I have a hole in my oil pan that leaks really bad I know the motor has to come out to change the pan, I'm just not sure how to take it out.

The tail pipe isnt spewing white smoke it has a lil smoke but it disappears after awhile. I actually posted. A question just like this one before but forgot to add all the water being gone from my radiator the next day. The regular water did get hot after awhile seem to be steaming from the cap. Its currently just water on the radiator no coolant. Car is not being drove.

Can it be blown head gaskets? I checked dipstick ,no water in oil and the tail pipe isn't spewing white smoke nor does it have a weird smell. The car does have front bumper damage from hitting a truck and did bend a little under the hood by radiator. i had a my dads friend look at it and he said my engine sounds great, 174,210 miles on it. I just orderd a code scanner because i already bought a radiator and it would be smart to know before i invest anymore money seeing that i don't have a car already. I let the car run for awhile like over 30 minites in idle and got in and reved the engine. It went up to like 4000 rpm and started stuttering and would not go past it. I checked the coolant which just has water in currently because i just acquired the car through a trade and its been sitting awhile. Water did get hot and it seemed pressurized when i was going to remove it after turning car off. I don't know much so any help would be appreciated. Hopefully thats enough info. And would a code reader tell me what this problem is?

Después de sierto tiempo talves cada 6 meses buelve el mismo problema insuficiencia del catalitico ya llevo 4 cataliticos
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I have found one factor that radio cause battery to drain. So I disconnected and removed the radio to continue the Parasitic test. The amps reads from 0.74 A down to 0.44 A. It's still a lot.

Now, amp reads at down to 0.013 A when I disconnected pink connector of BCM. I want to know the wire information to which BCM pink connector connects. Any idea would be helpful and appreciate!

We parked at an outdoor fair on Sunday, and could smell the water and then see a small puddle on the ground. After walking around the fair, went home w/ no problems. Today, as my wife was coming home from work, the same thing apparently happened again...

I tried to put key to 'on' position then go start boost, no engine cranked, sometimes all lights are off, sometimes lights are on but all meters went to crazy. Only way I can boost car is reconnect battery. By the way, the battery is clean and no post corrosion. What is weird is if I made car boosted then turn off and re-boost directly, it will work. But if car is off over night then I have to boost with the trick. This is very old car, I am trying to figure out as much as I can. Any idea would be appreciate!

My car wont start it turns over but won't crank . first time it broke down wouldn't stay cranked I took it home parked it and had mechanic come look at it at first the machine showed ignition switch needs changing , throttle body sensor is bad and needs engine coolant , I changed the throttle body and the mass airflow sensor the check engine light was still on so I put it back on the machine in now it only shows the engine coolant , so I tried changing fuel pump because a mechanic said fuel not pumping to engine and car still won't crank somebody help me plz?

Why does the brake light go ofg when you press and release the energency brake.

The engine light is on and codes are P069E and P059F. Its says its the shutter. I found it on EBay but don't how to replace it.

Then next morning temp gauge went to red, back down to normal below normal then back up to red. Is this just the thermostat?

My daughter were driving the car and making a right turn when she lost the streering it went into a shaking mode

Wife plugged in the battery wrong caused a short on the computer to my Chevy Malibu LT 06 model replace computer just need to reprogram vehicle

It was driving normal is it possible it could be antilock system? They said diagnostic code said starter but they put new starter in and took it back out said it had no compression and put my starter i had in it when i took it there

2 days ago my turn signals went out i will flip the lever for the turn signal but nothing happens same thing with the windshield wipers ill flip the lever up and down but the windshield wipers wont move at all and the hazard button to turn the hazard lights on wont turn on and i checked the fuses and none were bad what is my problem

When I came back to the car and tried to take the shift stick to drive I couldn't it is stuck so I cannot move the car at all

What parts will I need . Why is my car doing this ? How soon can I get it fixed , how long will it take and the amount ? When driving the car the "check light engine" comes on , and your unable to speed up. It also constantly makes the gas go from "E" to full. We've replaced the thermostat and added antifreeze . What to do next ?