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Tried to jump it, door chime rang once then nothing, Seems like there is a break in connection. Fuseable link?
Varies in loudness. Does not occur once in motion, just when starting out. sounds like it is right under cab. Seems like it moves around but know thats not the case.
sometimes it will start bogging down. like its gonna stop running. i've put lucus injector cleaner in along with fuel works for a bit then starts it again. just bought the truck and was told a new fuel pump was instal...
also i really think it a theft sefty thing i miss up will i was doing my radio can any1 help me plz
My Chevy Z71 has a clicking noise in the front and back and is not pulling in the front. Please help if any one has an idea in what it could be.
I replaced the gas peddle and sensor that is connected to the back of it. now I get the message " poor engine performance ". there is no throttle response.this all started with a dead battery.
My Chevy Silverado 1500 will just stop - as if someone turned it off- while driving with no warning. The computer checks out ok and I had the fuel sending unit replaces but it still dies in mid stride. Any ideas as t...
Worked 1 week. Came on again-check gas lid-took to 3 different auto supplies stores-registered oil press switch,Now dealership trying to fix after 400.00
Before the messages came on DIC, I noticed engine seems to be derated. Almost feels like a brake dragging. The throttle position sensor has been replaced several Thousand miles ago. 155,270 miles on truck now. Hav...
my engine has displayed knock sensor codes, both knock sensors and the harness have been replaced, after a day of driving after clearing the code, it came back on it seems like it may be runnming a little hot, but ...
Trying to check connection for ABS brake light on dash issue
Have driven it over 200 miles, last 3 sensors not completed message! Drove it at 3am while it was cold,highway drive, in town drive. Taking it back today,hopefully it will pass. Mechanic said truck is in great shape! ...
Took it to an individual.....he seems to think throttle body sensor......does this sound like a possibility ?
wheel appears to be rusty under the beauty rim and is forcing it away.cannotreinstall the cap
How much will it cost to have differential carrier bearings replaced?
No codes show at all. When it finally starts motor revs up to 1000 rpms and then finally slows down. It just started this.
I have changed the canister vent valve last week, but p0446 code has come back a few times since.
I have replaced both knock sensors and the wire harnesses them.end resets but check engine light comes back on after driving about 10 miles.