I replaced the old vacuum modulator and it still wont catch gears.

3 switches the center raises and lowers the unit before but now has a decided rear tilt to it, cant get the seat to lower in the front. Rear switch, works okay to level things out but then it's too high. looking for the fuse as first step, then the motor or the switch itself ... any ideas how to test these?

5 seconds short starter out several times it starts but will not stay running . If I press gas petal it does not help

noise on the valves area

is noise under the valve caps

I went under the steering column to get the flasher unit and found the ítem above. Supposedly the flasher is a 3 contact unit.

or so it will start. We live in Las Vegas NV and the temp. has been 105 to 110 degrees. The temp. but the temp. light doesn't come on.

I go to start my car, it starts but dies immediately...

Car wouldn't crank over. Battery at full charge. Able to start under the hood, told it ment i needed to replace solenoid in starter. Replaced it, but wires were hooked up to where reconnecting the battery tried to start the car. Now, it cranks over over (with wires hooked up correctly), but won't stay running. Ran for a second, really rough, then not again... Sounds like it wants to run, but sounds like it's choking. They also sprayed something into intake, wanted to run more than before, but still wouldn't. What happened?! ECU?!

I put a new switch in it for the headlights all lights work except headlights and dome light. but still can not put the breaker its gets hot. but no lights

What else can I check

I was told it could be the heater core

the rate of loss is about 1qt per 200 miles.

Could some wires be touching or something coming from the starter in turn making the car not start? It doesn't even crank once ..smoke coming from it...got juice..and negative on the alternator..on empty but that wouldn't cause it not to crank at all would it...also every other time we go to drive it hve to wait on the bypassing of security lite

Its like it get hot and fuel shuts off like out of gas

Will not come on.. What could be the problem?? I was guessing the computer. Please help have to go out of town soon

How many miles should I drive to do drive cycle

checked all of the fuses and bulbs

mechaincs have changed out ignitation censor and ignitaion module still quits running

when you rev it up its sputters

from what I can figure out its the ecm is the problem.