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traction system and abs light comes on
how many quart of oil does my car take it's also flex fuel
the other day my car stalled right after the volts light came on,and now it will start but stalls right away any idea what the promblems is?
My car won't start the battery is fully charged, all fuses and relays are good but when you turn the key to start it it just won't do anything. I can start it by hand at the starter but it will run thirty seconds then...
i need to reset the security alarm on my 98 monte carlo how do i need to do this
I replaced my power steering pump and it is noisy.
I cant locate the cabin air filter
I was driving my car and the light came on telling me the engine was overheating and to turn off the engine. I replaced the thermometer, however now it is doing the same thing again. What else could this be?
Can anyone tell me why all of a sudden my 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo is overheating. I replaced the thermostat and it is still overheating occasionally. The light will come on telling me engine is overheating and to tur...
Just had the tires changed and the low tired pressure light came on. I don't have the manual and I want to know how to turn it off.
what parts need removed to remove oil pan
My 2002 monte Carlo headlamps have begun to form condensation and actually begin leaking water. I have removed the unit, poured out and dried the unit but detected no breaks in the rubber seal or in the lens itself. R...
What oil viscosity is recommended for my girlfriend's 2001 Monte Carlo SS 3.8 V6?
security light abs light service traction light battery light air woks at own will car locks me out
How do you change the back 3 sparkplugs
Just had my engine replaced after the timing belt broke. the new engine has 88,000 miles on it and ran good for about 2 weeks and now it runs rough and will only start if gas pedal is all the way to the floor. won't...
I've been trying to figure out why the trunk won't pop. It doesn't work whether i push the button under the dash or the remote. Fuses are fine. I removed the solenoid from the lid, hooked it to the battery and it wo...
when I turn on my ac it will run get cold and then blow the ac fuse in the fuse box. Took it to the chevy dealer -they cinfirmed it has freon in it and that it is something electrical.
code P0401 EGR Flow Insufficient. I replaced The EGR Valve with a new one. The Service Engine Soon Light went out.All the codes were cleared. The Next Morning after I started to drive the car about 1 mile the service ...
On normal acceleration from stop the transmission sometimes clunks. Clunk varies from lite to moderate. Does not do it all the time. Has about 52,000 and changed fluid around 40K. Have about 3 months left on extende...
could you tell me where the camshaft sensor as well as the crankshaft sensors are located on a 2006 monte carlo SS 5.3 V8
trying to if monte carlo has wheel bearing or hub bearing in the front of this car.
tracking light stay on all the time
I have been having problems with my transmission. I purchased my 95 Monte Carlo used in 2005.I don't drive that much (I'm retired) and have been driving my car in overdrive since I bought it. My mechanic mentioned tha...
Please give me step by step instructions for replacing fuel tank.
Which fuse/relay is which in the relay box under the hood for a 2001 chevy monte carlo ss 3.8?
how much to replace oil pan gasket
How do you replace the low coolant censor in 1999 Monte Carlo 3.1
My ac/heater will not blow out any air, but I can still feel warm or cold air coming from the vent. I recently had a tire blowout on the driver side, which dented the fender and knocked my signal light out could this ...
I just got this car. Noticed pretty quickly that it would shut off while idle. Now it's shutting off while I drive it...what gives?