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Can,t get the tension right to move rods any suggestions.

There is 108,000 miles on the vehicle. When I shift to higher gear there is a considerable delay between shifting and actual acceleration and great sluggishness. Also the shift gear light stays on or blinks off and then comes back on.

need pipe cat and muffler


restarting truck will sometimes put light out

back muffler is gonethe cat has holes in it and so does the pipping from engine to end

It blows black smoke out the exhaust

I went to start my truck the other night and the 40 amp Ign fuse blew. Replaced that and it started. Went out today and it seemed like it was gonna start but then nothing and the fuse was blown again. Replaced it again but now it just keeps shorting out.

the truch will start but then stall

173,000 miles on it, fuel filter an tuned up at 140,000, stumbles bad when u try to accelerate, no gas smell, just started all of a sudden, put regane fuel system cleaner in it an didnt help, feels like its in fuel system not electronics, feels like its starving for gas, please help.

I have a 1993 chevy s10 pick up 4x4 drove it around yesterday and everything worked fine parked it outside my brothers house for a few hours drove it home got home and when i went to roll both power windows up they do nothing and i tried the door locks again nothing on both doors..... I have replaced the circuit breakers on the fuse panel and tested the switches on both doors and get power on both sides all the way up to the power winow motors same with the power lock motors but still wont there a relay somewhere that im overlooking or something im missing? my next test is to hook power directly to both motors to test if the motors still work but all this went out at the sametime and first time it has been a problem

Pitman arm shaft seal is leaking. I need a part explosion so I can have a better idea how its in there. Have done plenty of pitman arms but not the seal. Can I do it with the gear box i the truck?

I have released the screws, but cannot get the switch to come out. I think I need to replace the vacuum hose(s) attached to the back. Where can I get those hoses?

truck has a little miss, think its the wires

i try to start truck,it starts and then stalls and the security light starts flashing.(3 regular flashes,then two quick).i wait ten minutes,light still flashes,i wait up to ten more,still flashes. so i cant move on to next step. i have tried this several times,but wont stop flashing. i have looked up the relearn proceedure several time to make sure im do it right. im beyond fustrated, any help would be great. thanks

The hood latch broke and even the cable that was once attached to the latch has rescinded enough that I cannot grab it with plyers. It seems my only option would be to somehow open the hood through the grill somehow, but I can't figure out how.

this pickup surges or chugs when just trying to maintain never misfires or chugs at all when putting a load on the engine such as going uphill,nor does it do it when coasting downhill.It acts completely normal when taking off form a stop or building speed to get to the speed limit

i cant go more than 15 mi8le per hour if i am accelerating

have had the head replaced

I have no oil pressure reading on my gauge.

but will restart. and trans jumps into gear. is it lack of fuel or could i have short out. also have code for knock sensor could this cause the engine to run rough and act as if dying

I need some help. on instilling this pump i got the old pump out but can not get the new one back on the o ring will not go all the way up. on the pump and to lock the pump in is a C ring Grrrr. P.S i did put Lubricant on the ring so i push and push and will not go all the way down so i can lock it in

Brake light and anti-lock system light comes on but resets when I switch the ignition off and back on again.This problem occurs at start up regardless of the time of day. Why is this happening? I just had the master cylinder replaced.

my gas pedal came disconnected and just lays on the floor board i can't see how to rehook it up

noise just started. runs fine. noise happens when starting off or parking up hill

at different times I smell gas fumes. I hear a popping sound come from the gas tank. I can be parked and it running and it pops or a few minutes after turning off engine I will hear a pop from the gas tank. Does anyone know why it is popping? Has anyone else had this problem? thanks Donna

I have put 3 rebuilt starters and 1 new starter on in the last year. I put a rebuilt on and a week later it went out. I then put a new one on and a week later it does the same thing, turns over like it is out of time and kicks out.

what can I do to fix the headlights. the daytime running lights work but headlights won't come on

radiators busted in two places an leaks, converters clogged an exhaust is louder.

1988 s10 tahoe 4.3 v6 new air compressor, new belt derailed at compressor within 5 miles, tensioner replaced, belt replaced, belt came off at compressor again within 5 miles.
Both times truck was in reverse backing out, if this makes a difference.