age-running lean Bank 2. What all is considered and/or what is the location of Bank 2?

I checked fuses. all good. I tried to remove rear seat but is attached to rear wall of cab. any suggestions?

When I turn off parking/head lights during the day,dash light go off. At night when the head lights come on automatic my dash lights work fine.

put new starter on and it makes the same clicking sound

This truck has a floor shifter to put in 4 wheel drive when u do no light on dash comes on and 4 wheel does not work

my suburban will be in 2wd and moving let off the gas and it will slip out of 2wd and go into natural. push the auto 4wd button will grind and slam into 4wd. if I stop and back up the push the button for the 2wd it will go into 2wd for a short period of time then it will do the samething again replaced the actuator no change

Why are you charging 168 to much poor for the same part?

I am getting a "service stabilizer; service traction control" message so I thought a sensor was loose...I checked and couldn't see anything, diagnostics gives a p0306 code. Misfire 6 cylinder...sparkplug totally fouled and caked...still misfire, connect a new ignition coil...still misfires...what to do next?

blower resistor or maybe a fuse Thanks

We have been told that the A/C relief valve on our truck has a leak. I have seen, on the internet, that I can get a new valve for $30-$35. But, is it replaceable by me, or do I need to take it to a repair shop/dealer?

how much would it cost for a new one i had hooked it on computer it read low voltage and p0405

anyone know the best website to go to for instructions on removing and replacing the heater core. Thanks

sier for you to answer--"I smell antifreeze when I start the engine."

ld restart the pickup you could smell antifreeze inside the vehicle. We checked the fluid level and it was very low. We just did a radiator flush and replaced the fluid about 2 months ago. After adding additional antifreeze to return the level to normal we noticed that when the vehicle was off it is apparently losing fluid. My husband has searched high and low and cannot find a leak. Where could it be leaking from? Could it be a problem with the heater core, thermostat or something else? Temperature gauge on dash does not show that the engine is getting hot.

my CD player will not eject the CD, it just clicks, since I have a CD in the player, how to I get it out? the CD itself will play but who wants to listen to Kenny Rogers for the duration of ownership?

I have replaced the transmission thinking it was bad so I bought a new one still had the same issue. I took that used trans back and bought another thinking maybe I had bad luck and bought a bad one. After the second trans my truck still will not shift into third gear. What else could my problem be? Third gear needing to be replaced?

Happened after driving 430 miles from. Texas to Arkansas

the new rotors and pads are not relaxing as if there is brake pressure on the pads . do i have to bleed ?

Where would you find the camshaft position sensor on Chevy Silverado 4.3 LTR.

can i repair this issue myself

will not flash to relearn new key as well engine will not crank what should we do next?

Having a hell of a time finding it.

.steering is loose an pulls to the left an rite is not consistant

Warm starts difficult. have to push down on peddle to start. I replaced the throttle censer. New gas filter, new air filter. New gas pump. Really uses a lot of gas.

is it under dash,drivers side?

I have a 2007 5.3 Chev 1500 with a low oil fuild warning coming on randomly with no low oil level. Goes away for several days and return only on engine start up. Checked each time and level is full. I want to replace the sensor but unable to locate it.

It looks like in this model the ABS sensor alone can be replaced without having to replace the entire HUB assembly (assuming it is in fact a defective sensor). Also How can you determine if its the ABS sensor or the ABS module?

It turned over killing the battery then I checked all the relays and fuses none are burnt or broken put a jump to it after poking around and now it catches but won't run like its not getting enough fuel what can I do

I was Chang temperature coolant in 3week ago it's still engine light came on and on dashboard said ENGINE HOT A/C TURN OFF what should I have to do?

strip bolt on soloid can not remove