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My front end shakes slightly when going high speeds (freeway) or when braking while going down hill. Any easy fix?
How do you recharge the system and where is the low side valve located?
I'm trying to figure out what might be causing my car to make a loud poping/knocking sound when I turn left or right, go over speed bumps and break suddenly. I had not noticed any other symptoms until today when it s...
A&W auto in Tuscaloosa, Alabama replaced the fuel pump in my 2000 chevy malibu-is this a fair price?
I recently had my A/C rechanged since it wasn't cold anymore. That fixed the cold problem, but now the A/C doesn't blow very hard. I have two questions: 1) How involved a problem is this; i.e., can a mechanic fix...
Need labor hours to R&R a drivers side fender + Paint time for same
how to fix fuel sensor a code po463
my car stopped while i was driving it and would not crank. it was towed to the shop. the shop says the fuel pump needs to be replaced and will cost $700.00 to replace. Is this a fair price?
So...either vacuum leak, push rod problem or plug wire(??) or what else? Best way to isolate problem without tearing it all back down?
How can I tell when the converte is going bad, any tips?
About how long does it usually take to replace head gaskets
i had a friend work on my car to replace the belt and he jacked up the right front side to take the motor mount off to harmonic blancer and fix it but when i was leaving i notice a noise coming from the power steering...
How do I fix the promblem with not starting I wait 10 to 15 mins to start, Is there a Recall or Campaign on this promblem
Okay my problem is that during idle my steering wheel will shake from left to right.Also when im driving the steering wheel seems to want to lock up,like if someone has taken over the wheel.I read on the internet abou...
what is the best way to check the transmission fluid for 2007 malibu
When I turn on the ignition key now, nothing happens. Battery check shows 4.6 volts (?). The last things that happened before this: 1) Bell dinged when removing key from ignition. 2) When trying to restart, airbag ...
How can I tell which way to insert the fuel pump relay? The relay is not "keyed",
my car wont start when theft system light is on.I hope some one can help me.thank you.
I am having trouble getting the calipers to depress when trying to replace the rear break pads. Has anyone else encountered this or know how to get them to depress so i can get the pads in the caliper housing and ont...
Unable to shift into park to shut off motor. Happened in December 2009 and again in February 2010. Hasn't happened since but car has not been driven much since March.
Shuddering when starting to move and turning to the right. Dealer has checked axles, engine mounts and replaced steering gear. No help. Dealer can't find the problem. Does it only when moving very slow such as enterin...
What cause fuel relay to go bad? Is fuel pump the problem? it happen twice in 2 weeks
How much could this cost to have this code fixed PO442
AC has level 1 for the fan and 2-5 for AC. Cooling system does not turn on until I turn the knob to Level 4. Problem just started.
AC has 5 power levels - 1-is fan and 2-5 is speed for AC. Problem is Fan nor AC does not turn on unless I turn the know to Level 4.
When applying the brakes when going down a hill the front end shakes and you can feel the front tires jerking rapidley. If you apply the brakes softley some pulling but not as severe.
my check engine light turned on and the diagnostic test brought up the code (0420). I took it to the muffler shop to check the catalytic converter and they said it was ok. What else can i check
how do you bypass anti-theft
When car has been turned off it is hard to turn the ignition to restart without jiggling or moving the key up and down while trying to turn to start position.