

It was raining n I notice out of nowhere my 4wheel drive lite came on I never use it what does that mean n can I still drive my truck with it like that

Only 33,000 miles on 4x4 truck. Nothing shows on the code machine, and it happens after driving a further distance, and if the signal light is used or the brakes are used. Everything turning off and on by itself. The radio becomes statichy and sounds like the station is changing. The temp gauge looks all distorted. What is the problem and how much will the repair be?

i installed a cold air intake on my 2007 silverado new body style 1500. check engine light is on and have diagnostic codes. system too lean. the filter is huge. If i installed a smaller filter (less airflow), would that solve the system being too lean issue? would make sense to me...big filter=lots of air, smaller filter=less air. just curious