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Hearing a buzzing/humming sound when speed is past 35-40 mph?? Sound is not affected by heater or radio being on.
I have been having problems in making sharp turns (like something grabbing in the steering) for quite a while now. But now there is an annoying sound like the car is in a lower gear when I get the speed past 35-40 mp...
One strap has already broken and the other isn't looking good.
smoke is come in the vents from the motor , it's starts but there to much smoke coming in from the vents and from under the hood
2005 monte carlo recall ignition switch-dealer says they can change switch but I will have to buy key lock cylinder--would not recall be responsible for this?
I had ran over a curb a few days earlier to avoid accident
My car turned on and when i put it in reverse it shut off, now it wont start. Not sure if its my fuel pump. Please help
I just want to know if it will screw anything up without it
The car would not start again, even with a jump. All the lights were still bright.
It started about three months ago and to drive down the road it's fine but in town it will overheat when ever I get cought at a light or behind slow traffic and I have taken the thermostat out. I thought it was that b...
I am getting a vibration in the wheel seats and pedals when turning right and on the accelerator or just heavy acceleration, I have replaced all rotors and wheel hub assemblies, what could be causing this?
So I replace the old ignition switch and lock cylinder with new ones.and I have everything hooked up correctly and I get full power to everything but my motor will not crank over at all.I already tryed resetting the i...
i have already replace the blower motor resistor. "an ac delco brand" my next step was to replace the relay switch but the fuse box under the hood don't indicate witch one is for the blower motor
I bought a new key tumbler with keys on ebay. Car was bought without the keys and has been sitting for two years
it's spitting water out somewhere underneath my thermostat housing
it happen everyday now but at times won't depending on how I let up off the pedal had fuel pump and fuel filter replaced wasn't the problem bought sea form for injectors helped but still not taking off when giving gas...
Putting car into drive revs high but doesn't move then will jerk hard and barely move
I noticed when stopped at a light thick white smoke was coming out of my exhaust but it does not happen all the time. I also a jerk that starting to get worse it seems to happen when I'm accelerating there is a brief ...
In D my car won't move, but when in 1, 2, 3, or R it drives normal except without any overdrive it wants to redline at higher speeds in 3rd gear. What is wrong and how do I fix it? Thanks.