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I have a 2002 S=10 with a 2.2 liter engine.Last year ,the a/c went out and I am replacing the compressor,receiver dryer and orfice tube.How much oil and freon should I add to do the job?

1991 chev. s10, 2.8l, manual transmission.electrical connector on the transmission. no problem, want to know what it's for. thanks

how do you disconnect slave cylinder from tranny ?

one differential bearing went out replaced bearings and wheel bearings. sounds fine when accelerating but when i let up on gas pedal and coasting there is a growling, rubbing sound. can anyone tell me what might be causing this?

Just installed new a/c compressor. The compressor runs great and pressures are at right levels. When the low side pressure reaches 21 to 23 psi, the compressor should cycle off to prevent freezing, but it doesn't. The evaporator freezes up blocking air flow. The problem is we can't find the switch, relay, thermostat to control the A/C's cycling sequence. Where is and what controls the cycling sequence for the A/C compressor. We have found on switch/relay with three wires on the high side below the accumulator.

Truck has had trouble starting not catching. after several seconds of engine turning over and pumping the accelerator, there was no fuel smell, first checks would be the relay or filter but I don't know where they are. it is an S10 crew cab

I have no gas, oil, water, temp or speedpmeter function on dash. Replaced fuses keep blowing.

The cold air comes out below the dash or above the dash out of the vents next to the windshield. No air comes out of the center or end vents in the dash. I suspect the duct from the air conditioner has come apart. How do I get to it to repair it?

engine cutting off with fuel tank 1/4 full but will restart and run good for short distance?

I bought this truck, 6 months ago. The wiring had been messed with. It ran fine for a while, but now, when I turn the key to start, nothing happens. It's a standard two wheel drive. I installed new wiring harness and a new key and lock. I think I reprogramed the key as instructed. Now, the securty light does not flash, but still starter does not engage. My son jumped it at the starter. It turned, but wouldn't start. I shorted the yellow wire, under the switch and it bumped the starter. (We have wired the clutch switch together.) Can I install inline fuel pump and button switch for starter? What about the computer? Since I bought it the lights only worked when the motor was running. Thanks for any help.

I have a 92 s10 that cranks and runs great until it get warmed up at which time if you cut it off it doesnt want to crank back till it cools i have had the electrical side checked all is good.After you cut it off the injector dont want to allow gas to squirt can you help

what does it coust to replace the transfer case

Is there a way to check to see if a particular TSB has been accomplished

When in gear there is considerable rattleing coming from under the truck. When in nutrual the rattle stops. I've been told by a mechanic that it's probably the catelitic converter, (not sure if this is correct spelling). What do you think?

engine cuts off in turns at random but will start and run fine, don't matter if fuel tank is full or not

My 1991 S-10, the engine will surge while sitting at idle,
whats going on??

When I put on the brakes,I hear a shush sound.What could that be?

My truck the other day was making a sound like a torando warning it was not as load as that but it was quiter, it only does it when it is sitting and it does not do it when i am driving. I was wondering if anyone would know what that is so i can get it fixed

how tight do i get the valve covers

have replaced the cap rotor plugs wires and egr

this happened two days ago I turned my truck on and it started sounding really shaky and even to idle it takes time. I changed out spark plugs but still have that problem. I also did oil change

Diagnosis says fuel tank pressure sensor, purge valve solenoid, mass air flow, loose vacuum could be the problem. I have changed and checked all of these plus two other sensors and no change in the problem. Please help me! What else could it be?

About a month ago my 2000 s-10 extreme started making a clicking and grinding noise. It was coming from the right front wheel. I noticed that when I applied the brakes it would stop. I changed the brakes and the problem stopped. About 2 weeks ago it started again but when I hit the brakes this time it doesn't stop. Driving down the road tonight it started grinding bad and I lost my brakes. The pedal would just go to the floor. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have been told that I have to go to the dealer to buy the catalytic converter. I live in Calif. and need to get my Blazer smogged next month, there is a hole in my cat. converter so will not pass. Cannot buy them at wrecking yards either.....

have 2000 s10 pickup 4.3 enging abs and red brake warning lights come at times while driving brakes working just fine i can turn the engine off and restart all warning lights are off and all is working at odds please help thank you there is no pattern when this happens and like i said after restarting lights will turn off

the engine starts fine but idles around 2000 rpm then takes a long time to idle down and then its around 1200 rpm no check engine light its a 5 - speed ive changed 1 of the sending units the one in the intake manifold at the front

I changed the fuse for my reverse lights twice and lights worked for a couple of trips, then shorted out.

My S-10 is surging for gas, I took the air breather off, placed some gas in the TBI, it ran some better. I think I'll start with the fuel filter replacement before going further, also going to put some Seafoam in the tank. What do you all think??

2.8 v6 at high rpms it skips