Someone hit something had to get my fender bumper and headlight all on drivers side. But car ran perfectly after the accidemt though. But now simce all parts are on and hooked the battery back up no crank start not even dash lites when i try an start it.

I replaced the fuel pump and the battery it cranks good i have spark and fuel my horn dont work either there is no power going to the powertarin relay does anybody know what i can do

When I'm back up my car shankes. And when I'm driving my car feels like it wants to change gears. And when I put my car in it rolls to a stop like im on a hill.

will that cause my locks to flicker

I swaped some fuses out but it seem as its a short some where. the door choose to lock and unlock now on its own

My car is in the shop due to the check engine light being on. The guy I have been dealing with told me the camshaft position actuator valve, now he is only saying camshaft valve. Is this the same thing? And does the ECM have to be reprogrammed for it to work after that is replaced? A couple of the codes were P0013, P0014

I'm currently using Autolite XP but they seem to be giving me problems

Just started doing this a few days ago when it finally cranks over to start it runs great its a new starter

And Stablizer bar and shocks and struts.

also just got a recall for wire within intake exhaust camshift may break intake camshaft position acutator solenoid valve control circuit would this be related to all the dashboard lights coming on like stalling

I change the fuse and regulator. Still not defogging.

And something about the skid control...it will crank..run smooth for about 2 min...to to cutting out then dies...what do I need to do to fix it...I've had it for 3 years...never had a problem till now...but did put smaller tires on it...could this cause the problem

I was driving home last night. My 2012 chev. Malibu had a total lost of power. My speed guage has not been registering properly either here lately. Now my malibu just won't start at all.

My car makes like a rattle noise at the front wheels when going 60 and up miles. What are the possible problems with the vehicle?

My car all of a sudden turned off and it won't start. We turn the key and it wants to start but it doesn't. We think it may be the gas pump but we're not sure what the pressure should be.

Car has only 1300 miles. Is the LS model with the 1.5 L turbo engine.

Basically, car has been in and our of the shop for 6 long months. From YOUNG CHEVROLET, it went to a buddy of mines shop. He had it two months for nothing. Then to JON WATSON CHEVROLET. Anyway, this car is showing some slavish l electrical issues. How do I reset the system,

Only dr a couple wks & breaks again its the studs got done @ different places but still happen

not sure what to look at next

I have had software upgrades and 2 weeks later alarms returned. Accelerator Position Switch replaced and after 4 weeks alarms returned. Problem still persists. ECM P2138

what could it be, I would your help on what it could be or what should I do.

My 2013 Chevy Malibu has been losing coolant for a few months now, but when it leaks there's no sign of anything under the car where I've parked. Whenever it leaks ill add more coolant so the car doesnt overheat while driving. It will leak all coolant within 2-3 weeks. It stopped losing coolant for 2 months but just started back again. I heard this could be the head gasket leaking but other than that I haven't got a straight answer from anyone.

My car has been standing for about a year and a half. Battery terminals were corroded. I put jumpers on to the terminals and the positve lead from the solinoid to the alternator smoked. Disconnected it and reconnected the jumpers. This time all lights came on including horn and cooling fans. Any ideas as to what is common to all these to cause this problem.

Battery good I think it's the fuel pump but no sure if it's the fuel relay how can I tell which one it is ?


I have a hole in my oil pan that leaks really bad I know the motor has to come out to change the pan, I'm just not sure how to take it out.

The tail pipe isnt spewing white smoke it has a lil smoke but it disappears after awhile. I actually posted. A question just like this one before but forgot to add all the water being gone from my radiator the next day. The regular water did get hot after awhile seem to be steaming from the cap. Its currently just water on the radiator no coolant. Car is not being drove.