A/C worked fine until my battery died and I had to jump start.

We have one working remote and would like to revive the other one. It has a good battery, but doesn't work.

Replaced rear calipers pads and rotors the same on front when removed line no fluid came out ''thought was weird'' replaced, bled out fine.Also replaced master cylinder still locks up. started driver side rear now driver side frontlocks up

This just started yesterday after I filled up my car and went to the store and when I came out and cranked the car up then the gauge went down to empty, what could cause this problem ?

About three months after I got my car the fuel hand would work half way and then stopped working it says low fuel all the time. The check engine light came on and stays on. I have taken it to have the scan run and it says something about a vapor sensor and something else. Don't remember what it was. Then I was told the gas cap thing went through 3 gas caps now and nothing worked as far as that. Then was told to check the fuses and I am not sure what fuses and which sets to check. I have checked the ones in the trunk and the ones on passenger side of car. Is there a fuel fuse under the hood? how much would I have to send taking to a dealer ship to get this done?

How much should it cost if a repair shop does the work?

Recently rear ended, told trunk, bumper, and muffler plus addtional things needed to be replaced.

I think that is what is wrong. When shifting from low into second, second into high, it makes a jerking, clunking sound and feels like the bottom is going to fall out of the car.

air conditioning, fuel gauge, radio cruise control, temp gauge wont work what do i do

The engine light in my mom's car came on again after tightening the fuel cap and having a mechanic check it. She is in her 70s and cannot afford a big repair. It has been very humid around here and she hasn't driven the car more than a few miles a day for about a month. Any ideas? I really hate when she gets ripped off for car repairs. Thank you.

My steering has Always been Horrible since I got the car. I kept going back to where I bought it & they said nothing was wrong. If I'm at higher speeds & I brake my car Vibrates & Shimmies like crazy! It's NOT my Rotors & it's NOT my Brakes!


I noticed this problem today. All measures of distance has switched from miles( American) to kilometers(Canadian).

how do you replace the cable on rear power window

No ac water dtains out under car after ac use.

my phone charger port wont work

someone said that it was the fuel pump1 another said that it might be the fuel filteror some thig under the car pertaing to the fuel might need cleaning out .

In addition to the doors no longer unlocking when I turn off the ignition, I also can't manually lock the doors with the power lock switch intermittently. Sometimes, if I keep trying to lock the doors 15 or 20 times, the doors will unlock rather than lock! When that happens, I have to go around the car and manually open and lock all of them. What's happening?

all four wheels and tires are brand new.

Three of the four bolts (both sides) are seized and the heads are stripped.

how do i fix this or do i have to get whole knew door handle?

Its happened about 4 times in the past 1 1/2 weeks. The car won't start. My wife or I have to put the key into the ACC position for 15-30 minutes, then the car will start. It's just happening more and more frequently. I'm afraid the system will permanently fail sometime. A website I saw about this tells me that my car will not have an anti-theft system if I do this. I'll manage that.

My power locks no longer lock when I start my ignition or unlock when I turn the car off. They also won't unlock with the power lock switch. When I get out of the car and try to lock the doors with the power locks, they either don't respond at all or, after pushing them a dozen times or more, they unlock rather than locking. Any ideas?

i hit a curb and the aframe got bent the tire rubs the wheel well. and the wheel is very bent.i have a pretty good nset of toolf but have not done this in my driveway evev.

the car keeps trying to turn on without the key in the switch so I have to unplug out the plugs I want to know why it is doing that

Friend changed my struts and now no power steering. I guess fuse blew?
would that be near battery? "EPS" stand for electronic power steering?
Thank you!

What causes this? Will I be able to fix this problem? Around how much will it cost me if I have problem fixed by a mechanic?

Need to keep adding coolant, where is it leaking from? Especially when using AC.

I HAVE CHANGED IT 4 times already an each time it blows causing my battery to die.

Car started making a pingy knock noise and performance went way down but we shut it off pretty quick

when I try to start my car it will not start nor turn over I have a new battery