the truck does not have oil cooler

how to change the brake lines on 2003 chevy truck

it was getting dark so i couldn't see where it was coming from but it was pouring out pretty heavy

Service 4x4 light is on, the switch has been replaced & the 4x4 still doesnt work.

Code U 1041 do not know what this means ???

indicator light says 2 wheel high, but is locked in 4 high... and now when shift truck into reverse it changes the transfer case into neutral... so it wont back up...put back into drive and it goes to 2 wheel high, but it is locked in 4 high.. the light just says 2 high..

I am told this is a common problem due to rusting out.

won't take any gas.have to pullover.trun off the eng.in two min. can start and go 80mph for about 5-10 miles then its running out of gas.seems it only dos this when it HOT outside.when it cool or cold out.it run fine.I'm not getting any lights on.it don't stop running.just won't take any gas

does this with lts on or off

again the code is u1000 thanks again

i would be so thankfull to get a answer thanks so mutch

wount even let the ob2 scan

took the truck to the shop they tried to read the codes but there computer wouldn't communicate with the brakes but would with the engine lights stay on all the time

There is a black box right under neath the leak. Right beside the gas tank I just want to know what it is. And also so tips for replacing a fuel line would be nice. Can u get the fuel lines at ur local Canadian tire store? Thanks Randy

I was driving down the road and my truck just shut down like I turned the key off. Don't know where the in line fuel filter is or if this truck has one. My truck is a 2006 Silverado LT2 1500 2WD crew cab. I tried to start the truck but it acts like its not getting any gas. It wants to start but doesn't.

i getting from the message center, security lite, reduce engine power.

no indication of anything visibly broke. truck starts and runs fine other than that.

and ground the valves. but still has low oil,could the afm have anything to do with this

I can pull it out manually but how do I replace it. I can't get it off.

I tried blowing out the lines. What more could it be? It's actually an 89 silverado.

truck is 4x4 with 4L60-E transmission

at the fuel pump, rusted bad. replaced the pump and 2 lines broke other is bad as well just lowering it

have put new actuator on my 4x4 2003 Silverado manual tranny manual 4x4 when putting in four wheel drive 4x4 low works 4x4 high hardly ever sometimes light works and 4x4 also put another new actuator on worked 30 min. then same thing mechanic said he thought might be modulator valve in transfer case help help

code u1301 code u1064 code u1041 code c0291 code c0265 code c0267

I can put selecter in drive or 3rd and like its in nutral but can put in 2nd and 1st and it will take and pull can manully shift all gears and it'll pull but wont shift on its own what will cause this
There is no transmission codes pullin up

When I turn it on the 4x4 hi light flashes on my dash and then turns off and it never locks in. Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

mode actuator changed. same results. plugged in actuator
to check power no movement when selector position changed

had truck fied check engine light off now need E check n truck failed cause need to get bmiles on it to reset comp.

what years are interchangeable with a 2000 chevy silverado 4x4 Z71

After driving truck and shutoff and sits for 30 minutes or so and go to crank it will not crank. It acts like it is not getting power to starter. All the gauges work fine in the dash. Battery, alternator, and starter checked good. Hook jumper cables to it and it cranked.