How do I get the window bracket out so I can drill old rivets out and rivet new window in?

The temperature gauge spikes within 5 minutes of driving. But after I sit for 15 min and start again I kind of Gun IT and the gauge would go back to normal and drive perfect, just the low coolant light would stay on but No service engine light has ever come on and I checked to make sure the CE light is working. Now the problems worse because it started stalling or almost dies when I try to take off but it then dies when I stop at stop lighting stalls and sometimes starts but sometimes It won't and I have to wait 15 minutes. I checked to make sure the computer is working by turning they key and checking the dash lights. I replaced Coolant Temp Sensor And Temp sending unit/ switch, the Thermostat also flushed radiator and bled the system. I can try other things but wanted to seek help first. Sorry so long I try to be descriptive.

How do I troubleshoot my blinkers? I have checked the fuses and bulbs, but they are fine. My flashers are working, but I am confused why my blinkers aren't working?

I checked the bulbs and fuses and they are fine. Tried tracing the wiring system and just got confused.

After replacing the power steering pump, p.s. rack, both pressure hoses ....The steering is extremely difficult & noisy !!! All the parts have been changed out 4 times ...thinking faulty parts ..HELP ! I miss driving my car ...Thanks !

After the gas analysis of the before cat. NOx and the after cat. NOx, the efficiency of a working cat. would be 70%-75% and above!

I like to check my 95 Chevy Lumina 3.1L V6's Catalytic converter's efficiency in reducing NOx. What is the exceptable (threshold) percentage? 50% for 1000ppm NOx before converter, and 500ppm after converter, ok? thanks!

blinker switch is stuck

I put a new thermostat and radiator on it and i still have to do it.

Don't see any other bolts am I missing something?

changed airconditioner it had bad pully. changed spark plugs, checked plug wires, and replaced coil. It started drove for a day and half the turned car off. went to start next morning and would turn but would not start. what else can i check and what tools do i need and what else can i check

My chevy lumina 95 3.1L V6 has a weak/small and intermitten leak at the flange gasket between the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe before the catalytic converter. Will this leak cause a problem with California smog test? NOx?
Thanks in advance for your replies!

battery old so put in a new one & same thing, no warning lights prior to this, power to lights but not to engine. could this be something with the ignition or starter, if so will the vehicle need to be towed, or can i possibly replace the part?

Smog test result shows too high NOx at both 25mph and 15mph, but good higher NOx at 1610rpm(25mph) than that at 1670rpm(15mph), where the engine generate higher gases.
what gone wrong? the engine ? the CAT. converter's leaking? or damaged? Thanks for reply.

Just had a CA smog test from a star center. The results are okay, except NOx as below:

HC(ppm) 18/59(max.)@15mph(1663rpm), 13/34 @25mph(1616rpm)OK
CO(%) 0.03/0.34@15mph, 0.02/0.32@25mph OK(PASSED)
%CO2 14.6@15mph, 14.6@25mph
%O2 0.2@15mph, 0.1@25mph
NO(ppm) 710/484 @15mph, 797/498 @25mph NOT OK (FAILED)

Note that the mechanics took quite a long time doing the test, and said that the engine was too hot, temp. gauge passed middle, was about a quarter to red zone.
Few months ago, I also had a one-time error code 77, EGR value #3 error; it never showed again after reset though.
The catalytic conveter/Oxy sensor are about 2 and a half year old.

Please let me know what wrong and how to fix the NOx error.
Thanks in Advance.

Replaced the flasher switch under the dash two months ago.It seemed to work fine but now it is doing it again. Any ideas of what else it could be? Thank you in advance.

When i turn my switch to my head lights on only my side markers come on but no headlights. Only when i put my brights they work. Before i just to wiggle my steering wheel and they came on but now they dont want to any more only my brights and my side markers

My Chevy Lumina-sedan 95 3.1V6 engine shows camshaft sensor error code 17, but the engine starts up fine and idles&runs smooth no backfires, in my opinion. If camshaft sensor not the problem, whatelses wrong can tickle this error code 17 on OBD1? thank you for your reply in advance!

the rough idle is from start to warmed up. when accelerating it surges? unless floored. recently it developed a large coolant leak. i cant tell exactly where its coming from be it seems to be from behind the water pumps pulley. the surge has been there since i bought the car. has 243k miles. 3.1 v6 chevy lumina euro. got map and maf codes saying bad compression or bad reading. vague code.

When I first turn the ignition key to on position, not yet starting position, I will hear the fuel pump's motor running noise momentarily, indicating fuel pump running.

My question is that will the fuel pump be running momentarily everytime the key turn to "ON" position? if so, can the fuel pump's motor running noise be quieter due to some reasons?

I've only owned my car for 5 months. I havent even put 1000 miles on it yet. It already had a loud exhaust leak. It overheated last month and that's when I noticed that the coolant was rusty colored. I put new coolant in it. But it started to leak, and not on the ground. It still tries to overheat and the rust color has gotten even darker. Could this be from the exhaust leak? I don't know if the lower intake manifold gasket was replaced before I got the car. Also, I'm going to have to change the oil after less than 1000 miles because my oil has become extremely sooty, even though I put synthetic in it. 2 weeks ago it started to become sluggish, and no matter how far I pushed the gas petal, it wouldn't go above 30 mph. That stopped after a few days of not driving it. My check engine light has been on for a while but has gone off twice in the past few days.