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2003 Monte SS crankshaft sensor has been replaced twice stopped running then started hours later now it cuts out but restarts mechanic suggests electrical problem Any suggestions?
tighten gas cap comes on then shuts off but service light comes on after a while bought new gas cap from dealer but gas cap and service light came back on after reset
recently changed the thermostat and the car is still overheating. It seems to stay stable then spikes all of a sudden.
How much should a it cost to get the air conditioner fixed?
and my engine cooling fans are not coming on
i am doing heads on this car and can not find torque spec for head and rocker arms and exost
First start of the day, sometimes, the car just won't start. No sound happens. The radio will come on, eletrical stuff works. So battery isn't dead. Then later in the day we try again and it's fine. Starts right up.
driver side power window won't go up - other side works fine. no sounds, just won't work.
I can start the car but then it shuts right off, the only way the car will stay running is if I keep the gas pedal pushed down and dont touch the brakes or put the car in drive... some one said I just need a tune up ...
When you turn on key I hear a spinning sound. you do this several times then it will start. Maby
Why are there two different size push rods in 1996 Mont Carlo?
Sounds rough when changing gears
When transmission changes gears, sometimes it's jumps a little.
How do you change the climate control dash lights?? Mine have gone out and the dealer says I would have to order a whole circuit board to replace this.
How to put a power steering on and take it off? Where do it hooks up at?
I want to change my fuel filters on my 97 LS. I need to know where they are and how best to replace them.
I have a 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, LS, 3.4 125,300 miles. This started while driving. The car was roaring slightly, then I hit a small bump and the ABS an TRAC light came on. I went to MIDAS and they said the right ...
Two months ago(May 2010) the ABS light and check engine light were on. The repair shop did a diagnostic and I had the ABS wheel speed sensor replaced. Now the low trac light comes on briefly when I start the car. What...
%left on pads. The rear disc pads worn approximate 25%.
How do I Replace the thermostat on my car.
Yesterday I got in my car & turned on the a/c on #5 the A/C came on, in approx. 3 minutes it cut off, just quit. So I turned it off & turned it back on, it works in speeds 1,2,3 & 4 but when I put it on 5 it won't wor...
icant getthe car to start fuel pump runs contant, coil pack constant sparks,ign. relay buzzes,while key is in run position.
trying to replace the battery and cant find it
my brake booster went out on my car (2003 chevy monte carlo ss 3.8 engine) and i wanted to know can i cause more damage to my car by not rushing to get it fixed
2002 Monte Carlo v6_What causes the fuel gauge not to work inside of the car?--something happen last year when the dealership changed my fuel pump. When I first start up the car it goes to the Full line and stay until...
which hose is the heater inlet hose top or bottom
tRYING TO TURN A/C ON THIS SEAson started with nnot so cold & now nothing at all. I push the button to turn on the a/c & the light indicator comes on & blinks for awhile then shuts off the compressor bendix doesn't ac...
Perhaps once a week while driving slow, the battery light gets on and the car stalls. Battery is new. What is the reason for this? Heared other Monte Carlos year 2000 - 2001 have the same issue.
the guide to replacing a water pump
new transmission repair cost