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Filters and still nuthin need ideas

The first time when I hit the brakes hard. Then just when I am driving, then my parking brake light goes on and off. I had the engined checked with that machine and they said first thing is the emmissions area needs a part. I am more concerned about the brakes.

my program on my truck was cleared inorder to delete my engine light to cut off. Thanks in advance.

So going up an incline, my truck started shaking and the gas pedal would no longer working in accelerating or moving it for that matter. The distributor cap was changed and that didn't work. The mechanic hit the tank underneath and it turned on but stopped at an incline again. He changed the fuel pump and now it won't even start. What could it be?? I'm so frustrated =(

ran rough and brought it in and got all spark plugs replaced at 80,000klm, 2 months later blew one spark plug, since then my truck has been blowing through oil.. GM tells me that is normal, Im wondering if they are trying to wait till my warrenty is up, in less than a year! Its been on watch where I bring it into GM to check oil 2-3 times before my 3 month oil change, and each time they add oil.. and say That is normal?

Mechanic said should be 50-100 but still not resetting so I can pass inspection.

Truck will not start, it will not even make a sound when you turn the key. Battery is fine it is at 14, but when you turn the key nothing...anyone have any ideas? I drove the truck home and a few hours later got back in and it will not start, this is the first time this has happened.

During installation the lock pin to hold the steering wheel to true center came out and caused the steering wheel to rotate. I am now trying to get the steering wheel back to true center so it is aligned with the front tires and make sure the steering radius is correct. Does anyone know how to accomplish this short of trial and error?

My 08 chevy Silverado wipers washer comes on by itself, the left turn signal blinks rapidly, and the high beams wont come on. is this a short, or a fuse? oh yeah, my 14 month old loves to grab hold of it when we are riding on the farm. could he have broken something?

Is it all inside the tank because I can't find either one and my spot for the relay in the fuse block is empty

truck was also running Pretty ruff before this happened

have replaced actuator,swithes, motor.

Eveerytime I open the driverside door the radio will not go off, I have to go arund to the rightside door to have the radio go off. Also some of the lights on the radio buttons & on one side of the tempeture controll will not light up when truck is running @ night. Please help

will idle if rev high for a while

Can the window be adjusted to make it close tighter?

It does not make the noise when I put it on 4H or 4L only when I am driving on 2wd does the light(4x4) come on and the noise starts. When that happens I stop and put on 4h than back to 2wd, thats when it stops but ill drive for a couple more minutes than it does the same thing again.

weeks. Sometimes I can jiggle the key just right and it will start. Can hear a noise like the solenoid. Leave it alone for a while and usually starts fine maybe next ten or twelve times then same problem occurs.

4x4 LT off road, crew cab, short box. It has what I assume is stock air bag suspension. There's no torque arm (think that's the right word) from the axle to the frame. So my guess is that my pickup isn't holding tight since I have that play allowing the trailer to start to sway easily.

Changed starter & truck ran for a day. Check starter again,& truck won't do anything. Battery is good! What do I do ??

I got step by step instructions from a local dealer. I have to pull the entire instrument panel to remove old clutch assembly. Step 9 instructs me to remove the I/P assist handle. How do i do this?

cannot remove the old clutch pedal assembly. It has 3 bolts which I have removed, but the assembly is wedged in there so tightly that there is no room to get it out. Any suggestions?

goes in the firewall. Any ideas on how to fix?

is broken. It is a twist-and-lock type. The "ears" of the part in the firewall are broken and will not retain the clutch master cylinder against the firewall.

i parked it then moved it backwards after the party after while i tryed to go somewhere and the shift arm wouldnt move out of park

starts but wont shift out of park .

it chimes constantly while I am driving and is very annoying. I disconnected the 10amp fuse and it stopped ringing but now the doors don't lock with the fob,the dome lights and the head lights all work off of the 10 amp fuse so they don't work either. any help would be appreciated

The driver door is out of adjustment. I have replaced the door pins and it didn't help.

It takes up to 30 mins to start after shutting it off and about every 10th time the clock resets or I get an err message on the radio. Also the push button 4x4 does not work at random times. I am wondering if this is all one electrical issue. Has a new fuel pump and a new battery.

recently after getting into my truck the door chime began to ring as I was driving and now it rings constantly while I am driving but will stop when I stop at a traffic light and begin again as I proceed to drive. it is driving me crazy!

driving more then 25 mi check engine come on "engine hot a/c turn off" the motor fine coolant is full no sign of a hot so I remove ground from battery and wait 3-4 min put wire on and the light out until next time