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my temp light and check engine light is on.
what would that be considered to fix?
where is the rear main oil seal located?
can i use a t in heater line and where are plugs in engine and radiator
my2001 chevy lumina wont start,it has spark fuel pressure and compression it cranks but not all the way...the car is from california
my2001 chevy lumina wont start,it has spark fuel pressure and compression it sounds like it wants to start ...the car is from california
loud thud sound can be heard when going over even the smallest of bumps, sounds like it's bottoming out . Also creaking sounds
If my lifters are bad, how long can I continue to drive without actually damaging engine? The sound is not very loud, yet.
I have to jump my car if I dont start it for a day or so, it isn't the battery or the alternator, my door looks were stuck and I took the fuse out for that so they wouldnt go off and on, that worked for awhile now it ...
New battery, new neutral safety switch. Car won't start unles i jiggle the gear shift upwards more. Is there some kind of gear shift adjustment that i might need
where is the speed sensor located on a 1990 chevy lumina euro
where is coil on a 3.1 L motor
will not start when it is wet or cold
What is the best way to replace the back plugs?
Lifters making noise. Added lubricant but the rattle came back. What's wrong?
ignition switch replaced neutral safety switch replaced - no change. Battery will drain unless neutral safety switch is disconnected. Shorting the starter will start the car.
Can you bypass a heater core? If so how can it be done? My heater core is leaking which is causing my car to run hot, and I can not afford to have it fixed right now and this is my only means of transportation.
Ignition switch has been changed as well as the neutral safety switch. Neutral safety switch has to be unpluged so that the battery does not drain down. Car will start and run when the ignition switch is in the run p...
Check engine light comes on ONLY when driving at high speed when I let off the gas feed. Like the interstate. When cold, it acts like a spark plug missing or fuel interruption but gets better after warm-up. There's ...
I change light the bulb in my low beam headlight and it still dont work,what can cause this problem
why does my back brake lock and cause the back wheel to lock ,why car is in park
Why does my back brake lock and cause my wheel to lock while car is in park, & how can I fix the problem.
It ran fine yesterday, and I noticed it was low on fuel when I started it this morning. When I backed out of the driveway it cut out and died. I put some old gas from the shed in it and it puttered half a block and ...
What do I have to remove to remove the starter
My Lumina Euro has started acting up.It starts ok but will start acting like a cylinder is not firing or something.While idling there is a vibration and it sounds like, duh,duh,duh,duh,duh,duh(if that makes any sense)...
replaced a drive shaft and is now leaking tranny fluid from the male female joint. coould this be a axle seal and if so how is it replaced
why does my light stay on
paint is peeling off in large area's. trunk, hood,door and bottom of door
How do I get my windshield wipers back working properly. I had my windshield replaced and now the wipers seem to be out of sync and hit each other.
where could you find the fuel pump for this car in this area...everyone is quoting a much higher price than the $145 min you show...most are double that.