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How do you "bleed the radiator" after replacing a bad hose?
while i am in my trip two day ago suddenly the car engine stop, i tried many times to restart it, but fail. when i checked the fuses, i found the fule fuse has been cut.i replaced the fused theree time, in each time i...
it doesn't want to take gas,u have to keep pumping,it takes forever to put gas in,now it doesn't start.i think the fuel pump might be bad.r their other things i can check before taking to garage
where is the best place for a front end aiglnment. Tires have alot of wear on them
where is the oil filter
I have a 2005 Malibu that I have encountered floor leaks. Up until the storm on Thursday night into Friday in N.J. was concentrated to the rear driver's side. On Friday morning I had a puddle on my passenger front and...
needs a new engine ,how much it cost?
when driving the car shifts hard out of all shifts then an error message so on the dash and speedometer quits working.
Any time I stop to refuel, the 2005 Malibu's fuel gauge goes to E for empty and warning "dings" when tank is full. Gauge then slowly returns to "Full" about ten minutes later. Any indications?
how do i unlock my radio without taking it to the dealer
the car cuts off when stop frequently and is hesitating to go when you push on the gas
How do I go about getting a quote for a service,(ignition control module replacement) when it is not listed in your menu. I have had this problem several times. Can you refer me to a site that can give quotes on all t...
Rear brake lights won't go off after foot brake is released
What kind of operation is performed to the car in an engine tune up
power windows stopped working ,need to know which fuse runs them, also brake lamps aren't working but lamps are good and so are fuses...
My 1999 Malibu started leaking large puddles of coolant. Not holding any. Just barely made it to the garage. My mechanic says it's the timing cover gasket (s) and it is a big repair that will cost 737.00. Does th...
put a new starter on and changed the battery but will not start just clicks
Power steering not working properly. Goes in an out and when it is out it is harder to drive than a truck. It does not have a power steering pump. It is either electric or hydraulic.
Is is normal to replace the motor when replacing a blown head gasket. The dealer is trying to charge me $3800.00 for a used motor and $3000.00 for the labor. This doesn't include the parts I have to buy. Who would pay...
When I went to start my car today it would not start,It turned over just fine but would not start. I noticed when I turned the ignition switch on the dash lights and gauges did not come up. I tried for about 5 minute...
power steering goes in and out. When it is out it is worse than driving a truck with no power steering. It does not have a power steering pump, took it to a chevy dealer and they couldnt find a problem.
blower motor only works on low and high. How can i fix it to work on all 4 speeds?
went into store and when came out it wouldn't start. When you first try it acts like its going to start but won't
How long does the factory battery last? Its been just over 5 years since I bought my 2005 Chevy Malibu LS 3.5L. I parked in my jobs parking lot after taking my lunch break and got off of work 3 hours later. It just ma...
how long does the factory battery last?
This is the code that came up and I need to know what it is and how u fix it. P0304
I've got the intake gasket top and bottom worked on but now my engine shakes.
The other day i tried to start my malibu and i cannot start it due to the fact that my ignition is locked. I only had it for a month and it only has 36000 miles on it
My 2005 Malibu Maxx over 100,000 miles when I put it into reverse it takes about 10 seconds or so before the trans engages. There are no clunks or hard shifts. It just wont go into reverse right away.