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I was driving on the interstate and my car started slowing down and engine light started blinking for about 2 minutes. And making a flicker sound that's loud
A/c work's fine but heater not blowing hot air.thinking it could be actuator door, but not sure.any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
If the theft light is blinking it takes my car 10 minutes & light must be off to start. What can I do to get repaired? my mechanic doesn't seem to know...something about a pass lock sensor or a lock cylinder. thanks.
When the heater is running I can hear a noise coming from outside front, then I turn off the heater and the noise is gone . I would like to know why is that and what should I do before get worse .
Hello, My name is Franck and I have a 2011 Malibu LT. I was wondering if possible to swap my entIre front bumper and back bumper assembly with that of the 2013 model? If yes, how much will the parts cost if purchase...
I was told it's not the battery, since, the moment you touch the second cable to the battery when jumping it the alarm starts blaring and it'll start immediately at that point, my question is obviously why? At about t...
My thermostat wont go above cold even though I drive an hour to work. And now tonight on the way home my check engine light came on. What is the problem?
some little nipple that shoots out oil broke off and I need to know how to fix it.
My engine temp is on C most of the time. Even when letting it warm up. I noticed today that when I started my car the engine coolant fans were running and my check engine light was on. Which isn't right I live in ala...
When I put the coolant in resivour it leaks out very quickly from drivers side of block. Not on coolant pump side.
battery is good, popping sound and smoke.
I popped the cover off the relay and engaged it manually and they come on.the relay isn't getting the 12 volts to the coil. is it the pcm
You switch on and then wait for the gauges to work before it starts. Sometimes wiggling the connector at back of switch worked but not anymore
The trunk won't open. I believe it is jammed. the key just turns, the electronic trunk button just clicks. The back seat is suppose to fold down but cannot pull the cord located in the truck. How can I get the back se...
have reset 2 months ago no problem until few nights ago when shut off can't get it to start again...
i filled the gas tank and it still shows 321 mile range.
any on-line stores that can top advance or regular auto parts.any machine shops that deal in full gasket sets,Sincerely
i may be rebuilding this dodge 4 cylinder truck.what is the average price on the whole gasket set,or rebuild kit with rings and bearings.and does this engine have a timing chain or belt?sincerely Robert p.s it isnt lo...
Is this a blower modular that needs to be replaced? Or is there another way to fix/repair?