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Could it be possible that the 02 sensor is not working . or the gasket for throttle body for TPI needs replacement? How many start up systems does the ECM read when starting car. And How do I check if all systems ar...
the headlights still come on but the blinkers have stopped working.
My boyfriends friend got mad one day and slamed oir trunk that had a sticky latch, and it wouldn't click. He slamed it so hard at one point that he snapped the latch off. We can't get in thru the trunk but the back se...
Which Mark on cam do you use for timing belt. There are two marks. Didn't disconnect any electronics. Please help. Thanks.
I stoped at stop sigh and when i started to drive off,it sounded like it jumped out of gear and started to grind.Grinds in all forward gears and reverse.Also while in park the car is like it is in neutral and will roll
this is the 1.3 sohc 16 valve engine. The owner said the cam reluctor was damaged and replaced. But there is no key pin or marks to show proper alignment on the cam. What is it timed with and how? Steve