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and the truck does nothing. i release key back to ignition and everything comes back on. Why will my truck not start ?
I have had it diagonosed and it is reading code co3021. lOCK CIRCUIT MALFUNCTION.I would like to know what that means.
It came back Knock Sensor, Knock sensor defective, check connector and wiring to sensor. So...first what is the knock sensor and what does it control? Secondly, the guy who scanned it said it could be a bad O2 sensor ...
I think this is whats causing my truck not to start sometimes. all 3 times my truck failed to start this message was flashing.
and it turned off again so the third time i started it up and stayed on until I put it in drive and it shut completely off. We have a new battery in the truck what can be the issue?
When you slow down it stops. Seems to sound like something isnt catching and then when you slow down (10mph) it catches.. HELP Ive changed many of the suspension parts and still haven't solved the issue
all the lights and everything work so I know its not the battery
but it won's start. It doesn't even click when you turn the key all the way over. The ignition switch has recently been replaced. It might do it once a month,it might not do it for 3 months, it might do it 10 times i...
Everytime or 90% of time I unlock driver side door with key the factory alarm (horn) goes off. It will not go off if unlock the passenger door.
Truck was in an accident. I put axle back in position but it appears the side that was hit isn't straight
pulled brother out of ditch. went down road, engine reved up and seems to have gone in neutral and stuck there. wont move now. If a transfer case on a 4 wheel drive gets stuck, what do I do ?
way to turn the distributor? My question is how do you time Chevrolet V6 when the distributor doesn't turn as most do?
This used too happen once or twice a year now its every day.
I put it in 4 low (trans in neutral). I heard the clank as it went into low. The low light blinked and then went out completly. Then the service 4wd light came on. It is low and I have no lights on my selector swi...
When will a repair man answer my ? Or will someone answer it at all? Thanks
Sorry i left out that it is a 4-wheel drive.
Yes my truck will start skipping when i get to to 50 or 55 miles per hour. To stop it I have to accelarate. Thats the only time it does it. Motor has way over 2 hundred thousand miles. Is it fixable or will I need a n...
Wont crank until you hold down key for 30 secs? Is also draining battery.
No rearend oil leaking as of yet, sometimes pretty loud. when is the time to repair?
I have rattlening noise coming from right side of vehicle. Chevy 1500 Silverado has two smaller convertors coming off right & left side of engine, then going into master catalytic convertor. Right side of my vehicle h...
need instructions on replacing a fuel filter please
is there a special machine that tests for a code or is it something thats displayed on the car?
installed new alternator and battery is good. won't start now but did before new alternator, just didn't hold a charge. but now it won't turn over. Help please
the guys that put body on didnt get truck started. Im not sure all pass lock componet's mach. I put gas in truck and turned motor over but didnt start. What should I do next?
Was driving last week had heater on defrost switched it over to vent but it didn't switch til like 10 minutes later. Started my truck this morning heater was on full blast let my truck warm up for 10 minutes got in it...