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The bulbs work but the blinker doesn't blink to signal that I am going to make a left turn. What could the problem be?
wind caught door and slammed shut with a blanket over the lock and will not open now.
ck engine code reported oil pressure sender. have part but cannot find location. need assistance. tk you
My 2004 Malibu Maxx has only 72,000 miles on it and I have had to have the rack and pinion replaced on it because my steering went out on it. Previous to it going out for about a week or so I would hear creaking nois...
took back to shop cannot get the check engine light to go off
it will not go forward
Car is parked, engine & all accessories off for as long as 2 or 3 hours. Suddenly the horn will start blowing & the lights will begin flashing.
changed disc pads about a month ago while driving hit pot hole and now the Abs/traction control/and brake light come on and stay on until turn off car when restart its off the will come on when put in reverse some t...
Cold or warm start this happens randomly. Turn the key over and it will either start partially then die immediately, sometimes it won't start at all unless I has the hell out of it.And then there's times it sounds lik...
It kind of sounds like the CD player but it hasn't worked since I bought the car. It drains my battery. What can it be? I also get a RES reading on the info display. Both happen randomly and it doesn't seem that they ...
Constant "door ajar" message. Horn blasts while vehicle is off and locked. Also had a problem with battery fully discharging while parked and locked at this same time last year.
Repair shop says its cost alot cuz its hard to fix because my car has a duel seal. one outside trans and one inside. both on cv axel. apparently they need a special tool to get the inner seal popped out. Is this true?...
My driving is mostly on the East End of Long Island, which is sparse suburban traffic (except this time of year!) In addition, I make three or four trips a year to upstate New York, approximately 750 miles each.
Whenever I install the new battery the alarm goes off, how can i fix this so i can drive it again?
speedometer needle light will not work. Where is the light located
my fiancé owns a 2006 Malibu maxx and its a 2006
Model LS 3.5 engine. I got this code along with PO449b & PO455b. I had a very bad and loose gas cap and have just recently replace it with an OEM cap from the dealer. Once I got the new cap the shop reset my engine...
my remote starter will not work and the diagnosis at the dealer was to change out the hood latch/ switch. I need to know if this is going to be as simple as it looks. three bolts, the cable for opening the hood and a ...
there a plastic piece holding the window to it the window regulator. cant figure out how to remove glass from it so i can put new on in.
I've already replaced the spark plugs and wires. What else could it be? The code that it pulled was cylinder 1 misfire. I don't remember the actual code though.
whenever it feels like <running or not,driving,stopped!
. Brakes and front rotors look fine and were just replaced 1 yr ago. Rear brakes were replaced a yr ago also.
code is P0401. i purchased the part. need to know where it is.