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i need to find the cheapest way to get a key made.i lost mine and have no spare
need new exhaust sytem including hangers
lights do not come for 2 hweel and 4 wheel drive so I don't know what the truck is in. Could something be worng?
when should i be driving in 1st, 2nd, 3rd gears in my automatic transmission it dos'nt like to go over 7000 feet elevation
when driving every time i drive
the 4wd high button does not respond. there are no codes for this problem
what type of tools does it take to replace the spark plugs
air cond clutch kicks on and off only runs about 5 seconds kicks off runs 5seonds kicks off
Where are the freeze plugs located on a 4.3l v6 in a 4x4 chevy s10?
code reader says #2cyl. missfire, had wires changed but CEL came back on with same message only #2cyl. Thanks
152000 miles lifter on #6 cyl.clacking bad.changed all lifters, started engine and was quite for a very short time.then all started rattling,can oil pump screen be pluged or pump itself bad? shows 40psi when started
is there a test to see if my wiring in my s-10 has a short in it ? My tail lightsand back up light on the drivers side dont work right, I have checked the fuses and they are o. Any suggestions
between 20 to 25 miles an hour the drive shaft vibrates it did it from the day I got it but now it's more noticable. Is this a commen problum with the two peace shaft? Oh by the way it's a two wheel drive extended cab
How much would it cost to replace the broken emergency brake release cable?
The brake lights will not go out.
My problem started with a misfire (only 1 month after a complete tune-up;plugs, plug wires, oil change, new battery, brake pads, and tires). Had the plugs checked and found that it was firing weak. Changed the coil pa...
I have 1997 S-10, 2.2L 4cyl. with a slight miss. When it is as an idle state there is no oil pressure. But, when you step on the gas the oil pressure is there. Any suggestions as to what could be causing this?
On my '93 s-10 I have a pretty bad oil leak, and I'm stumped. It only leaks when the vehicle is running. I changed to rear main seal, and valve cover gaskets, but it's still pouring out oil. It seems to be coming from...
2002 S-10 ZR2 P/U. Just changed thermostat and refilled with new coolant. Bought this truck last summer and noticed the same condition... it warms up and will operate at normal temp MOST of the time. Under heavy en...
How much does it cost to replace the driver side wheel bearing, and how do i know that is the problem?
What is the best\cheapest way to lift the front of my truck? i bought 3 inch blocks for the back.
I change the back up light switch and before I installed the new switch I accidently turn the engine on so it lost some of the transmission fluid, I would like to know what type to put in it, it is a manual transmission
How do you remove an MAF valve? Clean?
air conditioner stops blowing when speed up
It keeps giving the same 3 codes. map,vss,tps and i replaced all 3. still doesn't what to run.
Even with 150,000-plus miles this is still a great truck. I have, however, been somewhat plagued by A/C problems. It's had the compressor and hoses replaced and been recharged a couple of times.. but it does that high...
I replaced the fuel pump and now there is no power to the fuel pump, checked fuses and relays there ok.
do I need a tool to compress the rear brake caliper
I have replace all 3 switches in the control panel, the blower motor resistor on the firewall, have checked every vaccum hose that i can see. I only get air flow to the floor and the blower only works on high. How do ...