Wife took the car to have an oil change 2 days ago. Auto shop also replaced the coolant. I need a list of possible symptoms to look for so I can diagnose the problem.

Auto zone ran a check and said its the shift solenoid valve....and that if one is out I may as well have both replaced. Any idea on a guestimated cost for this to be done?

I have a 2000 chevy malibu the radio is stuck in LOC mode I got these numbers when I pushed the 2 & 3 preset buttons 382 then when I pushed the am/fm buttom the other numbers were 393 if that"s any help

Happens all the time for last few weeks. Started at freeway speeds, now even at 25-30 mph.

pressure goes to a higher pressure reading how do i repair and what happened just changed oil now this happens any help would be greatly appreciated

Mechanic advised to trade/sell the car because of aluminum and possible cost of repairs. Thoughts?

recieving code PO303

receiving several codes...po128, po303 and po449

cost to replace tensioner only

car is a ls with electric steering

it only happens now and agian but its getting a little worse think its something to do with the fuel injectors but not really sure.

I'm DYI-ing a coolant flush, just need some help per this specific car, I get how to do it, just need help looking for the right things, ie the lower drain.

Had fixed while still under warranty. No longer have warranty. What could be causing this. Also, when the green light goes off, the a/c does not work. Fan does, but not cool air. You might guess, it is worse when weather is hotter. LOL

When I accelerate the car sputters and can't seem to shift to the next gear. The ESC is out is display and service traction control. If I ease off the gas it shifts and accelerate slugishly. I had it plugged in to read the error codes. I was told the O2 sensor or the cat converter need to be replaced.

Everything is working fine when I plug a little device used for music into the power port (the second cigarette lighter). It turns on but I don't have time to fuss with it. A minute later I notice it's turned off. I check my main cigarette lighter and it isn't working either. Then I realize that worst of all there is no air coming from any of my vents! I try turning the knob off and moving it 1 through 5, but no air is coming out at all. Not hot or cold.
When I press the button for A/C, the indicator lights up and I can hear the engine working a little harder the way it normally does when the A/C is turned on but still no air from the vents. The indicator lights for the buttons to switch from outside air to inside air also seems to light up. JUST NO AIR FLOW & CIGARETTE LIGHTERS DON'T WORK.

I figured it was just a fuse so I checked them all (except the larger, gray, square ones - I don't know how to check those) and they were all fine. There haven't been any symptoms that this system was having trouble, it just stopped working exactly as I described. And of course this happens when it's 100 degrees outside every day.

PLEASE HELP! I absolutely can NOT afford to just take it to just blindly take it to a shop It seems weird to me because I thought the cigarette lighters were different systems than the HVAC, but what do I know? I just pray it is an easy fix and not a major part replacement with a lot of labor involved.

Thank you!!!!

do i have to remove the motor mount all the time

It was the water pump on my blazer that first broke down

air conditional not blowing cold. mechanic said that the electrical system is out on air conditioner. how much would this repair cost. and it is worth it for a car with 150,000 miles

the water is bubbling in the reservoir bottle but its not hot the car is not overheating. once the water gets pushed into the reservoir bottle it goues out onto the ground.

I ordered one and it doesn't fit. The mechanic says mine must be after-market, but I bought the car in early '06, there are no after-market parts on my car. They've tried several different sensors and none match the one in my car. They even looked it up by the VIN at the dealership, and no luck. The car has been sitting for 8 months now. I NEED HELP!!!

I was told that the fuel tank pressure sensor was bad on my car. The part costs about $40, but the repair shop said it would be about $350 because he had to drop the gas tank. I am just trying to find out if he is being honest.

I bought a 98 malibu which ran great, new battery, new front strut assemblies and a 2.4 engine with automatic tranny. IN JAN 2012
I knew it needed a brake line and drove it home 16 miles on the e brake without a problem.
long story short I registered the car and decided that all the brake lines and fuel lines were to be replaced. The rear spring was broken so grabbed a pair from a near by bone yard.
Since the 10 day NYS temp sticker was expired (by 5 months) we used a flatbed to get the car to the inspection station this morning. Picked it up and went to a local store about 6 miles, low oil pressure light came on idling in the parking lot, when the gas pedal was pressed it went off. Then got it back home ( 1 mile)and when we went to swap out cars in the driveway lost forward gears ( reverse works fine but all forward gears feel like they slip but move the car)..could it be sensor issues from disconnecting and removing the battery? have to drive it 75 miles for the computer to be ready and pass the emission part of the inspection.
I bought this car for my wife originally, but having second thoughts. any input or thoughts would be appreciated. I have worked on alot of older cars when I owned my shop from 1995 - 2002 kinda stumped with this one.


Went out this morning started it up reverse worked forward worked. When it got up to temp forward would hesitate then engage after a second and go. I'm still thinking sensor

The other day i parked my car and the next morning i tried to start it and it wouldnt start. i replaced my coil.packs my control module plugs and wires and nothing worked. eveything spins and moves it just doesnt turn over. im getting gas to the engine but im not getting a spark to my plugs or packs.

Both of my low beam lights didn't work. I checked my light bulbs and the passenger side low beam bulb was burnt out so I replaced, checked the 2 fuses and they both looked good so I bought a new relay and installed. Still not working. What do I check next?

i had a prblem with my power windows, seats, radio, gages,a/c heater they told me it was my ignition switch so had it changed and its doing the same thing

I only get a rattle noise when I turn left into a drive way or if the right wheel hits a bump or pot hole. any suggestions would be helpful.

Left turns in driveway or bumps on right front side.

What is the repair time for a heater core?

same as above

i'm driving along and all of a sudden the steering wheel starts to shake and i almost lost control of the steering .it just started a couple of days ago. i don't drive it often and short distance