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I have had trouble with the speedometer for awhile. Although, for the last few weeks, it seems to have been working fine. Now, it's acting even more weird, at the same time showing reduced engine pressure. This starte...
when coming to a stop...abs light comes on then eventually go out......
first i noticed that my tails light stayed on when my truck was off. i desconnected the battery and reconnnected than the light when off. after a while this trick didn't work anymore my tails light are always on even ...
i need help installing this part for my truck !
H02s-11 ( Bank 1 Sensor 1 Heater circuit malfunction)
tried the pk111 procedure several times with no results, wont start. put old ecm in starts ok. whats the trick. truch wont shift out of second gear, reset ecm and it will drive and shift good until shut off and restar...
it. My check engine light is on-code reader says Knock sensor bank two bad.
brnoice when stoppingakes are bad and make a
My heat will not turn off even when it is turned to ac.
after all procedures & repairs completed will it pass w/ the above mention.
Truck has code p0449,uses a lot more gas than normal,oil pressure goes way up when you push on gas pedal.
makes a whirrring noise, transmission or transfer case? can drop down a gear and it drives but still heara slight noise
Also some of the stereo lights have gone out. Has this been a problem with this model? How hard would it be to replace the bulbs?
the vibration is when we pass over a hole on a road or etc.
the clicker or the door button the front doors lock and the alarm sets but the back doors do not lock. However, if you open one of the backdoors the alarm does go off. What causes this?
1416 code Secondary Air Injection System Malfuntion Right Bank.
When the brakes are ingaged there is a shudder and the brake predal gets spongy and goes down weird until it finally grabs.
my trucks temp will go to about 260 lights will come on engine is running hot and elec. fan doesnt always come on soon enough to cool it down have not flushed radiator since bought in 07 what could be wrong?
the chevy dealers here don't seem to know. I need parts!!!
The dashboard lights work but the guages don't. The speeometer, fuel guage, battery guage etc. does not register any readings.
just bought truck, enigne light came on after driveing a couple days guy put full synthetic in the truck recently and now it idles a little rough when i start it and oil is over full by a little bit on dipstick all po...
s should be repaired or checked at the dealer only. What's your opinion
I changed the radio still same problem, sometimes only one speaker, right front will work.other times all will work. orther times only 3 will work.
I recently bought a truck from the DNR and they must of done something to the automatic lights to make them not come on. And i would like to turn on or fix what ever it is they did to make them not work.