My daughter were driving the car and making a right turn when she lost the streering it went into a shaking mode

Wife plugged in the battery wrong caused a short on the computer to my Chevy Malibu LT 06 model replace computer just need to reprogram vehicle

It was driving normal is it possible it could be antilock system? They said diagnostic code said starter but they put new starter in and took it back out said it had no compression and put my starter i had in it when i took it there

2 days ago my turn signals went out i will flip the lever for the turn signal but nothing happens same thing with the windshield wipers ill flip the lever up and down but the windshield wipers wont move at all and the hazard button to turn the hazard lights on wont turn on and i checked the fuses and none were bad what is my problem

When I came back to the car and tried to take the shift stick to drive I couldn't it is stuck so I cannot move the car at all

What parts will I need . Why is my car doing this ? How soon can I get it fixed , how long will it take and the amount ? When driving the car the "check light engine" comes on , and your unable to speed up. It also constantly makes the gas go from "E" to full. We've replaced the thermostat and added antifreeze . What to do next ?

my airbag light is on the mechanic said it needs a sensor module. airbags might not deploy but I just read that they could cause death from metal fragments

With my old car I could get the code by turning the key backwards 3 times and the code would show. My check engine light is on in my 2004 Chevy Malibu

when i go 55mph on any kind of road my front drivers side tire shakes & feels like it is going to fall off & it makes a roaring sound. so took it to a shop they check it out & the lug nuts were loosened on it. so they re-tightened the lug nuts & check the tire for any kind of wear & tear on it & the tire still looks like a brand new tire. but even after they did all that the tire still shakes/wobbles & feels like it is going to fall off when going 55mph & up & still makes the loud roaring noise. I bought my car about 3 or 4 months a go from a 1 person owner.plus i have no clue on what the other owner had replaced on the car for any kind of recalls before i bought it from him. plus I have another issue with the car beside the tire issue that is going on. my check engine light stays on has a dynastic check & it said gas cap was old,so replaced the old gas cap & the check engine light is still on. plus when i go up any kind of hill on the road way my car chugs up the hill like it is running out of gas but my gas tank in never under a 1/2 of a tank in my car. so these are the major issues i'm having with my car & i'm wanting to know if there has been any recalls for these issues that i'm having with my car at this time. Thank You for your time. Heather Vitale

I bought this car a week ago, replaced alternator. also dash lights are very dim and wont adjust , cd wont come out, the drivers info center has no warning messages . it just tells me service air bag...then car acts up it tells me low fuel then says 311 miles left .

The car stopped and it was the starter that was bad so we changed it out you put a new one on the battery died that's why we replaced it replace the battery and it still will not turn over the car. That's why we had everything checked

after I replace the senor the check engine light comes back on.

Error code read (P00B7). Noticed coolant was low added coolant and now I need to reset check engine light without having to go and pay someone.

I did not see this answered in the book and I was wondering since I have never owned a car that you could do that on like I see the foreign cars able to do.

With all the complaints about this problem.why hasn't there been a recall. My car feels like I'm towing a truck, won't pick up speed, and now I can't use my cruise control