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Every bump seams hard like the car is riding on it's fram. Do you think I need shocks and struts?and how much would it take to replace both?
minor bumper to bumper hit the only real damage is deployed steering wheel air bag from the malibu.
My gas gauge continuously shows empty. Even when I put gas in the car. At times it will go up and then after few minutes it will go back down to empty. What could this be?
my left front turn signal stops working and then sometimes starts working. Have replace bulb even though i dont think that is what it is but eventually it will stop working again and then after a few days it will sta...
where is the vent valve solenoid located and what does it look like
i cant get the car to go more then 20 mph feels like something is clog will not shift and iam flooring the gas ... already check the trans filter and the cat car has 80k miles
we found a wire or cable hanging by front tire and asked people what it is and they thought its probable the abs brake cable that didnt get plugged back in by the mechanic who just did a engine diagnostic check on it...
the gage pointer staring to move closer to the red area, It has not in the red area now. What is the problem?
coolant has been running out the overflow tank. changed thermostat,lower intake gastket, coolant sensor, radiator, radiator cap.... and i've ran out of ideas can anyone help me.. thanks
tranny shifts hard into reverse and drive. What is the most likely problem and solution.
I have a 2000 malibu,3.1 v6 automatic. Lower manifold was leaking coolant,so i took it apart and put new gaskets on. When i got it back together i was going to road test it but as i put it in R, it slammed pretty hard...
abs light comes on sometimes and stays on. When I restart it's off for awhile.
how much tran oil it take
What is the expected average cost to replace the heater core on my 2003 Chev Malibu LS?
The motor has oil and water mix together when the radiator blowed.
When I turn off the ignition my paking lights stay on. The switch is also turned off, but the lights remain on.
How manny guarts to add,just changing the filter on a 4t45e
Smells like rotten eggs and idles very rough
The transmission cable on my car broke this morning. Now my car is stuck in my driveway and I can't start it again since I can't put it in park or neutral. I know it's possible to shift gears manually from where the ...
Rough start out of my garage and at stopping places. When warmed up, it is still rough.
Can you replace only one strut/shock if only one is bad?
The blower on my car will not shut off unless I remove the fuse. I need help finding out what the problems is and where i can get fix at reasonable price before returning to the dealership, or is it best to go back t...
when i first start my car its fine for about five menits then i have no power stearing flouded if full and no bobbles to indacat a leak in the systerm
the switch and motor has been replaced what is the next step to fixing it can details be given and shown
I recently got a problem my instrument panel cluster wont light up and I cant get the car to start. I have checked passanger and driver and the engine compartment fuses and none are blown. I have an ignition lock on ...
the engine start erractic but shuts off when the accellerator is released. I hacve chech the vaccum hose - ok the altenator - ok What could be causing this.
When I start the vehicle is shuts off if I release the gas pedal. I had a diagnostic done with a code scanner and it passed ok. I checked the altenator it is ok. I checked the vaacumn hoses they checked out fine. Wha...
anti theft light on-horn honks sporadically,car won't start sometimes and have to wait 10 minutes, blinkers blink sporadically. anti lock brakes out-right rear needs rewiring? ( i was told) power going out in window...
My vehicle is having problems so that my fuel gauge is bouncing up and down all the time. I dont know how much gas i actually have. Also, when it goes to 'empty', my car struggles to accelerate. Where could the issue ...