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started out only going out when in one specific position. then i would have to hold the tilt button in the unlock position and slamming the wheel into the lowest position lights worked for about 2 blocks and won't come on at all now how do i fix this?

relays new and replaced

was running fine ,has 111000mi on it i parked for three days now it wont fire up

Front drive shaft is turning even though 2wd drive light is lit and button mashed

it sounds like its gonna start then just wont turn over, all electrical systems seem fine from cab

do not know code what relationship to eng light is themostat I dont add any coolent .

stalled out night before, went down and jump it and started up and he drove it home next night did the same thing took battery back and got a new one (only 6 months old)light still flashing the alternator appears to be working ,its putting out some juice, all the fuses appear to be ok

the code it gave was throtle/pedalposition sensor/switch a circut range/ performance that was with the engine running no code when the engine was off with the key on. it would only idle high when the tow/ haul option was engaged, in normal mode the engine runs fine

I have 140,000 miles on my truck, sometimes when I switch from park to reverse it goes into neutral instead. I then have to take it back to park then switch back to reverse to get it to move. It does that sometimes when I am in drive and I want to switch to reverse. I got hit the other day as someone was backing out and I tried to switch it from drive into reverse and all it did was go into nuetral so now my front bumper is damaged. Is this a transmission problem or something else? I tried to get the tranny flushed last fall but the mechanics at the chevy dealership wouldn't do it. They just put new fluid in it instead. This doesn't happen all the time, but its been doing it for a couple of years now. Does anybody know what's going on with it? Please help.

The light goes off and then comes back on after a while.

and also,my oil pressure keeps coming on and off

The locking mechanism that locks the seat forward and back broke on the right side of the seat. Now it only locks on the left side, causing it to move slightly on the right side when it should be locked in place.

the lights on the transfer case selector switch in the dash no longer comes on. it does flash when turning the key to start the truck, but it remains in two wheel drive. Ive changed the selector switch, but that did not work. The codes say transfer case shift motor, but could it be a bad ground connection giving me this code as well?

The truck sat for a weekend and when I got back the light on the transfer case selector switch in the dash no longer comes on. it does flash when turning the key to start the truck, but it remains in two wheel drive. Ive changed the selector switch, but was not the problem. I got the code read and it said it was the transfer case shift motor. Could it be that the ground is just not making good contact?

I also briefly pressure washed the engine afterward.

so far i replaced,water pump,and thermostat.

Reason for needing to drain the coolant is that I need to replace a thermostat in the motor. In order to do that I need to drain the coolant. I'm stumped

replaced gas cap twice

I have Chevrolet Silverado 2006
Speedometer Not Working
Speedo and Fuel Gauges Jumping Around

The dealer wants $685 for a new relacement cost, plus they will charge another $120 for programming.

Can I buy a replacement unit at salvage yard?
Would it need to be programmed to my VIN?
I know the mileage will not mach, but would it work?

Thank you