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put a new starter on and changed the battery but will not start just clicks
Power steering not working properly. Goes in an out and when it is out it is harder to drive than a truck. It does not have a power steering pump. It is either electric or hydraulic.
Is is normal to replace the motor when replacing a blown head gasket. The dealer is trying to charge me $3800.00 for a used motor and $3000.00 for the labor. This doesn't include the parts I have to buy. Who would pay...
When I went to start my car today it would not start,It turned over just fine but would not start. I noticed when I turned the ignition switch on the dash lights and gauges did not come up. I tried for about 5 minute...
power steering goes in and out. When it is out it is worse than driving a truck with no power steering. It does not have a power steering pump, took it to a chevy dealer and they couldnt find a problem.
blower motor only works on low and high. How can i fix it to work on all 4 speeds?
went into store and when came out it wouldn't start. When you first try it acts like its going to start but won't
How long does the factory battery last? Its been just over 5 years since I bought my 2005 Chevy Malibu LS 3.5L. I parked in my jobs parking lot after taking my lunch break and got off of work 3 hours later. It just ma...
how long does the factory battery last?
This is the code that came up and I need to know what it is and how u fix it. P0304
I've got the intake gasket top and bottom worked on but now my engine shakes.
The other day i tried to start my malibu and i cannot start it due to the fact that my ignition is locked. I only had it for a month and it only has 36000 miles on it
My 2005 Malibu Maxx over 100,000 miles when I put it into reverse it takes about 10 seconds or so before the trans engages. There are no clunks or hard shifts. It just wont go into reverse right away.
Where is the blower motor located on a 2004 chevy malibu?
My car will overheat when idle. It only recently started doing this and I don't know if it is related to the outside temp being hot. In addition it will overheat when when driving and the AC is turned on, but when I s...
The front end of my car shakes slightly when driving at high speeds (freeway) or when braking while going down hill. What could be wrong, and is it costly to fix?
My front end shakes slightly when going high speeds (freeway) or when braking while going down hill. Any easy fix?
How do you recharge the system and where is the low side valve located?
I'm trying to figure out what might be causing my car to make a loud poping/knocking sound when I turn left or right, go over speed bumps and break suddenly. I had not noticed any other symptoms until today when it s...
A&W auto in Tuscaloosa, Alabama replaced the fuel pump in my 2000 chevy malibu-is this a fair price?
I recently had my A/C rechanged since it wasn't cold anymore. That fixed the cold problem, but now the A/C doesn't blow very hard. I have two questions: 1) How involved a problem is this; i.e., can a mechanic fix...
Need labor hours to R&R a drivers side fender + Paint time for same
how to fix fuel sensor a code po463
my car stopped while i was driving it and would not crank. it was towed to the shop. the shop says the fuel pump needs to be replaced and will cost $700.00 to replace. Is this a fair price?
So...either vacuum leak, push rod problem or plug wire(??) or what else? Best way to isolate problem without tearing it all back down?
How can I tell when the converte is going bad, any tips?
About how long does it usually take to replace head gaskets
i had a friend work on my car to replace the belt and he jacked up the right front side to take the motor mount off to harmonic blancer and fix it but when i was leaving i notice a noise coming from the power steering...