only 2 green lights will come on when 3rd green light comes on the check eng light comes on have changed coil packs throttle positon sensor plugs and wires help inspection runs out in 2 days

i bought my car 2 weeks ago off of Craig's list and the owners of the car don't want to help me out by telling me what's wrong with my car. All they told me was that if the car turned off on me that it was okay to give it about 10 minutes before starting her up again. They told me there was a kill switch on the car that if the car turned off on me that it was okay to give it ten minutes and to have all the doors closed and the battery fully charged and to hold the small key that came to it and it should off fired up but the car doesn't want to turn on

I have 183000 miles on the car. It is strong with a good engine but when I takeoff or pick up speed it jumps a little .What to do?

I'm at 112000 miles and this just started a couple days ago. It's not every time I move the shifter from park to reverse. Transmission fluid levels are good and seems to shift ok when I'm accelerating while in drive.

NEW gas tank, fuel system, alternator, starter, battery, power steering pump

my 2001 monte carlo starts and runs fine until I get up to 55 and then the engine shuts off and wont restart, I have to disconnect the battery to reset the security system and then its fine until I hit that speed again. I have replaced my ignition and even had it bypassed and that didn't help as it still stalls, never at low speeds just when I get up to 55.there are no codes thrown please help.

Just changed water pump and when starting car to check my work the car made bad screaming noise then every time tried to start it would fire up with key in on position and can hear starter still spinning. Turning key all way to to start position doesn't stop anything from happening the starter engages before then in on position anyhow

I beleive the calipers are bad. I have used a c-clamp to try to push the piston back in and it wont budge. Not to mention I am leaking brake fluid from the right rear and cant tell where its coming from. Im gonna go ahead and replace to caliper and everything BUT Im not sure how to do it with the E-brake cable attached to the caliper.

Like when getting on the highway and the 48k is actual verified milage.

ke my granddaughter was out and about car over heated someone stopped to help her and they took the heater hoses loose i can,t see where the hoses connect to the engine where does the intake connect to engine and where does the outtake hose connect to engine cane see where it,s a 1996 chevy monte carlo can anyone help me which hose coming from firewall is the in and which is the out

Ok, I have replaced the water pump temp sensor radiator and thermostat. Flushed the system several times and now its ticking.what is going on??? The dash is below 0. It doesn't work. What is wrong with my car? The fans work

I have replaced the plastic intake manifold years ago and the sensor a couple years ago. We replaced the thermostat and a coolant temperature sensor a couple weeks ago. Now it is running sluggish when going up the smallest hill incline and is smoking white smoke when idling.

Ive replaced catalytic converter
thermostat (twice)
abs modulator
fuel pressure regulator
fuel pump
and fuel filter and the car still stalls. Please help me!!!

Just got major engine work done ..a new intake manifold . now fan runs "on "after the engine turned " off" I see the fan is near the front end near the lever which opens the hood. is it related to a/c .?.i was told the a/c compressor needs replacing and a new thermostat. helpful info please .... the mechanic was not helpful in this regard. i never heard or saw this fan running before now.
thank you

plugged scan tool in and read the mon readings and it showed 6 inc mon but yet no cel was on the dash? and car runs and idles fine?

Also while car was running i unhooked 4 sensor plugs near the throttel body and there was no difference in the idle.
it just idled normal and did not set off any cel on dash??

I went to my friend who is a mechanic he checked the fuses, sensor and the bulbs. Nothing he did fixed we are both at a loss at this point. Looking for some suggestions