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When I put the truck in drive it jerks and sometimes when it changes to a higher gear !
It stalls after about fifteen seconds after pouring gas in the carb.
had an o ring put on my distributor,truck would skip or surge at steady speeds,took it to another garage,he used a timing light,said timiing was off and set it right ,truck still doing the same thing,
had an o ring put on distribtuor,timing was set right,now my truck,feels like its trying to skip when i try to hold it at a steady speed,can anyone help
is this normal??? will it work itself out or should I return to the transmission shop
Compression Check, #1 Cylinder 150 PSI. #2, #3 and #4 only have 100 PSI, #1 cylinder started blowing oil out when checking other cylinders. Installed a manual oil pressure gauge oil pressure at idle, 6 PSI, 28 PSI at ...
When I use the right turn signal with head lights off it is only half as bright as left. When the head lights are on and I use the right turn signal it cause the right tag light to flash, both reverse lights to flash ...
C1242 Pump Motor Circuit Open, C1286 Steering Sensor Bias Malfunction, P0141 02 Sensor Heater circuit Bank 1 Sensor 2, P0175 System Too Rich Bank 2, P0300 Multiple Cylinder Misfire, P0440 Evaporative Emissions Syste...
As I have been reading it is very difficult to take off and put on the retaining clip on the break peddle....with that said the whole job is done but putting the clip back on....instead of using the clip why cant it b...
Since then when pushing brakes passenger rear locks up. What can that be?
My 1986 S 10 has excessive outer tire wear. Do you think it sould be wheel bearing or something else like ball joints.
I just had a new o2 sensor installed but no change.So I did a scan with a paper clip. Getting like 7 codes 13,21,23,44,65.66.67 still runs pretty good but milage sucks
my truck is having idle issues sound like it wants to die seating at stop lights. then on take off it sputters with random backfiring. But after getting up to 45+ mph runs good. just at low rpms i'm having this problem.
was driving down freeway, lost power coasted off to safety and engine shut off. Turned it back on but couldnt put it in any gear
While I am driving, going 70 mph, if I step on the gas, my rpm needle will chatter above 3000 rpm. If I increase the speed slowly, that doesn't happen. Only if I step on the gas harder.