I did not see this answered in the book and I was wondering since I have never owned a car that you could do that on like I see the foreign cars able to do.

With all the complaints about this problem.why hasn't there been a recall. My car feels like I'm towing a truck, won't pick up speed, and now I can't use my cruise control

First time it was cracked nearly all the way around. I had it replaced and 4 months later its cracked again.


The Tc light comes on and stays on

No sound from engine but when start moving this sound stars at speed 30 km and remains up to around 50km

it was working suddenly it started showing 1999.9

None of the gauge works the fuel or the coolant or the speedometer

My car was running fine, then suddenly it started shuddering when I stopped, not when in park but idling in gear. No warning lights were on but I decided not to drive it anyway. Then, I had to take it in for an estimate on the bodywork. I got home to check the mail and it just decided to stop moving! The engine would rev and RPM's went up, and got stuck at 2500. I put it in park, then back in drive and tried to move but couldn't. Turned my car off for a few minutes, got it to move forward as far as my driveway before it decided it wasn't going to move again. I have 120k on my car, but I am the only owner amd I don't drive it crazily...hopefully its not a transmission replacement?? I still pay $550 a month and I have another 3 years to pay! :-(

Check engine light has been on but ran fine. Would have issues with break lights being on without brake being used, esc would come on and traction control. Cannot get car started for more than 2 seconds. Had fuel pump tested and it's completely fine. Not sure what else it could be.

A recall on the fob i did get fix but i don't know the previous owner as i bought it from a dealer and i think th

I woke up one morning and started my car. It sounded like my exhaust was ripped off. Super loud. Well this morning it didn't want to start. It would start but didn't want to start. Do you know what may cause that? Someone said a bad manifold?

Hello. I have a 2003 chevy malibu that I just bought a brand new battery for because my other one tested bad and my car will still not start. I really know nothing about cars but the battery is hooked up tight and securely. When you open the doors the lights come on when you turn the key all the dash stuff and radio etc come on but when you turn again to start all I get is a clicking noise and inside it's almost as if the battery is losing power or something is sucking power from the battery

When the engine is revved over 3000rpm, it starts making a knocking sound. Had check engine error scan and had a camshaft error.

the temperature gag goes down and get back normal many times while driving ?

any one has this issue ?
thank you

Went to auto zone and had battery and alternater checked. Battery bad. Car would not start. I have had same battery since 2003. Just now went bad. Car will not turn over all the time. In last 30 mins. Got it to start 3 times.sounds like it's out of gas but I put gas in it today.