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Wont crank until you hold down key for 30 secs? Is also draining battery.
No rearend oil leaking as of yet, sometimes pretty loud. when is the time to repair?
I have rattlening noise coming from right side of vehicle. Chevy 1500 Silverado has two smaller convertors coming off right & left side of engine, then going into master catalytic convertor. Right side of my vehicle h...
need instructions on replacing a fuel filter please
is there a special machine that tests for a code or is it something thats displayed on the car?
installed new alternator and battery is good. won't start now but did before new alternator, just didn't hold a charge. but now it won't turn over. Help please
the guys that put body on didnt get truck started. Im not sure all pass lock componet's mach. I put gas in truck and turned motor over but didnt start. What should I do next?
Was driving last week had heater on defrost switched it over to vent but it didn't switch til like 10 minutes later. Started my truck this morning heater was on full blast let my truck warm up for 10 minutes got in it...
Removal of wheel is not as simple as old cars because of air bag. Any suggestions?
2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 Truck will start, sputters for a minute then stalls. Will restart and do the same thing over and over again. Have cleaned the MAF, replaced the fuel filter, disconected the MAF, nothing so ...
I have a "P0449 Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Valve/Solenoid Circuit malfunction". Can this be corrected by owner?
The other day, I noticed a clear fluid coming from the rear right side of my truck. It was at least half gallon to a gallon that poured out. Someone said it was just water that build up in the muffler. That does not s...
I use 10/30 oil in my truck and after the last oil change in November I noticed the parts store give me 10/40 instead. I didn't think it would be too much of a problem but after a few weeks my husband noticed a leak. ...
while raising window, there was a loud pop and window fell into door. can move window freely by hand but won't stay up. nothing happens when push button, no movement and no sound. how can I determine what is wrong?
im trying to check why my check engine light is on
nothing wrong with the stock cover,I got a chrome cover & chrome bolts for xmas
It is gradually no cooling on lower settings (1 and 2). Cold air (very cold) comes out of setting 3 and higher. What does this mean. Added coolant in July. Do I have to add again?
I have a 2006 1500 Silverado w/ 189000 miles. Since about 150k I have had very low oil pressure on start up. Low Oil Pressure alert going off. Once I drive for about 20 min and get everything warmed up my oil pressur...
'03 Silverado 5.3 V-8. Barely runs while driving through rain. Loses power, misfires, backfires. Simple tune-up, or something more needed?
the tilt works side to side but not up and down. I can hear a click when i press the u/d button.
for seveal months, my low fuel light has been going on and off even though i have a full tank of gas. now my check enging light keeps going on and off. i took it to auto zone and they put the machine on it and the cod...
Looking for location of the blower resistor
My 4wd shift does not work I dont know if it is the dash switch or the actuator on the transfer case. Is there a way to test both items to determine which is bad?