Turn signals and flashers wont work and it not the fuses or the bulbs what can it be?

got new radiator, still wants to heat up even though it has water in it

when i change direction of my air vent it does't
change. right now it is blowing mostly out the foot
well. i get a little bit out the dashboard. did my
switch go bad or is it a fuse?

I bought this 1995 Monte Carlo for my son a month ago, When I got the car I was told it only needed struts plates.My son drove the car a week b4 it started cutting out on him but would start back up.Now the car will not start at all. I just replaced the fuel pump and filter still not starting. What else could it be? Please help

car starts normally when cold, but hard to start when hot. Starter turns, but no fire, until I turn the ignition off and if I hear a sound like a shutter opening, the engine sstarts on the next try. What causes this problem?

my "low engine coolant" light comes on and the coolant overflow tank reads normal. I checked (by jumper wire) both cooling fans, and both work. I replaced the thermostat (installed with spring inside engine, I replaced the water pump, and the radiator was replaced 1 year ago. the car heats up, and the top radiator hose gets hot, and eventually presurizes so it can't be squeezed by hand, then the water temp guage climbs steadily into the high overheat range. I shut the car off before it gets to the "red" mark. There are no coolant leaks. Is there anything else I can check?

Car over heats on stop lights.

where is the thermostat located

check engine light is on. check codes and it was the knock sensor code

i go to NTB (national tire and battery) to get my oil change and i always get the cheap oil, and they always recommend that get the expensive one because i have high miles on the car (89,xxx) would it really matter if i got it or not and yes i do want this car to last a long time but i need to know for sure if it really matters, the expensive oil is the Synthetic Motor Oil, the cheap one is the conventional motor oil

my drivers side window wont roll up all the way. it boggs down about 3/4 of the way when rolling up, and sometimes hesitates to roll down, but does roll all the way down.

As i accelerate at about 30 MPH the A/C stops blowing out of the dash vents & some blows out from under the dash.

my 97 will not start it acks as it wants to start it seems like it is not getting fuel. fuel filter replaced and new sparks an wires on. it turns over but will not start up the engine turns over but will not crank.

how 2 drain radiator

procedure to replace a water pump on a 2002 monte carlo 3.8 engine

I don't know whats wrong with my 02' Chevy Monte carlo. HELP!!! I was driving and all the lights on the dasd flashed and shut down. This caused my gas not to even work and making it difficult to turn off the road because my steering wheel wouldn't work either.

I was drivng my car and in a second all the dashboard lights flashed and shut down. The gas even failed to work causing the car to stop and it was also difficult to turn off the road because my steering wheel was no turning. This is the first time its happened like this. In the past the dash lights will flash make a sound then be fine.

car starts and runs but when put in gear will not move


my turn signals and flashers stopped working today checked fuse all is good.

The clutch for the A/C won't engage the compressor when i turn it on. There are fuses for the A/C system both inside the car and under the hood. All of the mini fuses are fine, it's the one larger fuse I'm unsure about. Any special way to remove it or see if it's blown? I'm unsure if I'm even able to check this fuse. Any other suggestions on this matter would be appreciated

Is anyone have this problem with the 2005 Monte Carlo clear coat,i have found severl people online i am trying to build a case against GM,They will not do anything about this and i have talk to dealers and several proffesional Paint Companies and said this is a defect and should never do this.If you are having problems also please email at debuldge@yahoo.com,thank you

I noticed my coolant level was low because the temp gauge was high so I checked the level it was low. I put more in and the next day it was low again so I got a flush and fill then changed the thermostat. The next day it was low again I dont see any visible leaks on the car and nothing on my garage floor checked the oil and no visible coolant in the oil. Please help.

How do we go about fixing a intake manifold and can you provide locations as to where to find the intake manifold

I just had my brake booster changed (not the master cylinder) and the brake is still hard i wanted to know if it is the brake booster that is the problem now.

My car starts fine, and runs fine other than when going up inclines..it then appears to lose power. You can have the gas pedal to the floor and it will not excelerate. We ahve replaced spark plugs, fuel pump & filter, and Intake gaskets, and problem still remains...

po 0455 evap emission control system leak (Large)

a few months ago i had an issue with the heating and cooling system in my car. when i would turn on the a/c, the air would get cold on the passenger side of the car, but would stay hot on the drivers side. i purchased a new control unit and had it installed. for a few weeks all worked well, one day as i turned on the car and the a/c the air began blowing out of the defroster, floor vents and the upper vents and today it started back the blowing a/c on the passenger side and only hot air on the drivers side! HELP!!!

my car just now shut down with all lights still on and battry light came on at a stop light ..in park it didnt do it but it also did it as soon as i threw it in reverse??? Did his about 7 times on the way to the store and back( 4 blocks) but starts easy right away??? what could it be

2003 Monte SS crankshaft sensor has been replaced twice stopped running then started hours later now it cuts out but restarts mechanic suggests electrical problem Any suggestions?