Replaced ignition cylinder, New key, new transceiver, nothing works

Dealer on Kentucky can't find the problem. There were NO indications of trouble before it died.

the old chain broke I replaced it and gears now it just turns over real fast

All my gauges are fine. 6.2 liter with 176k miles. When engine runs it will like skip. Then almost home it hesitated and then I noticed my RPM gauge was dead.

when I lose all computer numbers I hear a "clunk" like im changing gears.

where the steel and nylons hoses meet droped tank to aslo replace brake lines gas gage at first didnt move wouldnt start cleaned ground started fuel gauge is at about 5 oclock posision full posision would be 2 oclock empty say9 oclock

I found a 1999 5.3 and want to put it in my 2002 silverado 1500 but I was told I will probably have to switch a bunch of stuff, so my question is will the 1999 5.3 go right in my 2002 without changing any connectors or wiring harness or will go right in? Thanks

my truck just stopped running while I was driving started once and even at half throttle I could only get less than 1000 rpms and when I let off it stalled then would not start again.
had it checked out and was told throttle body
I replaced, throttle body, starter, battery, fuel pump and fuel filters
truck ran again as soon as I drove less than a quarter mile it did it again
last alternator was new and it burnt out
when I was driving the power locks where locking and unlocking and the abs lights came on. and just had breaks redone completely HELP PLEASE

My son's truck had 3 of 4 of the door handles malfunction within 2 years of owing the vehicle, he bought used, but just thought it to be odd that the handles were malfunctioning

Because of that my truck keeps breaking by itself I guess its prtoecting himself from other damages, but how can I fix this problem I want my truck to run smooth again.

It stays at the right temp when not hooked up

Break line seems to be leaking from somewhere. No breaks!

When the truck is put in reverse it stalls ocasionally it will stall at an idel

It was running perfectly fine then I changed the radiator coolant and now it runs hot out of nowhere, I've checked to see if it was the thermostat sticking but it's not that, should I bye a new water pump?

My passenger side a/c blowers cold but driver side is hot even with setting as low as it will go 60

Four wheel drive doesn't work don't disengage or engage module control panel where to find it made a clunk noise when I turned right I think it's stuck in 4 wheel drive to hot too low.

If I leave my truck without cranking it for anymore than a day 5he battery is dead due to this problem

4.3 motor 179,000 miles. Can you give me several different reasons why my gas gauge is not working. Thanks a million. MT

Have replaced COP, spark plug, and plug wire. Pulled intake to inspect for cracks etc. find that intake mixing chamber for #4 is completely dry while all others are wet/damp looking. could injector be bad? Seemed to be opening and closing when I did a listening test. Could something else cause the chamber to appear dry?

it shifts good until you drive it awhile.

For the last 8 months, my truck has not run. If it cranks it will not staying running. Its as if there is no fuel getting to the motor. I have been told that there was a recall. Can't find where to find my answers.

what can I do to solve problem,small tube in back of A/C unit seems to leak some but not useing the A/C unit?

all gauges goes out and have problem with air

no mater which position the selector switch is in.

The new ICM had an orange wire installed with it as the old one did not

just started doing this the last few days since the weather warmend up

codes co283,455,292,228,

When I accelerate the engine revs before I get to 40mph and when I turn slowly the truck just dies out ...pls help ..thnkz