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Fuse is good. Interer light doesn't work either and fuse is also good.
i arched the battery cable & now the instrament panel quit working but i cant find any blown fuses but my gauges no longer work
Driving normal and not getting on the engine it is ok but as soon as I step on the accelerator the reduce engine power kicks in and I can't go more than 5 MPH. I have to shut truck off wait 30 seconds restart and driv...
i replaced the sensor and it still does the same thing
i'll pull over and turn the truck off and wait 1 min. and start the truck and it runs fine but the engine light stays on
just had a battery test, charging system test,(load and ripple) and starter test all good.
No power sometimes it will kick down and go most of the time not
No air from front vents, only defrost. Upon inspection, cam attachment was totally moved away from the white gear. Just worried about getting it lined up correctly with a new assembly.
I suspect passcode faulty? ran fine b4 tranny(4L60E)also no security lite? strts 2sec n dies
Grabs & releases in 4Wheel Drive only,worst during a turn.
Every time I turn it on it starts to sound like a tweet noise, and when I drive on bumpy road too?
checked parts in pumpkin replaced actuator still breaks retainer ring and bends thrust washer axel comes out while plowing.
My truck idiols a little rough and when I take off and put my foot on the gas it will hesitate and sputter then when it warms up it will go to regular speed
it will only go 5 to 10 mph at first then kick in and go regular speed and idles kind of rough at times
It will go from 4 high to auto 4 but will not go in 2 high
what is the problem and how much does it cost to fix it.we have to stop and turn truck off to get it going again
My front drive shaft didn't have one of those rubber boots on it. Is there anyway to be able to get the yoke out of the tcase?
When I push the button for 4wd, the indicator light comes on and it sounds (from the front axel) like it is engaging, however it doesn't. Is there a part under the truck that can become stripped or needs to be replac...
Then the engine will not run more then 2000 RPM's and runs ruff
the passenger side running light in my 07 1500HD continually fails. What is odd, if I take the bulb out, and then put it right back in, it will work for a week or so, then fail again. the bulb is fine and the socket ...
steering gets a little hard and pulsates while trying to move, this only happens in 4 wheel drive.
Doesnt matter what i change on the control, it still blows cold on the left and hot on the right. It started by blowing out the defrost and i reset it and it now blows out the front vents. Please Help!
In 2 wheel high and after driving for 20 minutes or so, my transmission will shift really hard into 2nd and 3rd gear? flushed the transmission flud and it is still doing it. If you park it and let it cool down it will...
I am in 2 wheel high and just driving normal and hear this loud clunking when in drive and leaving a stop. Is this my rear end or U-joints maybe?