the check engine lite is on and the code is reading P1675

where are the starter bolts on a 2000 chevy lumina

how to test. and effect that may cause

Is there an online guide of how to replace a radiator on a 1991 Lumina 3.1L V6?

Need to replace turn signal switch. Brake lights not working. Everything is good except when you move the turn signal lever a little, the brake lights work momentarily. Need a repair shop in town or close to Rock Hill,SC, that won't charge a lot.

Car has 97,000 miles and had the manifold gasket replaced on April 30, 2010. On May 27, the thermostat read hot and stopped the car. Today, the mechanic found by running a compression test that a blown piston was the problem and created a leak, causing overheating. Is this a result of improper replacement of the manifold?

I had someone put antifreeze into the A/C system and within a short while it all shot out toward the top of the hood of the car. The person told me it wa a hole in my hose that runs along the wall near the cabin of the car. I can't find this type of problem to click. I am looking for an estimate of repair and time needed to repair.

My son's car stalled while driving to work. Is it possible that his dirty oil has clogged the system enough to cause zero oil pressure at the repair shop and can a system flush fix it instead of replacing the oil pump? Is it safe to run the engine during a flush? Trying to save the car but it's not worth another $750 repair.

Was riding in car got to stop light car cut off i started back up it started that was it then about 4 hours later after getting back in starting cat it started went a couple of miles heard a noise a rumbling oil light came on car cut off try start back but wouldn't catch car full of oil don't know wat problem is could someone help me that was first time ever doing that

The car stalled while driving. Repair shop says there's no oil pressure so oil pump must have failed and needs replacing. $750. Q: How common is oil pump failure and can it be clogged oil galleries? The oil is very dirty, I don't know when my son last changed it.

What would cause a whistling noise after I turn the car off on a warm day? Also when it does it I can loosen the gas cap and relieve the pressure and it quits? I had a new fuel pump installed by a chevy dealer and they said it was normal! thanks danny

every time I drive

have a bad head gasket and am told it is not worth it to fix it.Do you think that it is or not the car is good condition and still runs but it does overheat and has a milk like look to the oil. By doing the gaskets do you think that this is a good ides or not worth the time and money because of the year of the car 95 lumina.
thank you
my e-mail is matthew.frazier@oakland.k12.mi.us

purpose for egr tps senors

I just installed a fuel pump in the tank...now the fuel gage is stuck at full and it only has a couple of gallons in the tank...is there a ground or something I should look for or is a sending unit bad on the pump...the gage worked before

Yest. Two days ago I replaced the battery and it ran fine after one day. I got in my car this morning and it would not turn over or even give a clicking sound. the lights and radio and all electrical functions seemed alright. What should i do before trying to get a starter or is that it, I have to replace the starter?

unable to know when the gas tank is empty or fill

When you step on the brakes they go soft and do not stop. You have to pump them a couple times to get them to catch.There are no outward signs of leakage.

why does my brake lights not work, i have replaced the brake switch,new bulbs,and fuse.i have turn signals,flashers tail lights and the 3 brake light is working but not the tail braking lights can anyone help me with this.

i have a persistent leak from somewhere around my thermostat housing.what am i missing in my troubleshooting?

battery died when car is off something is draining the battery

check engine light came on while driving for approx. 1 or 2 minutes...what could be problem?

do you have to use a puller to remove the water pump pulley, and what all needs to be removed to replace the water pump with a new one?

what is the spark plug order

The temp gauge will go all the way to hot & then, if I rev the engine while it's in neutral, it will drop back to normal level. This may happen everyday or once every 2 weeks. I never know. I have replaced the thermostat & have had a radiator flush, to no avail. There is no water leakage. I have been to 3 different mechanics & they can't tell me what the problem is. Is there anyone out there who has had this problem &, if so, what was at fault?

Car was overheating. Gemini/Goodyear said it was my radiator and replaced it. Showed me what they said was "vandalism"...2 fresh saw cuts into each side of the radiator top and bottom same depth same area. I say it would be impossible to do this with the radiator still in the car as the cut to the bottom would be inaccessible. Car still overheated and said coolant was leaking into my oil.
Question: Don't mechanics "mark" or make some indication that a radiator is for recycling or trash by doing this type of "damage"?

Just wondering.

The metal line that goes to the radiator is old,rusted and broke off and need to know what size wrench i need to fix it.

New head gaskets, new radiator...still found coolant in radiator. New oil, filter. Pressure check ok. Check engine light keeps comming on. New gas cap and replaced light sensor twice. Mechanic said drive it around for a week and see if the overheating and low coolant light comes back on and check coolant reservoir daily.
NOW WHAT? Any ideas appreciated.

o ring for dummy shaft on lumina! where is it located upper or lower intake

I was driving along and I went to turn a corner and the engine was dead. It would not restart until 4 hours later when the engine cooled off. I was able to drive it 5 more minutes and it stalled again. I waited until midnight and I was able to drive it a little longer when it stalled again. I got it home and did the self diagnostic and through a code 32 for the EGR valve. Replaced it and the same. I replaced the ignitio module twice and each one the same. It idles in the garage and stalls out after about 5 minutes. The engine is warmed up and the car stalls.