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do you have a diagram
I have a used 2001 chevy prizm with 139000 miles and once i accelerate to 40mph the car makes a stomping noise, could this be a bad motor?
We have looked at the IAC valve screws on my son's 2001 Prizm and can't seem to get a torex wrench to fit. It seems that the #15 Torex is too small and the #20 Torex is too large. The screws almost seem to be five 'po...
How does one replace the IAC valve on a 2001 Prizm
my car air condition is not working because all of the freon came out where can i get it repaired
have a99 prizm now at 78000 miles .has always used oil.bought with29000miles checked plugs,clean, checked compression,good.doesnt burn oil around town but will use half to a full quart after about 200 miles at 75 mph....
My air conditioning is not getting cold or even cool. There are several types of R134a offered. One with oil, one with oil and leak detector, one with leak detector, and one that has nothing in it, it is just R134a. W...
check engine light is orange. What shall I do? I had the wires and plugs changed; battery cable replace because the diagnosis was miss firing.
My car's trunk lock cylinder was broken by someone who took my stuff in car's trunk. Is there any way to find an used part with keys for replacement? Thanks.
the light suddenly came on while driving about40 & stayed on for 3minutes till I got home
how to do it yourself.
okay i have a light right above my mph indicator it its the engine light, and i have no idea what is wrong with my car, i change the oil when needs changed, and i just put in a new battery and i always check my flui...
My wifes car jerks when I hit the gas, but at random times. The check engine light is on, what could be causing that?
Have 86 Chev Nova (made by Toyota..same as 86 Corolla). White/blue smoke from tailpipe upon starting car and when shifting. Am sure is burning oil. Trying to get an idea which is most cost effective: (1) repair (2)...
Could you please confirm for me if the estimates given on this site do include labor...thank you.
how to change rear brakes on 2001 chevy prizm
I've already removed the + cable to keep the battery from running down. why & a fix to this problem would be appreciated
You recommend replacing the A/C Drier when the A/C Compressor is replaced, but I did not see it listed as a part to select for a repair estimate. You give a repair estimate for the 21208 area of $503-$1026 for the c...
Hi, Recently my mechanic changed my rear brakes. He noticed that the rear brakes does not fully engage when pedal was pressed, meaning when the brake pedals were fully pressed, one can still turn the rear wheel using...
1994 geo prizm any one know where i can download a diagram of the engine showing where the IAC ERG MAF and other parts are located something that might give alittle advice on how to do it ur self with out charging money
1994 geo prizm 1.6 what wolud cause a bad idle i want to die at every stp and has problems picking up speed
I need an engine schematic so I can find the oxygen sensor and replace it.
My ignition is jamming. How do I replace it and what is the part # I should be looking for? Thanks for your help!
turn switch on no electric power, battery is ok checked voltage.inside light bell tone, nothing comes on. thanks e.j.jones
I have had the carbon blown out-Chevy dealer bulletin(did not help, cost $160) I have had the fuel pump replaced-did not help, cost $250. I have cleaned the mass air sensor contacts, cost $4, hopefully it will work ...
I need to clean are replace the EGR valve in my daughter's prizm...where is it located?
i have a driveway thats a small hill i was going really fast and the bottom of the car scrapped really bad the engine oil started leaking and now the car wont work how is this fixable would i need a new oil pan?
I am having problem with the door handle on the driver side outside & inside broken and passenger side handle is broken.Have to roll window down to exit out.Every junk yard my husband go to find a handle all the handl...