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i have already changed the oil sending unit and also i have replaced the stepper motor for the oil pressure guage and now there still no pressure showing on the guage i dosent at all

Radio, heated seats will not come on. Shut off the vehicle and restart and everything works just fine.

have a Haynes manual but it is not clear where to route the cable and the old the cable was missing when I bought the truck so I'm not positive how to route the cable(does it go behind the emergency brake pedal) can't seem to get the grommet into the fire wall

dont know what else to call it.then one time it shut completely off for 2 to 3 seconds. 4.3 vtech standard tranny.

On the 2005 K1500 LT's is there a know recall on the sunroof extruded rails used to lower the sunroof to a closed position? Mine has stress fractures on both side rails at the same location of the unit. This seems to be a manufacturing issue.

after driving home for 40 miles truck was making loud ticking noise,i turned engine off and restarted it,the ticking noise wasn't as loud but was still there,,any suggestions is appreciated has always,,,,,,

Have to pull relay switch and put back in for truck to start relay switch is abnormally hot

Hard crank sometimes no crank keep getting codes on my obd2 that are not even in the code listing main one is 0000

1999 Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71. 212000 Miles. New 4wd Dash switch and front axle actuator, still no power to front end. 4wd drive works very seldomly.

all gauges stopped functioning including the mileage

Been having problem with brakes locking up fronts and rears had mechanic flush lines still did same replaced front lines still same replaced front and rear calipurs still problem friend looked things over and noticed a lot of particles in brake reservoir removed and cleaned and flushed lines but now I can't get any brake fluid to the rear brakes

The entire time of operating the vehicle the parking brake light flashes on and off and as if thats not bad enough theres a annoying ring/chime/beep sound to go along with it. Any suggestions? Please help thank you!

Had prob starting' replaced key cyl, and mounting bracket with sensor' relearned codes- engine starts and runs but light stays on steady

originally, light came for check engine, replaced spark plugs replaced 4 of the igniter coils replaced vechicle speed sensor still bogs down I can get up to 5k rpm when sitting in drive BUT take it out on road doesn't want to shift

when I crank it te security light goes out like normal but wont start.

Door chime barely rings at all & the rear and door speakers do not work. Only the front dash speakers work. Happened suddenly. When the seat belt is not connected, you do not even hear the chime.

i have heard that this issue is common on this year and model,any remedies,

Same as others, but I have noticed the trans has shifting issue when it takes place.I replaced the mlp/netural safty swith, and ignition switch. I have noticed will not crank in netural all the time.