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It got hot last winter but when I tried it this year it will not get hot. Engine temp is running 190 and there is no sign of anything being wrong like leakage from heater coil or anything. Air conditioner works fine a...
after all the replacing with the alternator and belt we removed the belt to see if it still squeels and it doesnt. no mechanics can tell me whats wrong.
How much should it cost for parts and labor to do this
1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado. rear differential is going out and needs to be replaced. dont want to get cheated. I need a fare quote.
I replaced the hydraulic hose and the caliper but when the brakes are applied, they will not release on that side. If you push the caliper pistons back in, the wheel will move, telling me that it is not the hub that i...
The sound occurs as I am driving at any speed and is intermittent.
Sounds like real bad CV joint but they are all fine. I suspect the gears are slipping in the front diff. - Only happens under load so I can't duplicate on a lift. How do I diagnose this?
auto theft ligth show on i hear u have to put in the ignition for 10 minutes 3 times how exactly is the process step by step ?
Can not get hot air from heater even though temp guage reads normal.
i now it has something to do with the passlock code but heres the thing cant get it to reset the truck wont start and the security light stays on doesnt blink even after removing the key from the ignition
when i press the 4 hi switch the light just blinks. i have replaced the front actuator. any glue as to what the problem might be?
I was told that it could be the fuel pump, I have a brand new battery. Also the fuel filter was replaced but it still will not crank. I was told that the fuel pump can be heard when you are trying to start it. I'm a f...
it comes on when i let the truck idle as long as i keep the rpms around 2 it dos'nt come on
I can clear the service engine soon light but it comes right back. What does sytem too lean actually mean?
Replace all the plastic lugnuts,nothing seems to help
I have a 2006 Chevy Pickup that has the ABS light on as well as a service brakes light, this has also caused my interior lights on my dash and my dome light to stay on. I have checked all fuses,& grounds. What should ...
The ABS light is on and stays on, the dash lights also stay on as well as the dome light. Have to disconect the battery every time I go anywhere with the truck. Where should I start looking? I have checked all fuses a...
It blows cold air, but only out of the top no matter what setting it is on. I've been told it could be because one of the blend door actuators isn't working...
It just takes a few seconds before turning over.
Now my truck won't start, and if it does it won't be for long or if it's driven it pings, I do have a code scanner, it reads out live data when vehicle is running, and the advance on my timing is 28 degrees just idlin...
I am trying to pass emissions test and need to replace the defective pressure sensor.
I changed the pump but not sure if the pressure is right. Does anyone know the correct pressure?
was just sitting at a stop light and all the sudden the a/c started blowing hot air on drivers side and cold air on passengers side
and service stabilitrak shows the truck hesitates and when it shifts to second gear it feels like it has a shift kit extremely harsh checked dtc's and codes p0354 and p0304 come up. changed spark plugs and wires also ...
The oil gauge is not working. My husband change the oil pump. The light of check oil pressure turn on.