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I have a 4.8L 2008 Silverado LS with approximately 145,000 miles. Recently it started revving high in 1st gear and would NOT shift until I let out of the throttle. It revvs between 3000 and 4500 rpm's before it shifts...
Bought the truck in November 2014, with 23,000 miles on it. A/C worked when tried out when purchased at one point. Then had a near 80 degree day yesterday, tried it and nothing but HOT air. Had tried it a couple of ti...
Truck started then quit. I tracked it down to a blown fuse for the fuel system control module. I soon as i plug the new fuse in it blows too. Even with the igniton off.
My 2009 Silverado LT doesn't have the DIC controls. I am trying to turn on the remote start option. How do I do this without using the DIC controls?
My heater hadn't worked so I replaced my t-stat but noticed no coolant in reservoir but had no light or gauge showing overheating? couldn't find a leak anywhere either so a friend/mechanic told me to replace pressure...
while at cruising speed I punch it and it revs to 5 grand before it shifts is it torque converter or a solenoid I don't know please help!
I want to replace a5.3L engine w/a larger engine to pull a camper.
I replaced my fuelpump because i could not here it turn on. now it still doesnt work im getting fuel to my fuel filter but no where else
This problem occurs every once in a while. It works fine for months, then it will show a flashing light on the button for the AC when I push it on.
It blinks when I will pick up speed or try to kick in fuel injection and afterwards it goes away
I had the same problem with my 2000 Silverado. This 2011 has the same symptoms. It sound like you have a loose shock bolt on the suspension and there is a spot when you turn you can feel a clunk in the steering wheel....
Up or down at all motor runs when I push the switch but doesn't move. Anyone out give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced.
Truck is white and kept very clean. Just noticed that a peeling of a clear substance is starting in various places. The paint is not affected but looks like its sheading its skin. Substance is clear like a film of so...
Front universal fell out i put a new one back in and now the four wheels are locked out and my truck wont move does this mean the transmission is gone ?
Also my stabilitrack automatically turned off. Is this common in 4 low?
just started today, happened twice after running for aprox. 30 mins.
My gear selector light on my instrument panel will shut off or dim really bad faint when the brake pedal is applied. After releasing the peddle it will either stay dim or stay off or come right back on bright as it sh...
Ticking coming from the engine. Only at idle does it tick. Have heard the oil pump has a problem with it. Not the lifters, valves or cam. If anyone has had this problem fixed I would like to know