trying to find out what i have to do to change the power steering pump?

my blower quit running altogether an befor it would only run on hi

The third day i had it i had to change a oil pressure sending unit. Now i may have a intake gasket going out not sure though. There's oil on top of the driver side head and looks like by the valve covers also.

do u know what the code po121 means for 97 monte carlo 3.1 v6? or po420 on 98 merury sable?

went to start my car after changing a rear tire and as soon as i turned the key over the intake manifold exploded and caught fire. What is the problem?

engine temp gauge wont work in cold weather and the cooling fans come on when i turn off the car. Everything goes back to normal when the weather warms up.

engine temp gauge wont work in cold weather and the cooling fans come on, when i turn off the car. when the weather warms up everything goes back to normal.

My battery light came on. What does that mean. My battery strenth is strong. One day my littes were dim wen I strated then the interior lite became bright. What could it be. I called aaa they said it could be my altenator.

I replaced the waterpump already. The car overheats within 5miles and then the temperture will drop back just as fast as it went up. Its leaking antifreeze.

Flashers and turn signals not working, what after changing fuses

Had radiator flushed, now car temperture gauge is stuck in cold position. Every other day works don't work. Car has plenty of heat not thermastat, just gauge doing wierd thing. Is there a sensor to the thermastat? If so, what is the name of it? Thank You

Heat and air not working properly. Had it checked with a computer,garage says thermostat going bad. Car temp,running about half the gauge. They also said it would take allday because it ia located on bottom of engine.

what would you recomend to clean the lines on the egr system

Thanks for the information.. no fans do not come on when I turn a/c on. But when I gently press down on the fan relay, the fans rotate until I take finger off..,,,

The coolant switch that operates the radiator fans...

Where is the coolant switch located

The vehicle sat up for a year.. car starts, but radiator fans don't work. What are your suggestions for problem...

we have been told we need a lifter replaced on our 2001 chevy monte carlo with a 3.4 v6 motor. about how many hours does the manufacturer suggest this repair should take?
thank you & happy new year!

My coolant reservoir has coolant in it but my coolant light stays on

Have tried replacing fuses, what next?

I have a vibration that occurs when i get to speeds of 65 to 75 mph. This will stop immediately when i let off the acclerator. It almost reminds me of a worn U joint in the older cars with rear wheel drive. Technology has passed me by and i am not sure if front wheel drives even use U joints any more. The transmission seems to be fine, shifts without slippiing. Any ideas what this could be? Wheels have been balanced recently.

Once I get it to start from under the hood it run good and stay on. I just have a problem getting it to start once i shut it off.

My transmission cooler lines are leaking, how much should that cost to get repaired and is this normal for a car with 65k. Are there any immediate risks to not fixing this right away?

replaced:O2 sensors,spark plugs,wires,intake manifold gasket and head gasket inless than a month;code returns & light comes back on. what now?

How do I replace the lights for the dash board and the radio some work some don't. Thanks

engine light stays on i have a diagnotsic code 410 what does this mean and how much will it cost me in parts and labor

how do you replace the pressure control solenoid in a 1999 chevy Monte carlo 3.1 LS

I have a pace car. Sometimes when I turn my wheel my message read service tracstion system. What does that mean.

oil seen on radiator cap

A mouse built a nest in the air vent under the hood. I cleand out most of it but can hear debrie inside when the fan is on. How do I remove the fan to clean out the rest.