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I had a rebuilt V6 3.1L engine installed in my chevy for about 2 years ago. Recently I switched from semi-synthetic engine oil, to the new 15k fully synthetic oil about 5k miles ago, now I've noticed some engine oil l...
OBD code 35. I have already replaced the IAC, this seemed to work for a few days. Now, the code 35 is showing again and it idles extremely high. When I start the car with the IAC disconnected, there is no change. I ca...
trying to remove air contioner and cant get the belt to loosen what bolts need to be removed and how do i loosen belt to remove air contioner please be specific and what tools are needed
If I were to purchase an after market oil dipstick how many inches should it be to get accurate reading?
Bought 91 lumina z34 and need a replacement dipstick as the one that came with car was much to short in length to read oil level in car.
it was running fine all of a sudden it died and have changed fuel pump. changed crank position sensor and still starts runs for 3 or 4 seconds and dies. starts right back up and does the same thing.
car smells of gas and sometime stalls at a stop
my cars sometimes and smells like gasoline
Is this normal or an indication of the oil pump going bad?
is this a throttle position problem? or clogged cat. converter?
Car was getting hard to steer. Pwr steering fluid resev.low, fluid leak. Can't see where its really coming from??? Which hose is most probable cause?
No check engine light, no codes, ever. So i don't think it is a sensor. Car stalls randomly turning left. If it does not stall you can feel it bogging down most times. Right turns are fine. Also cannot start the car w...
my power steering in my car started leaking recently, and i replaced the pump and resivour. it seemed to hold for a few days. but now it is leaking again. nothing massive, just a small amount on the ground. could ...
It only makes noises under the hood when I give it gas. It runs great and doesn't make any noise when I'm not giving it gas. What could be wrong with it? Thank you!
I have replaced the EGR valve twice and the wire connector once. I cleaned the EGR valve today. The light went out for a little while but came back on before I could get it inspected. Should I replace the tube or is t...
ive changed the gaskets, water pump and bleed the coolant and still no heat what can i do next
Can't smog my car until I replace the crankshaft as well as it resetting its self. I also know where the location is but my question is what is the best way to replace the sensor iI heard two ways the first way is lif...