how tight do i get the valve covers

have replaced the cap rotor plugs wires and egr

this happened two days ago I turned my truck on and it started sounding really shaky and even to idle it takes time. I changed out spark plugs but still have that problem. I also did oil change

Diagnosis says fuel tank pressure sensor, purge valve solenoid, mass air flow, loose vacuum could be the problem. I have changed and checked all of these plus two other sensors and no change in the problem. Please help me! What else could it be?

About a month ago my 2000 s-10 extreme started making a clicking and grinding noise. It was coming from the right front wheel. I noticed that when I applied the brakes it would stop. I changed the brakes and the problem stopped. About 2 weeks ago it started again but when I hit the brakes this time it doesn't stop. Driving down the road tonight it started grinding bad and I lost my brakes. The pedal would just go to the floor. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have been told that I have to go to the dealer to buy the catalytic converter. I live in Calif. and need to get my Blazer smogged next month, there is a hole in my cat. converter so will not pass. Cannot buy them at wrecking yards either.....

have 2000 s10 pickup 4.3 enging abs and red brake warning lights come at times while driving brakes working just fine i can turn the engine off and restart all warning lights are off and all is working at odds please help thank you there is no pattern when this happens and like i said after restarting lights will turn off

the engine starts fine but idles around 2000 rpm then takes a long time to idle down and then its around 1200 rpm no check engine light its a 5 - speed ive changed 1 of the sending units the one in the intake manifold at the front

I changed the fuse for my reverse lights twice and lights worked for a couple of trips, then shorted out.

My S-10 is surging for gas, I took the air breather off, placed some gas in the TBI, it ran some better. I think I'll start with the fuel filter replacement before going further, also going to put some Seafoam in the tank. What do you all think??

2.8 v6 at high rpms it skips

I will try to make this short. v6 4x4.
Can not figure out why this s10 is overheating. radiator is clear, cap seems fine, waterpump under 6 months old, fluid cycles, fan turns when engine is running, new thermostat, bypassed the heater core (lines are clear). I am not losing fluid that I can tell. Removed the thermostat and it still overheats, just takes longer. Any ideas? I am losing my mind.

Why does my 4x4 switch amber light some times go out and some times come on.?

How do I obtaing a from squirt for my S10?

my compressor locked up and i am trying to switch out the idler pulleys and just run it without the a/c.i have already removed the a/c compressor but am not sure how the new belt is ran

want to change out doors with power windows to doors with roll out windows it is a four door. up around kick pannel is there a plug to unplug power windows so you want have alot of wires to stuff up in pannel or have to cut wires

I have done a tune-up on my 2001 Chevrolet S-10, 4.3 liter. This was done in the last six months. I've changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, fuel pump, mass air flow sensor, O2 sensor, cleaned my K&N air filter, oil change, etc., but still she's giving me trouble.
This is exactly what she's doing;
While taking off at normal speed, she'll shake immediately after changing gears, (she's a five speed). If I take my foot off of the gas, then compress it again gently, she'll stop the shaking, and drive normally. This also happens up a hill. I have to keep down shifting, as she loses power bad. She'll try to pull up a hill, but shake bad, as the 'check engine' light comes on and flashes. The light will go off after the blinking stops.
She maintains the code PO452, which is the emissions system, though I am not finding anything wrong in that area. I've cleared the code many times, but it is still maintained. I've even considered the catalytic converter, but it is in perfect working order.
I have took very good care of her, as there is there nothing cheap on her. I have much work for other people, and rarely have time for my own stuff, but I could use another mind on this one, as I am trouble shooting here. I am at a loss of patience, time and money.. Please give me all the help you can.
Thanks and God bless.
Al Yell

hot or cold it will miss only at steady speed getting up to speed is slugish replaced; map sensor off of another vehical they look identical and fule filter plugs and wires new the serves engine light will come on it will run fine

I have done a tune up on my five speed, '01 Chevrolet S-10, 4.3 liter, within the last six months. I've changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, fuel pump, mass air, O2 sensor, etc., and it still is acting horrible. It shakes so bad and loses power up a hill, and the check engine light comes on and flashes. When come to a stop then take off, it does it as well, but only if I switch gears normally. I have to let off of the gas a bit in order to make it straighten out as I excellerate. I need to know where to go from here, as I am far too gone to have the patience or money to check deeper into it.

how do you replace brakelight switch

When I shift into 2 wheel drive from 4 wheel I hear what I describe as a whirring sound. As soon as I put back in 4 wheel drive the noise stops. I have replace the front bearings but noise continues what could the problem be? It sounds like it is not totally disengaging front drive.

what would be some common problems that would cause it to fail?

the truck has no heat but blows air and the temp goes up to just under overheating

Can I get a used or rebuilt control module from a junkyard? had the diagnostics checked and they said I needed a control module

How to replace the gaskets on the header pipe (Y pipe)?

loses power going up a hill put only in overdrive

I have a 94 chevy s10, and just the other day i had this problem the truck will turn over but won't start, but then as soon as i step on the gas peddle she will start. Can someone tell me what it is thanks

My spare tire fell off for no apparent reason when i took a right turn on las vegas strip at 3mph. Almost hit a tourist as spare came bouncing off at them. Not considered a factory recall, yet I researched it and found about another 100 know times of other spares falling off. Supposaly the reason is related to never using or lowering the spare which eventually road vibration causes cable to saw itself apart.

has a little problem pulling up hills but if you put your foot lightly on the brake its fine why is that

bought recently 1987 s10 truck lifters were very noisy but truck ran guy said to tighten them down can't get it to run now cause can't get adjustment right how do you adjust them know you start with no 1 cylinder at tdc have tried in firing order, have tried one after the other straight down the line how tight do you tighten them what else could i do