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What are some signs of a leaking head gasket or a blown gasket? I'm trying to fix my 08 Malibu and I need some answers.. The oil looks like chocolate on the dipstick..
They said broken main bearing bolt. Anyone have any experience with this? Worried about metal pieces in engine causing problems later. They are replacing the crank shaft balancer.
three Windows work but one.needs a regulator an the front driver side works fine the back passenger works fine passenger window don't move at all an back driver side needs a regulator
Fuel filler neck
ive changed the radiator thermostat water pump and the temperature sensor
The gas and temp gauge went out and the seatbelt, anti-theft, service engine, and airbag lights stay on also reading lamps in car arnt working, what could cause this, pcm? Diagnostic read no error codes.
Yesterday while driving my car my service vehicle soon light came on. Then shortly after my windows wouldn't roll up,my gas gauge stopped working and the light to tell me which gear my car is in stopped working.This d...
When the turn signal is activated, after the turn is made the signal switch will not turn off automatically as expected No matter how sharp the turn is. It can, however, be turned off manually. My neighbor just purcha...
It's the " new" '08 Malibu, 2.4 L. 4 cyl, 58,000 miles. Is there an easy fix w/o taking it to shop? Thanks.....
Ever since I bought this used, the ignition key switch has always been a bit sloppy, which, given the age of the vehjicle is to be expected. But now, the key won't turn all the way off, leaving the electrical system p...
sometimes it stays on for a day or several days and then it will go out. may be off for a short while and then come back on. everyone says that it most probably is the gas cap purchase one from the local chevy dealer ...
If this stays on could it effect battery to not start. My car wouldn't start so I jumped it and it was fine...but then after it sat for a period of time I had to jump it again. Barry is brand new.
I need help my car wont crank or start I put a new ignition I have the old key and the new key everything's hooked up right but my car wont crank or start
Fuel gauge is not working and engine light is on.
Resistor worked for 2 weeks, then blower motor stopped. Replaced blower motor and it still dont work- NOW WHAT?
the sensor in the air intake tube is it map or maf. any way my car won't start just cranks sounds like its going too but does'nt i unplugged it the car ran for about two seconds is the sensor no good
so after it died it won't start so i left it there for a few days i dropped the tank cleaned the screen + sock new fuel filter got a jump it started right up it ran good for a week then died while driving around 25mph...
its the bracket on the passenger side that mounts to the motor mount. and it bolts to the motor.. i dont know why
my vehicle was rear ended by a car traveling 40 miles a hour or so and after a hour my check engine light came on and transmission would not go into gear . what could a impact of this sort have caused