why doesnt my 4 wheel drive work in my s10 pickup.....lights come on but will not engage

i bought my truck last year the egr was unpluged when pluged up it idles up and down and goes dead, so i bought new egr valve, still the same giving code egr closed performance, what could it be? please help!!

Problem solved

when you push the button to select 4wheel high the light blinks and goes back to 2wheel high. will shift to 4wheel low

My current transmission has two electrical connections on the side. The replacement has only one. Do I just transfer this from the old to the new one? Or did I get the wrong part? Do you know what these two connections are for? Thanks in advance for your help.

When the e-break is pushed down it will not lock in place. Is there a simple solution to solving this problem or do I have to replace the unit?

air flow stays in panel in all selector positions and in heat or ac mode. no defrost or floor air, heat and ac are ok

The air only blows out the vents on dash, not defrost, or floor no matter where selecter is turned to. Does this selelector change the airflow position based on a vacuum or electrical motor or some thing else?

I have a 1999 Chevy blazer and my security light, battery light, seatbelt light, are always on
my oil temp needle dosent do sentdo-sentdocentmove, gas says its empty and the shifter dose not light up.
i had 2 get a new key cylinder the one I got has 2 weirs and the one I had was 3 weirs
i can trip the lights by turning the key on and off so they would work but it last a few seconds but my security light was always on since I got the blazer also when I drive it sometimes shake and the rpm needle moves up and down at the same time the transmission kicks in and out.
I'm shure shireshareshoreit has 2 do with the key but what dose the 3rd RDRdrdwire do and can it b bypass
i tried putting it on the computer and got back no codes
i know the truck is fine and it's an electric problem but what?

chris cordeiro

I usually in the past have gone every 3000 miles but I think that is too often.....let me know

Is it normal to have the upper and lower ball joints replaced
at the same time? This shop did the upper lower and center link. which did not fix the original problem. I also asked for the old parts and never did receive them.

failed emissions test said needed to fix drive cycle what is that

i have an 88 s10 and to put it in4 wheel low or 4 wheel high i have to shut truck off and to take out of 4 wheel also, fluid level is fine,

need to change front rotors and brakes on 4 wheel drive truck

run hi idele for like 15 minets than idels down trys to stall back to hi idel agane 2.5 efi 88 s-10 with throtal body .

After taking off the door panel to replace the side mirror, the warning squeal that indicates the door is open sounds continuously when the ignition key is on. How do I stop this?

between 30 to 45 MPH truck shakes front end or could it be tires?

Clunk noise when put in gear (auto trans)
Clunk noise as vehicle slows down for a stop.

Vibration / rumbling from underneath as speed increases.

my radiator is loosing coolant and we put a pressure test on it and it held pressure. the oil looks fine and there is no leaks on the ground. we was wondering if maybe it has something to do with the freeze plug?where is it located at?

changed out the clutch master cylinder and the manual transmission is hard to shift into all gears

leaks oil from gasget that goes onto block where the oil filter was maved from, this this the extention

my 01 s10 blazer has rough idle but i can unplug egr valve and it idles good ive already replaced egr but still has same problem what could it be?

how do I Chang the radiator and heater coiel

i have a 1982 chevy s-10 v6 2.8l i have that noise like grinding gears at first it was when i let out the clutch and was in neutral then it proceeded with the sound going threw the gears started with the fifth gear then first then second then third but did not do it in forth they were lite sounds at first then got louder that day then got way bad and i lost all gears truck was like it was in neutral. now is this the throw out bearing could it make it do that or is it more of a bigger problem like my transmission went out. If you could let me know if you know what it could be Thanks.

which way does the water circulate thru the heater

According to the repair books, we have removed the radiator shroud. Using a large adjustable wrench, we are not having any luck removing the fan clutch. Any suggestions?

I have only 42k miles (yes, only 42k)on my pickup, but my clutch is about to go out. In the old days you could do an adjustment. Can you still do this or do I replace it? If the latter, what should I expet to pay?

I replaced my wiper motor on my 1989 s10 when my wipers quit working. After replacing wiper blades i tried the motor out and the blades stop in the upright position how do i fix this problem.

when i get my truck started i have to pump the gas pedle to keep it running why

the truck is actually an 87. anyway, the passenger side window dropped down and we couldn't roll it back up. well we got it up but it won't stay and when we try to roll it down it goes down crooked. any ideas how to fix it? thanks