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How do you replace the blower motor
How do I check my transmission fluid? There is not a dip stick, but I do see a little cap under the hood that appears to be for transmission fluid.
The check engine light came on. Now my car starts and then it dies right away.
When background noise is low (low speed, fans/radio=off), I notice a soft and gentle knocking sound originating from the left wheel well. Physical inspection indicates nothing out of place. Car turns completely fine....
38,000miles Chevrolet Malibu 1) Dashboard lights and console lights will not illuminate under ANY condition 2) Dome light works fine on ALL Settings 3) Radio light works UNTIL foot break is released at which point ...
My car has been overheating and leaking coolant. From the things I've read, it could be anything from a blockage to a problem with the intake gasket. Is there any way of definitively identifying the problem? The ca...
Right after start up and about 10 min driving my temp sky rocketed. I pulled over and it went to normal. Drove home and found my car was leaking coolant under my car by the belts and my hoses were hard and full of pr...
Where is fuel filer located
I have a 1997 chevy malibu. About a year ago I got this car from a family member who probably didnt take good care of it. For a couple months now me and my boyfriend have been hearing this loud clunking noise and a so...
My driver side back window( the small window) in the back was busted out, I'm not sure if I need to replace the entire window or can I purchase just a little piece of glass and how would it be replaced?
My malibu goes through lightbulbs and fuses like crazy. Most recently the taillights and the instrument panel are out. We'll replace the fuse which will make it work once but at next start up it's blown again.
Just rebuilt engine- runs but rough shut it down. coolant in oil Heads were reconditioned, new gaskets, thermostat was replaced. exhaust was light blue/steamy Is this a cracked block or head
Where do I find the head casting numbers? I'm going to get the heads rebuilt and the shop wants those numbers and if the rockers are 8 or 10mm, how do I find out that?
were can I purchase a lower intake manifold? Web, mail order, dealer, local around Orlando, Florida
how do I dry out a cylinder? A squirt of starting fluid and a bar-b-que lighter?
where sould i start temp gauge showing nothing as if car was off when the car is on
car will not start, NO SPARK. new wires and plugs just put on.
The tail lights and dash lights both go out at the same time. They seem to work only after the car has been running for sometime. Fuse problem?
I blew the hose on e-way, air filter (high performance) sucked water into engine, saturated!!!!!!! I tried to start after repaired hose-first with out plugs to blow out water, tried again plugs were saturated again...
If my AC stops running will I be able to still run the heat until I get the AC repaired?
Car won't start. Has spark,fuel press. Starts when manually sprayed with fuel. No codes. Unable to install noid light. Access problems.Checked all fuses, good.
I ran over a pothole and messed up my right strut... Now there is a humming whinign noise when i turn...then it goes away. Now it doesnt!
my car steering became hard to turn and the battery light came on an it overheated in a matter of minutes. is it power steering fluid that i need or another problem? The car was driving well and started right back up ...
My coolant is leaking out of the housing unit according to my mechanic. I used to be a mechanic years ago and still tinker with older cars (60's & 70's). I have a Haynes book but it is worthless. Could you please g...
The last time this happen, the replace a value in the dish of my car, the dealer who repair it least than 18 months is out ob business. What should I do, the car has 36,000 miles and it the only problem. thank you
No check engine light, no stored dtc's, acts as if it is not getting fuel. You can key the ignition about three or four times and it will start, or sometimes you can push accelerator to floor and will start not always...
Recently when shifting into reverse it seems as if the emergency break is on and will not allow the vehicle to back up. Have been able to put in park and in drive gears and eventually back to reverse and can back up....
can u take your car to a different smog check center after it has failed
high on blower not working