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The fuel pump is running even though it makes a humming noise on top of the buzz noise it always made. For the most part it would start right up besides the theft crap we all go through with these cars from time to ti...
I have 55psi on the fuel rail when I turn the key on, the coils fire when you turn it over but will not start, the pass lock light does not stay on and there are no codes showing on the scanner.
I apparently have a 2.4L 4 cylinder 6 speed transmission in my 2009 Malibu. I'm having quite the time finding a decently priced replacement for the 2009 model. When I search online, they all seem to think that my ca...
This seems to happen the first time the car is started the first time after a long period of being off. Consistently it takes about 15 minutes for the lights to turn on to show the speed, fuel, and other dashboard de...
Just got this malibu and the dash lights such as the headlight indacator, ABS, oil, open door indacator and the gear shift lights do not work...signal lights radio, all work. But i do not know wat fuse to check.
even when the tank is empty and if i force it in it drains out. The gas gage just started to stop working and then working.
If you had to buy a special tool for example a wrench to do a job. Is is customary to bill the tool to the customer? If it is charged to customer, do you give them the wrench? Or do you keep it and add to your tool box?
replaced battery in both, no change, not sure if remote start works because need to press lock button first to work. tried remote start with door locked by inside button, but didn't work. before start button failed,...
Broke in half
ichange the vent solinoid reset the computer and drove 100 mile at next day light came back on any ideas. thanks mike
Makes noise when idling or low rpm under 2000 while driving and the light go dim when it is idling
I was on the freeway and I noticed my car was hesitating a little when I pushed on the gas I looked at my dash and the temperature was barley like the first line over running temperature line about a mile and a half d...
there is slop on the retaining ring that is located on the output shaft
When moving the front wheels sounds like a grinding or roaring sound
Plenty of fuel-fuel pump relay seems ok- anti theft not flashing-no pressure on fuel rail
128,000 miles. Problem started a couple days ago. It just got out of the job for leaking coolant. The water pump was replaced. Currently not driveable.
Occurs after car sits overnight, goes away after you drive it.
I am trying to purchase a 2001 jaguar S that jumps when I test drive it. Does this mean there is a failed coil pack problem or a transmission problem?
Hi, in my car(1999 chevy malibu,4 cylinder) check engine light is on, and it is shaking when car is started & drive with lower than 20Mph. when i shown to some of known mechanics they said problem in coil set & i must...