Sometimes it hardly moves and other times will go all the way to 140mph

Im leaking oil from a small circular spot which looks like it could be an o-ring sealant. It doesn't leak until i turn off my engine. Then it leaks for a little while. How do i know if its the o-ring seal or if its the intake manifold gasket if heard of?

Cars been having over heating problems found a broken black hard hose looks like it had a red o ring seal but can't tell where the other end goes to .anyone know what that hard plastic hose goes to

Hard plastic piece down below I was told the belt tightner snapped off I guess

front and back brakes have been replaced.

Drove from Michigan to Ohio not stopping. Next day went to store shopped and it wouldn't start. Left there over nite and started next morning

It runs rich if unplugged but it does run. Runs well in morning but won't if I have to shut it off. I have replaced ignition , and fuel pump. Had checked for vacuum leaks and it doesn't seem to be that. Any ideas? Thank you

When the Service Vehicle Soon service light come up the day-running lights turns off and headlights turns on. Also, the display of the gears and radio dimmed a lot. This happen intermittent when I turn the car on or when driving. The car computer shows no code. Any ideas.

I asked this of everyone, including manual, repairman, etc. I discovered by myself, that when I left the turn indicator on, it started CHIMING!

It happens at random times even when the car is off and I open the door.

The indicator lights next to the fan speed control and the recirculated or intake air are dim. Think it might have something to do with the switches but not sure. Almost like it has a short somewhere but I'm not sure where to look.

it to run sat all night and this morning did it again took some time got it to finally run what is problem its a 2000 ss

A few days ago my car stopped having steering capabilities. Upon opening the hood I noticed that the belt powering the alternator was moving very slow and the light on the dash showed the red battery indicator. The mechanic replaced the harmonic balancer and a belt. It runs great the battery light went off however the service engine soon light did not. I know that I have a faulty low coolant light that has to be repaired would that make the service engine light stay on because I see no indications of any other problems?

Still have check engine light and loud noise in engine. Light is solid until 30 MPH then flashes. Thinking low compression in cylinder but what is the culprit and estimated cost for repair?

The fluid is a pinkish color

When I firt start out from a stop I can feel the traction control kick in and the light comes on. It does it for a couple of seconds and returns to normal. I had the brake pads all around replaced about 2-3 weeks ago. The traction thing started not to long after that.

Now my car wont start the security light flashs,and no head lights


It go's up an down I don't no if I need a part an what is it an how much