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1989 Chevy S-10 4.3L V-6. When engine is cold I have to depress gas pedal to get engine to start and have to keep it depressed slightly to keep it running at idle speed or it will stall. Seems to idle a little better after engine warms up to normal operating temperature. Can't engage AC or Defrost when idling or engine will always stall. No Check Engine lights come on at all. Any ideas?

I have a 2003 Chev S10 ZR5 Crew Cab both electric seats quit working. Need to know where fuse or relay is located?

When the S10 sits, like overnight, the lifters make noise for a minute or two when it is first started, then the noise goes away.

Transfer case not engaged. Front axle continues to turn. Makes loud noise at higher speeds.

Replaced the clutch and slave. Flushed the line with mineral spirits, chased with dot 3 and bled. A complete success thanks to some help from you guys. 3 weeks later (yesterday) The clutch gradually begins to release very close to the floor making it tough to engage gears. Nothing at the top half of the pedal as if it were not attached at all. This morning back to normal. Until later in the day after a few miles. Shut it down to, say grocery shop, then the clutch feels normal again. The fluid level hasn't moved at all. WTF?

Was having problems with lack of power on acceleration when truck died in traffic and would not start. No noises, vibrations, etc before it died. Am told that two ignition coils were bad and timing chain broke. Truck has 99,980 miles. Could not find any maintenance recommended for S-10s or milage life expectancy for the timing chains.

thursday night ran fine, friday night wouldn't start. saw arching from coil wire, saturday moring changed all the wire one at a time like i was told, now it dump fuel in to the intake like u were pouring it in. wat shpuld i try?

After installing new flywheel clutch and pressure plate I'm trying to push the slave cylinder rod back into the slave cylinder forcing the fluid back to the clutch resevor just as you do when forcing a brake caliper back no matter how much I push on it it won't budge but loosen the slave bleader and the slave retract smoothly apon bleeding it I am worried that this was part of the problem in the beging that kept pressure on the throw out bearing and was the doom to all Should I be able to force the fluid back to resevor manualy?If so whats keeping it from returning clutch master maybe or do I need to loosen bleader and mount it to bell houseing and just go on worried if its keeping pressure on the new pressure plate going out of my mind" MAD DOG "

Doing a clutch pressure plate throw out bearing clutch fork and fork ball replacement when trying to remove trans input bearing at rear of crank shaft not enough bearing left to remove with anything I have on hand is it permissable to use a small die grinder to reach into the back of the crank shaft and carefully grind the remaining bearing into then remove over 3/16 of brass bearing left deep in hole

where is horn relay located 1994 Chevrolet S10 pickup

driving over bumpy roads cause a rattling sound in the front brakes. When I ride the brake pedal over the same stretch of road the rattle sound goes away. I pulled the front tires off, put load on the shock and tapped with a rubber hammer and couln't replicate the sound.

when you turn on the a c the clutch doesnt engage

trying replace alternator. removed the 2 bolts. unable to get alternator loose. how do I get it out?

I carry a lot of tools in the bed of my truck. I have rear air shocks but they are leaking and need replaced. Should I buy air shocks (what are best for heavy loads) or conventional shocks?

just having a bit of trouble dropping the tranny

engine code po410 comes up on scan tool what components are included in this code?

i believe i can see the two bottoms and one on top drivers side maybe total 4 so far

The driver side seat will only lock into place if it is completely forward or completely back on the bracket. What can I do to fix this problem?

which is eaiser pull the motor(replacing it's bad) or pull the motor w/ trans? trans is a two peice solid bell housing. i was told on here 6 bolts to get the lower off, after removing oil filter & exhust. i must be misssing something! thks "E"

plate/ tourque converter bolts. i found an inspection plate bout 2" in dia. but no acess, the bell housing apears to be solid, didn't see any removal plte to gain acess to the bolts. what i'm i missing? what's the trick here? thks "E"

No hot air, no coolant leaks, hoses seem ok, water hoses feel hot but
no hot air. engine runs at about 190 deg after new thermostat.

automatic. i think its u joints. sounds like coming from drive shaft. but sense it only makes noise in reverse. is there something that goes wrong in trany. that would transfer the sound threw the drive i know maybe brakes. untill i get it in shop

the chain idler broke and fell down into the chain and caused it to break i have new sprocketsand chain to put on but i need the timing settings

General cleaning.

Fuel line leaking where it goes into the motor but can not get the line off.

How do I replace the cigarette lighter switch on a 1984 S-10.

This is a 2.2 engine.

when i first start the truck. the speedo works for about a half mile. then it starts jumping up and down. and then just quits all together.

I would like to check it myself at home with out taking it to shop.

Truck will not start oil pressure good