When I stomp on the gas pedal wether from a stop or low speeds this truck is a gutless wonder until I get to 55-60 mph than it feels like I hit a nitrus button and engine comes to life. Now about 10% of the time I actually get full power right away. I've only had this truck 4-5 months. Is this a normal hybrid Silverado truck drivability or is something wrong with it

Is the sensor hard to get to?

The specs say that it will run in EV mode up to 30 mph and get 20 mpg in the city. It turns on the engine at very low mph and gets 16 mpg city with very careful driving. Chevy service reps in Dublin and San Leandro Ca say that this is normal and that nothing is wrong.

Car has 40,000 miles on it and has both dealer and manufacturer warranties, but the service advisors will not look at the problem unless I agree to pay them if they can not find the problem. They do not consider the early engine start and the low gas mileage to be a problem.

i tried too unlock my truck today and it made a gesture to unlock but didnt did the same thing when i did it with the door lock button and does the same thing to lock