checked all of the fuses and bulbs

mechaincs have changed out ignitation censor and ignitaion module still quits running

when you rev it up its sputters

from what I can figure out its the ecm is the problem.

I have had to replace the serpertine belt in my car 3 times in less than 6 months. Does anyone have any ideal what could be the problem?

I have had to replace the starter in my car 3 times in less than 6 months. Does anyone have any ideal what could be the problem?

the coolant leak seems to be right behind the bolt that mounts the idler pulley on, appears to be leaking from low down and not high up, what could this be?

Recently the security light came on & stays on. Light is steady...not blinking. Are these 2 issues related or separate issues?

Just wanted to know the time frame in changing a battery.

The transmission will not do anything when putting it into any gear. Think it needs to be replaced.

Have checked tranny oil and linkage transmission just quit doing anything. I've read all of the forums and not 1 person has had any transmission problems especially with only 60,000 miles. I would appreciate any helpful ideas.

Thanks. Clint

Have checked fuel pump, fuel filter, and opened up lines to see if gas is at the engine compartment. All of that checks out ok. We have no spark at the plugs and cannot feel any gas being pushed out of cylinder plug hole when cranking. Could it be the ignition control module or crank sensors?

I need a diagram

and what tools do I need

My Chevy Lumina-sedan 95 3.1L V6's Driven-belt tensioner for Power-steering pump, water pump, alternator etc. has its bolt attached to the timing-chain cover, whose thread is wearing off. In order not to put too much stress on the thread, May I ask what the lowest torque strength needs to hold the bolt? thanks

The Hazard Flasher button on the steering column is broken off. How do I find new one & how much is it to replace?

How do I get the window bracket out so I can drill old rivets out and rivet new window in?

The temperature gauge spikes within 5 minutes of driving. But after I sit for 15 min and start again I kind of Gun IT and the gauge would go back to normal and drive perfect, just the low coolant light would stay on but No service engine light has ever come on and I checked to make sure the CE light is working. Now the problems worse because it started stalling or almost dies when I try to take off but it then dies when I stop at stop lighting stalls and sometimes starts but sometimes It won't and I have to wait 15 minutes. I checked to make sure the computer is working by turning they key and checking the dash lights. I replaced Coolant Temp Sensor And Temp sending unit/ switch, the Thermostat also flushed radiator and bled the system. I can try other things but wanted to seek help first. Sorry so long I try to be descriptive.

How do I troubleshoot my blinkers? I have checked the fuses and bulbs, but they are fine. My flashers are working, but I am confused why my blinkers aren't working?

I checked the bulbs and fuses and they are fine. Tried tracing the wiring system and just got confused.

After replacing the power steering pump, p.s. rack, both pressure hoses ....The steering is extremely difficult & noisy !!! All the parts have been changed out 4 times ...thinking faulty parts ..HELP ! I miss driving my car ...Thanks !

After the gas analysis of the before cat. NOx and the after cat. NOx, the efficiency of a working cat. would be 70%-75% and above!