Live in high humidity climate, happens first drive of day. Only happens 10-15% of time. Happens when straight braking and turn braking. Front brake pads were replaced 1 year ago.

my heater core leaks every day how do i replace it myself

my low coolet light keep comeing on.

The headlights on our 2004 are set on automatic but there is now a delay in the lights coming on. I tested it this afternoon and found the lights came on when I switched on the high beams. How do I fix this problem?

my blower quit working.sometimes it will kick on on 5. ive checked the fuse. its fine.what causes this?

the oil pressure is fine when idling. but when you hit the gas the pressure goes up. what causes this? i just changed oil & filter

i wrote in a few weeks ago about symptoms of a cracked block for a 2001 monte carlo...i would like to know what i can expect to pay for a replacement engine and labor to get me back on the road .... thank you.....Rick B

I start it up but it won't stay started. This happened Saturday after I put gas in it. What could be wrong?

i would like to know what are the symptoms of a cracked block i hit a pothole (hard) since then coolant loss,running hot, overheating, hard to start,and when i pulled out the oil dipstick it looked like water was mixed in.... thank you for your help.....rick B.

it occurs when u first try to start it up

what type of aftermarket scanner is needed to program the relacment BCM ?

what type of aftermarket scanner is needed to reset the replacement BCM ?

how do I replace the cabin filter? where is it located and which tools do I need to change the filter.

Would you tell me what it should cost to replace 4 brake pads. Also what it would cost if the roters need to be replaced. Any recommendation no where to go as to not get ripped off?

when I try to start with the remote key fob the lights blink once and you can here a click but it won't start

My gas gauge on my 2005 Monte Carlo SS Supercharger quit working,,,any ideas why?

want to touch up a couple of spots on bumper. What is the shade of white used on the 2000 Monte Carlo. It is a very white, white.

Changed the starter and battery. Car turns over, but doesn't run past a few seconds. Any suggestions or ideas? What about changing the gas filer?

Changed the starter and battery, car starts, but has trouble staying on. Only stays on for a few seconds. Also, when put the new battery in, fan was on even without key in. Any ideas?

My right turn signal does not blink. Arrow light is on dash and stays lit. (left turn signal works; so does hazard lights.) Since my hazards work, does that mean the bulb is ok? How can you tell if it's the bulb, relay or flasher switch., etc.

Air conditioner doesn't work.

Turn signals and flashers wont work and it not the fuses or the bulbs what can it be?

got new radiator, still wants to heat up even though it has water in it

when i change direction of my air vent it does't
change. right now it is blowing mostly out the foot
well. i get a little bit out the dashboard. did my
switch go bad or is it a fuse?

I bought this 1995 Monte Carlo for my son a month ago, When I got the car I was told it only needed struts plates.My son drove the car a week b4 it started cutting out on him but would start back up.Now the car will not start at all. I just replaced the fuel pump and filter still not starting. What else could it be? Please help

car starts normally when cold, but hard to start when hot. Starter turns, but no fire, until I turn the ignition off and if I hear a sound like a shutter opening, the engine sstarts on the next try. What causes this problem?

my "low engine coolant" light comes on and the coolant overflow tank reads normal. I checked (by jumper wire) both cooling fans, and both work. I replaced the thermostat (installed with spring inside engine, I replaced the water pump, and the radiator was replaced 1 year ago. the car heats up, and the top radiator hose gets hot, and eventually presurizes so it can't be squeezed by hand, then the water temp guage climbs steadily into the high overheat range. I shut the car off before it gets to the "red" mark. There are no coolant leaks. Is there anything else I can check?

Car over heats on stop lights.

where is the thermostat located

check engine light is on. check codes and it was the knock sensor code