all lines disconnected ... can't see what holds accumulator mount to the fenderwell

the seal in between the cv axle and transmission seems to be coming out.and there is a squeel coming from that area.

is the output bearing hard to replace?

coming from the passenger side where the cv axle connects to the transmission.more like a skueel.

need to change the seal the cv axle goes into.cant get the cv axle tto come out.

out of freon gas

both engine fans are on eventhough the temperature gages reads below 1/2. Also, the temperature was not reading and a/c was not blowing cold air until i disconnected the battery. Upon re-connecting the battery the fans on constantly with the engine on.

98 Chevy Malibu tachometer stopped working properly and car started shifting really hard at that time, you can turn key to accessories several times and get tach to jump and start working, at that point car shifts fine but runs really rough. Check engine light came on at the time this all started and it is reading misfire.

I am having transmission problems, my car will go into reverse but no other gear. I have replaced the transmission filter and fluid. I have a solenoid as well but have no idea where that is located.

I've been told that I have a broken valve guide on valve #5.

check engine light to go on.

how to remove the bolts that hold front hub assembly?

took vehicle for inspection and heated 02 sensor,lowfuel level sensor,exhaust etc showed up on test

will this trigger other sensors such as 02 exhaust etc. on the diagnostic chk or omd chk

the two lights on the climate control went out and the heat/air stoped working.then the windows wouldnt go down unless the ac or the circulation lights came on. on the climate control which would come on from time to time but now not at all.i was told it was the cotrol unit it self i changed it but it didnt work.i put a code reader on it and it said heat sensor 1&2 was out.

When I am driving even in dry weather conditions, I receive a tracking error as if I am driving in wet conditions and the car may be hydroplaning. When I stop and shut the car off for a few minutes and then restart the car, the message goes away. Any suggestions?

p0420 catylist below threshold

I purchased a new mirror from Brandywine Auto parts.

This has been happening ever since - but not when idling. Tires are good

it seem like its sputtering and i had the wires and the coils changed so what do i do next??

The engine smells like it is burning oil, and the last two times I've had the oil changed it's been 1 quart low. Should I have the oil pan gasket replaced or sealed, if it is the cause of the smell? What is the best way to tell?

Manual talks about emission control, would this cause it to run hot and what is involved in repairs, and cost.

Is it a hub type,sealed,tapered,or axle mounted


I just replaced spark plugs, wires, coil packs ( all 3), air filter, fuel filter, pcv valve..........di you think its the module????

een we stop @ a red light it be shaking an it feels likeis goin to stall

After 110 miles or so

The Indicator light states the gas cap is open

I replace cv on passenger side but joint real loose on transmission side moves where spline goes into tranny alot. Not sure is tranny shot or what should i do? Thank you.

Both driver and passanger. It also is makeing a loud noise near the power steering pump I was told it might be the water outlet I just wanted to know a lil more if thats the case?