I smelled something burning inside the car one day while driving home. Evidently it caused a short and this problem starting occuring. Note: I have no idea what burned and can only sumize the smell came from behind the dash

steering wheel and car shakes when I accelerate mostly between 45-65 mph, I just rotated and balanced tires tho? the engine light is on, maybe the engine doesn't have enough power?

Had oil change and serpentine belt replace last month. Car hesitates when I hit gas and conks out when I get to a red light.


need emission system quote 600 dollars/toyota engin

how change 2000 cheve prizm emission control system vent

Living in Arroyo Grande, Ca... what does the state emissions require for this catalytic conveter part? Does it have to be GM certified? My dealership said it did...This would cost much more for the part... Is it really necessary? I don't have a lot of funds for repairs..

Debbie Sorensen

how much would it cost to buy and install a catalytic converter

Need to replace fuse due to the fact my taillight is out. What type of fuse do I need.

129000 miles and burns 1qt oil between changes (3000 miles)is that normal or a sign of bad things down the road?

The seller confirmed that the car burns about 1qt oil between changes.
Is this something that will get worse or a sign of serious problems

a/c compressor blew a seal need a good used compressor

We need the cigerett lighter to run our GPS and it is burned out. We took it to Martin chevrolet and Redmonds Repair and they do not know how to fix it.

I get a loud and continuos noice when I trun off the A/C. It sounds like it may have to do with the A/C clutch. It goes away when the A/C is turned back on. Is this something that I can fix myself? What parts would I need? Thanks.

any speacial toll needed to replace inner bearing

where is fuel pump located

Does anyone know how to fix the air conditioner in a 2000 Chevy Prizm? I live in Arizona and it's been getting really Hot 110 ° F Does anyone know if I can fix the problem?

Check engine light came on in April, had oxygen sensor replaced after receiving scan from Troubleshooting : PO171, then had fuel pump replaced after diagnostic from Chevy Dealer said need new fuel pump because of low pressure. The Probable cause from the first scan said 1) If bank one and two codes set together suspect 2) fuel pressure or MAF sensor 3) Oxygen sensor defective 4) Ignition misfire-repair 5) Fuel injector problem The CEL went out for a brief time after receiving car back from auto repair person, but as soon as I was down the hwy a half mile it came back on. Please help me with next step. Thanks!

its a 1994 geo prizm new clutch new shifter cable problems getting into fourth gear is it possible wrong length shifter cable or do u think shifter synco is out never had problem before new cable and new clutch please advise

I have a 02 Prizm LSi 4AT with 124,000. Check engine light came up with this code P0446 (Evap Emission/Control System Vent/Circuit Malf), gas cap is new, new iridium spark plugs, air filter, gas treatment cleaner. Im afraid if i take it to a mechanic im gonna get ripped off. I wanna be clear of what items should be changed with this code P0446? Thanks.

where can I buy a used compressor

do you have a diagram

I have a used 2001 chevy prizm with 139000 miles and once i accelerate to 40mph the car makes a stomping noise, could this be a bad motor?

We have looked at the IAC valve screws on my son's 2001 Prizm and can't seem to get a torex wrench to fit. It seems that the #15 Torex is too small and the #20 Torex is too large. The screws almost seem to be five 'pointed' rather than the Torex's six.
Thanks in advance for any help out there.

How does one replace the IAC valve on a 2001 Prizm

my car air condition is not working because all of the freon came out where can i get it repaired

have a99 prizm now at 78000 miles .has always used oil.bought with29000miles checked plugs,clean, checked compression,good.doesnt burn oil around town but will use half to a full quart after about 200 miles at 75 mph. whats going on?

My air conditioning is not getting cold or even cool. There are several types of R134a offered. One with oil, one with oil and leak detector, one with leak detector, and one that has nothing in it, it is just R134a. Which one should I recharge the system with.

check engine light is orange. What shall I do? I had the wires and plugs changed; battery cable replace because the diagnosis was miss firing.

My car's trunk lock cylinder was broken by someone who took my stuff in car's trunk. Is there any way to find an used part with keys for replacement? Thanks.