When I shift into 2 wheel drive from 4 wheel I hear what I describe as a whirring sound. As soon as I put back in 4 wheel drive the noise stops. I have replace the front bearings but noise continues what could the problem be? It sounds like it is not totally disengaging front drive.

what would be some common problems that would cause it to fail?

the truck has no heat but blows air and the temp goes up to just under overheating

Can I get a used or rebuilt control module from a junkyard? had the diagnostics checked and they said I needed a control module

How to replace the gaskets on the header pipe (Y pipe)?

loses power going up a hill put only in overdrive

I have a 94 chevy s10, and just the other day i had this problem the truck will turn over but won't start, but then as soon as i step on the gas peddle she will start. Can someone tell me what it is thanks

My spare tire fell off for no apparent reason when i took a right turn on las vegas strip at 3mph. Almost hit a tourist as spare came bouncing off at them. Not considered a factory recall, yet I researched it and found about another 100 know times of other spares falling off. Supposaly the reason is related to never using or lowering the spare which eventually road vibration causes cable to saw itself apart.

has a little problem pulling up hills but if you put your foot lightly on the brake its fine why is that

bought recently 1987 s10 truck lifters were very noisy but truck ran guy said to tighten them down can't get it to run now cause can't get adjustment right how do you adjust them know you start with no 1 cylinder at tdc have tried in firing order, have tried one after the other straight down the line how tight do you tighten them what else could i do

purchased the truck with inoperable temp gauge

I have replaced Master Cylinder ,wheel cylinders hard wear,shoes.and had drums turned still no brakes.So I pulled the fuse for the ABS system and still no brakes,I have plenty of flued comming out of bleeders..please help,,,Henry

No code. Just started last week. Switched tires but did not help.Feels like coming from left side.

my check gages light came on and my oil gages says 0 but oil level nis fine can any one help me

How to replace s-10 surpintine belt.

Ceheck Engine light goes on after engine warms up...runs rough and idles up and down. 140,000 miles

approx. 99000 miles on vehicle. gas gauge is not working properly. when idling gauge goes to empty. when given gas it returns more reasonable amount, do not trust accuracy.dealer said gauge is ok, it is sending module which is part of fuel pump, cost to replace,approx. $950.00.my zipcode is 99210

location of oil filter

OK put a fresh engine and rebuilt tranny into s10 blazer zr2
runs good, tranny seems fine.
HOWEVER, will not engage into 3rd or 4th no speedo, no cruise. Tranny guy said elec. conections may be loose or not connected. they are connected near the tranny. is there another place that I can check. is there away to check circuit. Got an OBT 2 code PO502-vehicle speed sensor ciruit low input. ???

i hace a chevy s 10..1989. i replaced the running lights dont work.. the switch is new.. where do i check next.b.c i cant get it inspected until i get this fix. thanks

Lately when starting my engine, my oil pressure guage pegs out to the top as soon as I turn the key. It stays there for a while when driving, then starts to bounce up and down. I have the proper amount of oil in the crankcase. I probably need to change the sending unit but can't find it. I can't find it in my chiltons. Any help? Mike

this truck has a carrier bearing or center support bearing.just would like to know if this bearing is pressed on

How much should it cost to get a fuel pump replaced on my truck

how much should it cost to replace my fuel pump

When removing the fan, does it have forward or reverse threads. The vehicle is a 1999 Chevy S10 with a 4.3L V6

Just bought 1988 s10 runs good but ever since I went fast on dirt rd makes front end rattling noise sounds like a car with broken rocker arm?doesn't always make noise on freeway don't make but on bunny road gets bad.its mainly right side.my Macanic says needs shocks but sounds like worse to me what do you think?

ABS light comes on and Service engine light also but just occasionally. Had diagnostic done and they said it was the control module. Has 144000 miles and is in good shape. Can I get a used or rebuilt control module?

My Son was driving at 35 mph, the truck started shuttering, shaking and then he noticed the gas pedal was hard to press down, then he tried to drive it off the road and it was still started, but when he turned it off and later tried to start it again, it wouldn't start. It is turning over well, but not starting. I could smell gas.

I just bought a 1994 chvy s10 with 91000 miles on it and it seem to run great and been taken care of. on the way home from work my check engine light came on but still ran fine until I got off the interstate and then it did not want to go into gear when I stopped and the check gages light also came on. all this on the second day I drove it, any ideas?

Got off work Feb 2 after 5 weeks offshore cranked the truck a couple miles down the road servicw wnhinw lite comes on put it on machine and was told nothing was wrong that maybe the sensor was acting up cause of the brutally cold winter can u please help me