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I have a 2004 Monte Carlo SS with 135,000 miles on it. The Fuel Gage points from about the 8 oclock position to straight down, depending on the amount of fuel in the tank. The fuel used setting on the overhead couns...
i have a grinding sound on front passenger side when i turn to my left. ive researched what could be wrong and all signs point to the wheel bearings. i havent had my car looked at yer but from what i can tell its the ...
after running on the highway for 8-10 miles--when slowing down tomake a turn the car shuts off---but will immediately turn on when I pit it in neutral or park--what up
Just need to know the size of belt I put on
my 2001 monte carlo stop pulling, the car still runs but will not go in forward or reverse. I was driving on the highway when all of the sudden the car stopped rolling. Now the car starts, but will not go in forward o...
Runs normal except going up hill. Was fine till temperature outside dropped overnite from warm to below freezing.
Hearing a buzzing/humming sound when speed is past 35-40 mph?? Sound is not affected by heater or radio being on.
I have been having problems in making sharp turns (like something grabbing in the steering) for quite a while now. But now there is an annoying sound like the car is in a lower gear when I get the speed past 35-40 mp...
One strap has already broken and the other isn't looking good.
smoke is come in the vents from the motor , it's starts but there to much smoke coming in from the vents and from under the hood
2005 monte carlo recall ignition switch-dealer says they can change switch but I will have to buy key lock cylinder--would not recall be responsible for this?
I had ran over a curb a few days earlier to avoid accident
My car turned on and when i put it in reverse it shut off, now it wont start. Not sure if its my fuel pump. Please help
I just want to know if it will screw anything up without it
The car would not start again, even with a jump. All the lights were still bright.